LG Spectrum

Verizon this morning announced that as expected, the LG Spectrum is now available in stores and online for $199. The Spectrum, as you'll recall from our recent hands-on, is a 4.5-inch Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread device (it'll be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich later) powered by a dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm processor. It's also got an 8MP rear-facing camera, front-facing 1.3MP camera, and can share its 4G LTE data with up to 10 Wifi-connected devices. 

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Verizon LG Spectrum available today for $199 on contract


wow how many Android phones does VZW have now? sure seems like they have a lot. i don't know how it makes sense for VZW or their partners to offer so many. i'm all for customer choice but it seems to me there's a lot of redundancy and inefficiency there from a business standpoint.

Not only that but they keep releasing updates to existing phones much sooner like the Razr, which has only been out for a month or so, already has a replacement...the Razr MAXX.

just for shits and giggles i went to the VZW site and counted 23 Android phones for sale. this number does not include the bundles (3) or the pre-owned/refurbished models also for sale (11).

Razr came out Nov 11...over two months ago...
Not saying that they havent released MAXXX in what seems like a close window, but I just wanted to put the facts down

As consumers we should like the fact that they are releasing so many phones as it allows us to have choice. I hate to say it, but who cares if they are forcing competition within themselves. They obviously had to come up with a business plan that made sense to do this and for them to make money because it is HIGHLY unlikely any company would intentionally shoot themselves in the foot. So hey, why should we complain? :-). Plus, not to long ago, Verizon had virtually NO android phones, and everyone was complaining. Now they have ALOT and everyone is complaining.... wow...

As a Verizon customer, I am very happy with the choice as only 4 or 5 are high end phones I would consider and each have different strong points. Also, I am happy they keep releasing new phones so that when I am ready to buy I have the most up to date phone at that time. Any new phones that come out after my purchase do not make my phone any worse.

Remember the G2x. Big problems and out-of-date software at launch, an update that was still out-of-date when it launched that caused as many issues as it solved, then a quiet EOL leaving people abandoned. Friends don't let friends buy LG Android phones...

Personally i feel that it is NOT a good thing to have so many handsets. Sure its nice to have choices but i would rather have handsets in the lineup that are actually supported and updated, and have actually properly completed the development process by the manufacturer instead of being rushed to the shelves.

In addition, there is little to no accessory support for these devices since they will be end of life in less than 6 months.

Google needs to team up with these manufacturers and work more closely with them to focus more on quality and not quantity

I totally agree.. if you're going to release new phones on a weekly basis and place devices at end-of-life within 6 months, at least allow consumers to be able to upgrade or trade-in their devices after a year as opposed to 2 yrs stuck with an unsupported phone. I think this is becoming android's achilles heel, and a major selling point for it's competitors

You guys are crazy complaining about choice. When I get a phone upgrade I want the best and the newest out there not some old phone because you feel jaded there something thing out there you want was released after you bought your phone.. Finally I won't complain about my thunderbolt not getting ics if it doesn't.. It wasn't promised when I bought it.. All I expect is a properly working phone that I was sold not a lifetime of the newest and greatest upgrades. I people confuses upgrades with support. For example upgrades you want but don't usually need and support is needed for fixing issues with broken features. The so once a phone is working properly you don't need much support. But if upgrade phones that usually always breaks things your phone for a long time so upgrades are not always the best choice for older phones.

The Thunderbolt will almost certainly get ICS eventually. The key word here being eventually since the more recent handsets will obviously get it first but this is too high profile a device to NOT get it unless there was a hardware reason preventing it which there isn't.

Has anyone been able to sort out the details on the Spectrum's global capabilities? I've been waiting to upgrade to an Verizon LTE phone that can also use GSM networks in the UK and S America. The news snippet a week or 2 ago about this having that capability after some sort of network update was promising but vague.

It's not something that is going to be available at launch and will require a software update. Verizon was simply saying the device has the hardware to support it.

What top tier Verizon Android phone hasnt been supported after 3-6 months? Updates may not go as fast as you or I would like but that does not mean that they don't have people working on them. I never thought the Fascinate would get an official Gingerbread update and it did. So did the Droid Incredible which many people doubted would.