Viber on Android

VoIP client Viber has exited beta and is now available for download without an invitation.  If you aren't familiar, here's the skinny: Viber allows for free calling and texting among its nearly 20 million registered users over 3G and WiFi connections, across both Android and iOS platforms. Hit the break to grab Viber for free from its new home in the Android Market. 

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Viber exits beta, now available for all in the Android Market


So will this allow me to setup Internet calling under Call Settings in Gingerbread? But it was stated that you can call and text to its other Viber members. =\

ehh, it's Viber to Viber only...not much use for me since not everybody have a smartphone. Any other apps that work on WiFi without SIM card?

Well I was planning on building a sip trunk @ home anyways.
Going to route my xoom calls through it.

I love being a geek!

I was excited about this at first. However, only being able to call and text other Viber users makes it pretty much useless for me. Not everyone has an Android or iPhone and landlines are impossible to call. :-(

Unless I missed something Sprint (which I have) gives unlimited mobile to mobile (no matter what network the other mobile is on) and this only has the possibility of working on mobile to mobile... Am I missing something?

Hi all,

This is a member of the Viber Development Team!
Thank you for your review of Viber. We are very happy that so many
people worldwide are interested in our application.

Regarding your question: yes, Viber can only communicate (at this stage) between 2 Viber users, no matter what device they have. However, this is just like most *free* VoIP apps our there in the Market today. It also works no matter where you are in the world.

About Tablets (Xoom, for example) - unfortunately Viber isn't compatible yet. We are working on it nowadays and you can follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on that.

If anyone has any questions/suggestions for Viber, please feel free to write, and I will address them shortly.

Of all these "VoIP" apps, because they require both users to have the app, basically you just want the one with the most users, ie Skype. How is this better than skype?

Very tough sell over GrooveIP, which lets you use your Google Voice account, to call any domestic US number for free via Google...

nice to have the competition on the market. i just use sipgate as my sip trunk and use the built in voip in gingerbread with google voice calling me back


We wouldn't want to compare Viber to any other specific app, but I can list 3 of Viber's biggest advantages:

1. Viber's interface is very easy to use - it looks completely similar to your device's basic application, and this makes a huge difference for most users in the world. Simple elegance is what works.
2. Viber does not require login/password in order to log in, unlike the great majority of VoIP applications today, but instead it uses the user's original cellular phone number. This makes the registration process very quick, and helps users find other friends who have Viber very easily (and automatically). This way more and more friends recommend each other to install Viber, and have free calls and texts.
3. Finally, Viber doesn't have to be open when receiving a call, thanks to Viber's support of Push Notifications feature in iPhone or C2DM in Android OS. This means that Viber saves battery, and that users are always available to receive Viber's free calls.

Lastly - we believe that the service itself that Viber provides, in terms of call quality, functionality, etc. is simply reliable, and users appreciate that and choose to install and use it on a daily basis all around the world (it's popular for both domestic and international).

It would be nice to have Bluetooth integration. Other than that the call quality is indeed very good (tested on calls from US to Europe) and the interface is cool.

Thanks for the kind words!

Bluetooth integration is already available (check Viber's settings).
It might not work 100% smoothly in some devices, but we're working to improve it these days.