Verizon Galaxy S III

Let the ridiculousness begin! Verizon on Monday announced that its preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S III would go live this Wednesday, for $199 on contract. What it didn't announce was an actual release date. As in, when you'll get the thing in your hands.

Fast forward 24 hours, and we've now already seen not one but two possible dates cross our desks. (We've been discussing this one all day in this forum thread.) The first date mentioned was July 6. That would put it a little more than two weeks after the Sprint and T-Mobile releases, which will come on June 21. But that July 6 date already has been switched for July 9, which is noted in the screen shot you see above.

Is it possible the date could shift again? Absolutely. Verizon has yet to announce anything officially yet. So keep that in mind. Nothing's "delayed." Nothing's set in stone. But this much is clear: It can't come soon enough.

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Verizon eying second week of July for its Galaxy S III release?


Pfft. Dang it! I really wanted the new GSIII for my vacation over the 4th of July. Now to rub salt in my wounds, I'll be vacationing to the Traverse City, MI area... ...with brand new LTE just switched on!!


That is what I am thinking. And I don't think it is going to matter if you preorder, since your line isn't activated until you have the phone in hand. Though I hope I am wrong.

*sighs* The line isn't active, but you have signed a contract with Verizon. They can't just up and change you. I'm pretty certain that would be a FTC complaint right there.

Sorry bud, but you are wrong. I preordered two GS3's this morning and I do get to keep my unlimited data. It was also confirmed by an online Verizon Rep as well as the manager in my local Verizon store. Preordering will enable you to keep your unlimited data. Unlimited data is supposed to be discontinued on July 1st.
Those of you on the fence, I say go ahead and preorder. The money won't be taken out of your credit or debit card until it ships on July 9th, so you can actually purchase/preorder this device today, without any money actually leaving your account. (also confirmed)

We have a winner! The phone will continue to get delayed if they haven't yet figured out the new plans yet.

*facepalms* Whatever you sign up with Verizon on when you preorder is what you get when the device ships. You signed a contract. DONE. If shared data goes live between when you order the device and when it ships you don't get transitioned over. Think things through before you post. It makes you look stupid.

You guys are killing me with the over fear of shared data...or being knocked off unlimited ....going from 3g to LTE yea maybe but if you have an LTE line already you will be good.. no cell company has thrown anyone off a grandfather plan unless its caused by compatibility ...yes 3G to LTE prepare to lose unlimited ...but LTE to a new LTE im 98% sure there is no change ...they cant begin to explain why .check Verizon's customer service and churn rating ...its industry leading for a reason ..they keep thier long time high paying customers happy...if I end up being wrong (ive worked for them too) ill be very shocked!
Yes they will have change but if you have an LTE device i wouldn't worry

Nobody will lose their grandfathered unlimited when switching from 3g to LTE. I've already confirmed this with Verizon's customer service multiple times. As it stands now if you switch from a 3g phone to and LTE enabled phone you WILL NOT lose your grandfathered unlimited data. I hope that clears it up for anybody who has become confused by the1m.polo's comment. And if your still skeptical then just call up Verizon like I did.

This is ridiculous. CS reps are telling you what the current state of affairs are. They know nothing about future, unimplemented plans.

Both dates are odd since Verizon seems to favor Thursdays. But I think the GNex didn't launch on a Thursday, so who knows.

Just got word. IPhone5 has to be releast first and that date is June 28. With iPhone preorded on June 13.

Wow. I was gonna preorder tomorrow but if Verizon is gonna shove their stupid shared data down my throat I'll hold off and just buy a used one on Ebay.

Wife and i just did our gs3 in 32 gb blue st the local bestbuy store tonight.. Estimated date on our reciept is june 28.. And we got 2, 50 dollar bestbuy gift cards for our preorder... So our 32 gig gs3 only cost us 200 each through our upgrade...we were also told our current og unlimited plan would not change with vzw either..

I also pre-ordered today, and got the "Estimated delivery date: Thursday, June 28th." All the stuff about July 9th shipping is making me nervous though... :-/

I did like that $50 gift card though!

you had to pay $50 to reserve it and then they give you the gift card to use towards the phone. So when you buy the phone the day it comes in it is still $249 plus tax and you use the GC towards that so it is still costing you 249 plus tax. Now with BBY your contract doesn't update until you pick it up and activate it so there is a chance you could get kicked off your unlimited. I called vzw and was told if you preorder with them the contract goes into effect the day you pre-order so you "should" be able to keep your unlimited. Thats why I am canceling my reservation with BBY and going with vzw

just chatted with a rep and they said the contract starts at activation so maybe we can still lose unlimited going with verizon

Goddammit Verizon! Why do you have to be the only carrier in the world that moves around your release dates so much?!?!?

Goddammit Verizon! Why do you have to be the only carrier in the world that moves around your release dates so much?!?!?

I have had my eyes on this for a while now...but I am not sure I wanna bite without knowing the specifics on when things are going to come out. I preordered the BlackBerry storm when it first came out, and it was a mistake because it had so much trouble and so many updates...not to mention that since i did my upgrade through best buy it was all shades of jacked up. (paid, vzw said i couldnt upgrade without full price, bb said i could, vzw said no cannot use early upgrade, bb said vzw was full of $hit, on and on. long story short, week later (since vzw was out of storms for sale) vzw overnight shipped me a storm on my early upgrade for damn near nothing since bb returned my storm and sold it to someone else.) SO bad taste in my mouth on preorder AND never gonna use best buy again for phones

Just pre ordered mine from Verizon and I can confirm that the website order let me keep my unlimited data and I also spoke with a customer tech support rep and he also said that I could keep my unlimited data I had him notate the account.

Same thing here. Preordered with my wife's upgrade and will be able to activate the phone under my number with no effect to my current grandfathered 3g unlimited data. Super happy about that! :-)