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At long last, we now know when Verizon will make its LG G3 available. You'll be able to pre-order it starting today, with shipments heading out on July 17th. The LG G3 on Verizon comes in either black or white, and will set you back just $99.99 with a two-year contract, $29.99 per month on Verizon EDGE or a full $599.99 without any agreement. The carrier's spec sheet on the device also confirms that it is the LG G3 variant with 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM.

It's been a long run-up to the G3, which was announced back on May 27. Verizon did little more than tweet that it'd carry it and give us renders of the black and white models, but we'd been left in the dark as to pricing and a release date ... until now. In the meantime, we've crawled inside and out of a couple Korean carrier models of the 5.5-inch Android smartphone, getting more than a good look at what's finally reaching U.S. shores on all four major carriers.

As you'll recall from our complete LG G3 review, this is the first QHD smartphone, with a ridiculous resolution of 2560x1440. Sometimes you'll notice (for better or worse), and sometimes you won't. It's a big phone, but it doesn't feel quite as big as you might think. And the buttons are all on the back of the phone, leaving plenty of room on the sides for more Verizon logos should someone decide the one on the front bezel and and the one on the battery cover aren't conspicuous enough. (Fortunately, the buttons haven't been redesigned this time around. Verizon made a mess out of them on the LG G2.)

You can find more information on the Verizon LG G3 right here.


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Verizon finally announces availability for the LG G3


I'm the last person to complain about Verizon modifying their devices, but really? Why make it darker and get rid of the bottom colored bar? I loved the metal looking color, but oh well. I'm starting to like the white a little more haha. Very glad it's the 3/32 version.

I'm okay with some branding on the back, but I like my devices clean on the front and a Verizon logo sure doesn't help with that

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When holding the device u barely even see the vzw logo. U actually see the lg logo more then the vzw.

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I love how the FIRST person to complain starts off by saying "I'm the last person to complain"
Oh AC commenters....there is no end to the entertainment you provide.

$99 on a two-year contract..and it's the 3GB/32GB model? I'm impressed, Verizon.

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I'm not impressed.
As a Sprint customer using my uncle's Verizon S5, I saw a data warning text for the first time in my entire life.
I asked my uncle what happened to his unlimited data plan and he spent the evening figuring out that coverage with no data is worst than spotty coverage with data.

And I continued to stream Netflix on my Sprint G2 while we rode home.

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Wow I was expecting $199 on a 2 yr contract, also these bad boys are factory unlocked from the go, lovely..

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I know, right? That said, my droid maxx only has a Verizon logo on the back. "DROID" just below the camera unit and "Verizon" with the V lower down. I'm actually impressed. There are no logos or branding on the front what so ever.

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That must be the only known case where Verizon didn't go batshit insane

Posted via my A0002, M9, XT912, N910, G906, D6653, D870, or D900

"Buy 2 garbage lucid phones and use them for 3 years and then we will finally hand you a Verizon LTE logo with a LG G3 attached."

So it says shipments will go out the 17th. What about if you're buying at full retail? Since I assume that means I have to buy in store, when will they be available at authorized Verizon retailers?

You can buy the full retail version on the Verizon website as well - just choose "Full Retail" under "Price"

Can't believe they would do that. wtf that's why the whole color scheme is changed! Has to be a removable back for sd card so the battery had to be removable.

I swear if this is true... images of the device on Verizon's website show the notch on the back cover to remove it, but I hope that's not just for access to the SD card slot. The battery could still be sealed even if the back cover is removable.

Just chatted with an online VZW person and they confirmed that the battery is non-removable. Now, that person may not really know, but that's what I was told. I wanted to post a screen grab of the chat, but don't see an option to do that.

In the manual for the phone it specifically states the battery is removable. I don't think the chat person knew that and was probably reading from the same places you were.
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Are you sure about the wireless charging? I didn't read that in the manual and I specifically checked for that.

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This will make me postpone ordering until I get confirmation. I won't buy a phone with a sealed battery.

If only I would ever want to use one of those portable battery packs, instead of just swapping out a battery... hmmm, different strokes for different folks I guess, eh big guy?

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Somewhat of a ignorant attempt at wit there. Of course inexpensive portable batteries exist but they aren't the best option for everyone. I personally keep my phones two to three years on average. As we know, current lithium ion batteries lose capacity to charge fully after approximately 18 months. You can do the math from there.

Also, instead of trying to be a smart-ass, maybe you should get on your game and inform people that the website was updated, it was a mistake, and there is a removable battery. Dick.

