Verizon LG G2 getting KitKat today

There's an update to the Verizon LG G2 on the way today, and it's bringing our most favorite of delectable software versions: Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Following in the footsteps of the KitKat upgrades that have landed in recent weeks on Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile, Verizon LG G2 owners can now expect to get the very latest that Android has to offer, along with LG's own copious customizations.

Here's what Verizon tells us to expect from the update:


  • Color Adjustment has been added
  • ‘Magnification Gestures’ label is now ‘Touch Zoom’ label
  • ‘Shades’ label is now ‘Screen Shades’ label
  • ‘Captions’ have been added
  • ‘Touch and Hold Delay’ is now ‘Touch Feedback Time
  • ‘Speak Passwords’ label is now ‘Read Passwords’ label
  • ‘Power Button Ends Call’ label is now ‘Power Key Ends Call’ label
  • ‘Easy Access’ label is now ‘Accessibility Settings Shortcut’ label


  • The latest location specs are now reflected

Indication Bar

  • Indicator Color has been changed to white

Visual Voicemail

  • Premium Visual Voice Mail, which converts voice mails to text so you can read them discreetly.
  • Basic Visual Voice Mail, with a 20-message mailbox, is included at no charge

Source: Verizon (pdf)

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mvp4him3 says:

I hope maxx gets the 4.4.3 I have heard it is getting soon.

Posted via my DROID MAXX

drokssilva says:

The nexus series hasn't even got it, hell I don't think its even been announced

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ronnypoo says:

Downloaded it via vzw's software upgrade utility yesterday :)

Posted from VZW G2

cltatenza says:

Nice, hopefully this will fix the current issues with the CM11 nightlies

NoNexus says:

now why would a stock ROM fix issue with a third party ROM? It isnt like they opened any more of the source up, so the issues will still be there.

twolastnames says:

I think someone got source code a while ago. The OTA was leaked a couple weeks ago, and the CM that uses that base was supposed to be way less buggy. Could not be worse, the AOSP roms I ran sucked a huge monkey ball.

Sent with bathwater

NoNexus says:

Source or the OTA? Not trying to nitpick but they are two different things, and source would be vastly more important

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Amanda Drake says:

I hope my LG G2 on the three network gets it KitKat soon

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Lynner says:

Downloading now, way to go vzw only 18 days after the projected release

jwebsta32 says:

My unupdated Verizon S4 feels bad for you.

tgrant1975 says:

Can u tell me why u said that. Because I have the s5 and can't download music, movies, etc. Is that because of kit kat??

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NoNexus says:

no, i have no idea why you would have that issue. call vzw

doworkson48 says:

Downloading now OTA. Hopefully it doesn't crapping out.


rlbrooks says:

Congrats Verizon users. Good to see the big 4 US carriers have it now. Not too shabby LG, Google and the big 4.

Trekest says:

Already got it yesterday.

And people say LG phones updates are the worst.

Meanwhile....Verizon S4 is still on 4.3...

Got Nexus?

jakeuten says:

and got 4.3, while the G2 waited on year old software 4.2....and it will probably go further than the G2, considering my s3 will be getting KK, and the Optimus G is on 4.1.

Posted on my Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2013) or Gateway ID49C

JHBThree says:

The G2 skipped straight to 4.4. The Optimus G hasn't been updated because Sprint and AT&T haven't asked for it. Also funny you should mention that, because the last word was that the G would go straight to 4.4 just like the G2.

NoNexus says:

That is Verizon, not the OEM

rbarnes65 says:

I'm still wondering where the GS4 update is?

Galaxy S4

the1m.polo says:

Kinda crazy considering the M7 update was timely and will probably have sense 6 before the S4 gets KK

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gordongr says:

Wow, just now? Don't Verizon customers also pay more & get data caps?

the1m.polo says:

Bla bla bla......Bla bla bla....u pay Verizon money for a reliable network not fast updates to your G2 ...
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mayconvert says:

AT&T has great coverage where I live and I don't have to wait an extra 6 months to a year for OS updates.
And I have a 4G network between LTE and 3G and I can do voice and data at same time.
You couldn't pay me to be on Verizon.

hopesrequiem says:

Yeah because unlimited data on a network where you have no service is so useful. So tired of the t mobile trolls.

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Mobius360 says:

They all have good zones and dead zones, even the mighty Verizon.

I have a tablet with Verizon 3G/4G and for the most part the service is great, it's no better than my T-Mobile phone and its no faster. Obviously where you live makes the difference.

I let my buddy on Verizon know about this and his update pulled up. Glad to see the G2 is now fully on KK in the USA.

Posted via G2 + Nova

gordongr says:

I'm a Sprint troll. I see so much Sprint bashing on here I couldn't resist a smart remark but honestly, I'm glad you guys/gals are getting the update, not many bells & whistles with it but your phones should run even better

Mobius360 says:

Agreed, on T-Mobile there the SwiftKey boot bug. OK Google is not working and Google music will have playback issues from time to time.

Overall the performance of the phone is better. Hopefully Verizon doesn't have the same issues I listed above.

Posted via G2 + Nova

bl8demast3r says:

Yes!!!!! I can't wait!

Ok so I update this yesterday and the GPS issues aren't fully gone I have to sayiNG navigation works with out flaw but Goole maps still has some issues with navigation and location

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Has anybody got there Visual Voice mail to work since the update mine isn't working

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The Stig CA says:

This was a problem on my T-Mobile version as well. After a couple of weeks, it started working. Seems to be a carrier side problem, but I could be wrong.

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Sdheller106 says:

Now when is the g pad getting updated

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trivor says:

Got my update to 4.4.2 earlier in the week on my WiFi G-Pad - guess Verizon is holding up the LTE updates.

Sdheller106 says:

I'll probably expect it in July at this point

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barondebxl says:

Well better late than never I guess.

Posted via Android Central App

Little late... T-Mobile had it almost a month Ago

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cctpitts01 says:

Its kinda a trade off look how long it took T-Mobile to launch the M7 kit Kat update compared to Verizon, Now T-Mobile beat Verizon to the punch when it comes to the G2 update ☺ I'll never quite understand the stupid delays the Big 4 go through with pushing out the updates.

gatorboi352 says:

Too bad the catch is that you're on T Mobile.

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The Stig CA says:

Yes. Good pricing. Good selection of phones. Updates to their products. Good coverage, at least in my area. I know some people get crappy coverage, but that doesn't apply to everyone.

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dirtydog74 says:

Have the SwiftKey boot issue. Hope they fix soon. Not a fan of all white indicators.

Nev says:

Downloaded it yesterday and woke up to my phone having made me breakfast in bed and it washed my car too! I love this update!

Posted via the TARDIS.

virtuoso7 says:

I did this update yesterday. Now when i am connected to wifi the mobile data is turned off so i cant recieve mms or voicemail. If i turn wifi off then the mobile data kicks in. I have went through every setting under wifi and networks and i cannot find anything that would allow me to turn this off. Any help is appreciated

Jillxz says:

I don't have some of these settings on my Verizon LG G2 update. I don't have the Slide-Aside on/off button , don't have the Color Adjustment , several more I don't have.

berbano says:

Is Google wallet tap and pay enabled or is it still locked out?

nikyAwesom says:

I bought an at&t galaxy s4 phone off eBay a couple of months ago before the release of kitkat and up until now I unable to upgrade I am still stuck on jelly bean.
can anyone help please?

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Anyone having trouble with G2 after the update? Mine went haywire and had to have verizon send me another G2 #myphoneisfried!