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Verizon's LG G3 has a removable battery


Now the million dollar question is does Verizon's G3 have Qi wireless charging?
Because I know AT&T G3 doesn't and last years Verizon did have wireless charging...
so if Verizon's does, will AT&T users be able to using a Verizon back cover?

Yeah, that's why I was wondering if this years G3 has it on Verizon. I guess not. Don't the editors have a Euro spec G3 with Qi charging? Wish they would test out if the back cover will give Qi charging to a ATT variant.

Actually I already own a Korean version of G3 and I used that back with ATT and it does not support wireless charging..ATT has modified something within the phone.

At least Verizon doesn't screw this battery up. The VZW G3 is ugly as hell now

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Yes, thank you! I've been saying the same thing. Everyone at Verizon has been shocked when I tell them I want the white one. I tell them it's because Verizon destroyed the nice look of the black G3. Such a dumb and unnecessary move.

I'm pretty sure I can give you some lacquer thinner to remove those logos but you might also burn the beautiful finish on the cover as well.......lol!

Get out of here, really?!?! I work for a sign company so I'm always using lacquer to remove vinyl applications and hand painted signs on windows mostly. I would use Bestine or Acetone for painted/delicate surfaces which would not damage/burn the surface like lacquer would. Are you sure your were using Lacquer?!?! lol

Normally I'd agree with you. However, a removable back will let us buy a back with Qi built in since the US carriers didn't elect to include it.

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I was wondering where all the haters were that prefer phones that lose 20 - 50% of their battery capacity in 2 years and pretty much HAVE to be replaced.

Thanks for showing up!

Losing 20+% battery capacity after just 1 year is a problem for some... Personally, I have Unlimited Data (on VZW) and don't want to lose it. Nor do I want to pay full price for a phone. So I'll definitely be keeping my current phone for a WHILE. And thanks to already having a Full HD display, XLTE support, Kit Kat 4.4.2, a microSD slot, and a swappable battery, keeping it indefinitely is actually feasible.

You are actually an example of what I've always said, Makers will have to find other ways of attracting sales of their Smartphones. As the hardware meets what customers feel is acceptable for their needs and hardware reaches that point where you start saying "I don't need a new phone this one is good enough".

I call it the "PC Effect" which is the problem that PC manufacturers and Microsoft found themselves in. Their market flourished but just selling ever faster processors and more memory and a newer version of Windows no longer pushed sales.

People decided that really what they did most with their PC's was go onto the internet, go to Social network and read write email and later on pay bills etc. Their old PC did it and did it just as good as a brand new one. No need to buy one every 2 or three years!

The same is happening with the Smartphone marketplace. People are reaching the point of it does what I need, I don't really need the next greatest thing!

In fact you are right, Battery life and deliberate manufacturer planned obsolescence will be the driving force for much of the hardware. When your phone goes dead quick that's when you think of a replacement or curse the phone. I still have laying around my old iPhone 4, it still works. Battery life now sucks but hey it's no spring chicken and I really use it as a streaming source for a chromecast so it can sit plugged in all day but if it was my daily phone I would be thinking of having the battery replaced or getting a replacement phone.

StuartV you really are at the fore-front of the Smartphone evolution!

We are on the same page. I call it "market saturation" combined with "product maturity".

The manufacturers have clearly seen this coming. Thus most of them moving to non-swappable batteries. Some of them like to claim that it lets them make the phone thinner. But, when you look at a Samsung S5 or the LG G3 (which both have swappable batteries) and compare them to an HTC One or a Droid or an iPhone, it's easy to see that either that claim is BS or they don't have as good designers as the other companies. Because Samsung's and LG's are just as thin as their competitors. And Samsung even managed to make theirs "waterproof", too!

IOW, some of these manufacturers are easily revealed as really just designing their phones to almost force you to buy a new one every year or two, even though there's nothing about the new phone that you actually NEED - other than a battery that lasts.

This issue really gets me bent out of shape, actually. And I get really aggravated with sites like AC where the editorials do not call out the manufacturers on this planned obsolescence BS and steer people more towards buying phones that will actually last them well more than 2 years. Would you buy a car that had a non-user-replaceable battery? Would you have any respect for a magazine that recommended buying a car with a non-user-replaceable battery (that only lasted 2 years)?

Now if we can only confirm if the ATT variant will support the Qi case. I don't want to invest in PMA

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Qi and removable battery would be unbeatable. It's something on my list for next time, because options....

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But it still has the pullout qwerty keyboard- or did they screw up that listing too?

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The same guy who posted the picture also said Qi is back is not included and will need accessory for Qi charging.

i'm counting on receiving it on the 21st and will be ecstatic to get it on the 18 so I don't get my hopes too high and be disappointed when Verizon doesn't ship it out on time.

So far I bought 3 different unlocked phones from Korea and they all came with removable batteries and on top with included spare battery w charging cradle for it. Of course buying them in US something had to be left out. Not to mention that I never got headphones included with my Verizon phone (sorry GNex was exception. BTW note 3 which was the most expensive phone I bought didn't have them!).
No clue why they have to go that far - it's not that they don't make money just by selling those phone as they are. Or maybe others are just too dumb and generous and lose the money to please their customers.
Finally some steps in the right direction.
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