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Battery packs are nice, but you still have to attach it to the phone to charge it, with a removable battery, you shut off the phone, open the back and insert a freshly charged battery, which takes 1 minute, between shutting down to opening back, switching battery and rebooting phone.
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I read on Droid Life that the $99 price is because of a 50% of promotion that will be running until 7/27, then it will go up to $199.

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It seems they may be working out some glitches on their site because now it shows the correct price of $329.98 for the bundle. I originally began the order process around 12:30am PST (about an hour and a half ago) for the phone only, and it showed the $99.99 sales price on the original page, but by the time I added it to my cart and was ready to checkout it showed up as being $199.99 for whatever reason. I opened up a chat session and the rep told me to just call Sales in the morning and they'll give me the $99.99 price. There was obviously an issue with the site, so after I ended my chat session I logged off and logged back in a few minutes later and tried finally showed up with the correct discount price. Needless to say, I ordered it...looking forward to getting this gem in my hands next week.

I had the same thing happen. Finally made all the way to the final basket, and the price was $99.

You mean you got both the Verizon LG G3 and G Watch for a total of $599.99 with no contract commitment? If so, can you provide any additional detail? I tried to do that on their website but was always charged extra for the watch.

That's correct. I was online ordering when it first went live. Glitch in the matrix? I have no clue why it let the watch on my invoice for free. I'm sure I'll have to fight for it but it's on my invoice. I paid full retail for the phone and I'm month to month because my contract date just ended and I have unlimited data. So we will see what happens.

Nice glitch! There's a good chance you're good to go since your invoice is proof. Print and keep your invoice if u haven't already! Good luck.

Yeah, nice glitch. It appears that they fixed it. Last October there was a glitch that allowed unlimited data customers to take a subsidized price on an upgrade and not surrender their unlimited plan, so I was able to take advantage of that. My order confirmation said unlimited data but when I received the phone, the invoice said I was switched to the 2GB plan. It was a bit of an uphill battle to get Verizon to honor it, but they eventually did after I called back and spoke to 3 or 4 different customer service reps. So you may have to fight to keep the deal but eventually you'll get a customer service rep who will honor it.

Thanks for the info. I'll definitely try my hardest because I actually feel it happened for a reason. My local stores really messed with me when I bought the m8. I was lied to and treated like I was on trial for wrong doing. I've been pushed to my limits and am ready to move on. So this may keep me around

You're welcome.

I remain more than pleased with the functionality of my HTC One (M7) which was named 2013 "smartphone of the year" by multiple sources for good reasons. And the (M7) still receives rapid Android updates and now Sense feature updates via Google Play.

The ONLY thing offered by the newer models is more efficient battery consumption due to Snapdragon 801. For that, I can occasionally plug in to up charge, save money, patiently await new technology, and continue to enjoy one of the very best Android smartphones.

I read the article you linked to, it's pretty awful and should not be used by anyone to help them decide which device to purchase.

Here's a summary of the 5 points that were made, and why most of them are awful and irrelevant:

1. Friendly Price Tag - Ok, I'll give you that. The price will definitely be less than iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5.

2. Fair specs and features - I don't see how this is a reason for the Nexus 6 over the iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5. The Nexus 6 will likely have comparable specs and features, but it will not have better specs of features than the aforementioned devices.

3. Fast software updates - Sure this is a factor when comparing to other Android phones, but the iPhone 6 will receive updates just as quickly.

4. Access to apps - Seriously? Will the Nexus 6 have access to more apps than the iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5? Obviously not.

5. Great following - Again, seriously? Sales numbers don't lie, the iPhone and Galaxy S lines both have a great "following", as they put it.

Buy the G3 if you value specs, camera, screen size, or semovable battery. I personally say its the better overall device.

Buy the M8 if you want front speakers, faster updates, or a high res front camera.

Do not buy the M8 for the design or the metal body. It is realistically just as fragile as the g3 and you're taking a massive and quite foolish risk if you're using either of these without a case. Do not buy the M8 because of a "more manageable" screen size either, the dimensions are almost identical.

The 5.5 inch display size of the G3 provides 20% more surface area than the M8's 5.0 inch display.

Strange factoid. The M7 display provides better color rendition, contrast, and readability in sunlight than the M8 which is better than G3.

Check them out. Remember to allow maximum brightness when comparing. You'll see.

The removable battery should not be an issue since both the M8 and G3 provide more than a full day of use.

Didn't knew that, if only the M8 had a better camera a good get it in a heartbeat, big fan of aluminum body.

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I wouldn't recommend completely discounting the value of a removable battery. It's invaluable on those days where your usage is heavier than others, or if you forget to charge the device, or are unable to charge it for some reason. I have a Galaxy Note 3 which I routinely get 36+ hours per charge, but I always have a spare battery that's fully charged nearby. I don't use it often, but it's nice to not have to worry about running out of juice.

