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Utter! Voice Command Beta: control your phone by voice


What sold me was the ability to toggle wifi and bluetooth. Google now says "Sorry, device features are not yet supported".

The point here is 'hands free', isn't that obvious? There's a thousand ways to accomplish any task in android, this is just another (and often the best) option...

Couldn't get it to work at all with my unrooted Gnex running latest version of JB. Kept telling me something was wrong with Google speech recognition. Works perfect in Google Now though.

How about a voice command system that works with Google's other apps, like Google Music?! I'd love to not turn on my screen every time I wanna say next track - it's wearing out my power button so much I currently have to press twice to get it on!


Tried all kinds things on it. Damn thing did not recognize my accent.

Dragon, google and samsung voice to text understands me.

:( was totally bummed.