I would love to get the M8, if only it had a better camera; I'm a big fan of the aluminum body of the M7.

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The M8 is smoother than your M7, has better battery life and a better cameras, despite the OIS on the spec sheet.

The G3 has an underpowered GPU for QHD, but is still plenty for probably most people, less so if you're a gamer.

The G3 has more surface area but drives 78% more pixels. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

It does have a better camera, but I still feel G3's is better ... By a chance do you know if it's big? I kinda prefer 5 inch or smaller.

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I don't mind manufacturer branding but carrier branding is another story. VZW's branding is grotesque and makes my eyes bleed.

Booo hooo so many cry babies over a stupid logo you barely can see. Gtfoi it's not the end of world.

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What Verizon logo? Ya, it's not going anywhere and this isn't their first phone to have it. It's good to see the Mother ship of Android sites repeatedly reminding us of it. Phil has a good sense of humor, usually.

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Price is great and I can live with the logo but why on earth would Verizon go with a non removable battery? I really hope this is a mistake in the spec details!

Arent they all rechargeable?

I assume you meant QI charging but no, it has already been said that none of the US versions will have it

Did everyone leave their brains in bed this morning? Of course all cell phones have rechargeable batteries, how could they not? A non removable battery is a battery that can not be easily removed from the phone. The LG G3 was announced with a removable battery so Verizon specifically went with a version that had a non removable battery. Just makes no sense at all! Generally with a non removable batt you can get a little bigger batter but not the case here so no advantage to this at all!

I have a feeling you read just one comment and went on with your rant huh...good morning to you too young

One guy says rechargeable and another says wireless charging neither of which are relative. I'll take the young man comment as a compliment...

it was ment as a compliment...yea people here debating about wireless charging and if the VZ version has it or not...and the usual deal breaker "removable battery" lol...I find that funny as if the phones don't come with chargers. I think its a lot easier if you plug in a charger rather than take a battery out..swap it and have to wait for the phone to which time one could have lost an important call..but hey..what do I know

Well I think you really need to use a little common sense here... Yes, of course people are going to plug their phone in if they are near a charger but we don't always have that luxury either that there is no where near to plug it in or we need to me mobile with the phone so leaving it plugged in is not a good option. Everyone has there own needs and removable battery is not a deal breaker for me but it is important along with MicroSD, hence why I currently own a S4 instead of a LG G2. I'd rather

Lol..much easier to swap out a battery. Takes one minute versus an hour and a half stuck on a charger. For heavy users out definitely csn be a "deal breaker!"

Ater buying a LG dehumidifier and a TV that each died 1-3 months after the warranty expired, I'll never buy another LG anything ever.

Well my Samsung dishwasher did the same thing. Electronics dying isn't brand specific.

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I can't wait to have this phone. While it's not the perfect phone its pretty darn close. The only things this phone needed was ip certification, the same screen/phone size from last year and built in wireless charging and it would've been the perfect phone to me.

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do you think it's possible to remove the logo from the top, front bezel? i presume paint thinner or acetone would damage the screen. any ideas?

This phone is that work since the only thing ppl keep complaining n girling about is a logo...... Really? This whole "logo" b***hing is the new trend now. That seems to be more important than specs now lmao

Posted from my awesome Lg G2

This morning VW's website stated it was non-replaceable and another article showed a reply from VW confirming this but now the website no longer states Non-Removable. VW make a mistake?
Also, where's the cool body colors?

i like that this is offered in a true black color instead of a metallic black. I actually wanted a purple one but I don't think that is going to be possible since I'm stuck with Verizon and don't feel like paying full price to import one.

Great price!

I can't stand manufacturer logo's. Why do they have to put that on the front??? It's even more obtrusive than the carrier logo. Look at that stupid little LG face.. What is that supposed to be anyway?

The battery thing is surely a mistake on the spec sheet and will be corrected shortly.

I almost ordered this today after pre-ordering on t-mobile last week. Only reason I did not is because I believe the misses gets a verizon discount, and then at 11ish the tmobile G3 was delivered to my desk... I think I'd rather have verizon, especially with that 75 dollar 2 gb plan, but I'll give big pink a whirl

I had a Verizon rep confirm QI Wireless Charging as it's a must (or a big want) for me. They 100% confirmed it was there!... If you go to the main smartphones screen, check on compare for the G3 and any other device, even the s5 .. in that comparison drop downs it's listed and it'll show you built in Qi Charging!

This is still tops in my list of the phone i'm planning on getting this year, but i still need to see the new Moto X just so i know if i would consider getting that one instead.