Personal plans can be shared by 10 users, business plans up to 25

US Cellular has made their shared data plans official. Much like AT&T and Verizon, users opting-in to the new plans will be able to purchase one large (relatively speaking) bucket of data and split it amongst users on the same account. The new plans are available to both standard consumer accounts as well as small-business accounts, and for some folks they probably make a lot of sense — especially on the small-business side.

The plans themselves are pretty pricey on the lower tiers, though. Starting at $40 for 300MB worth of shared data, and running the spectrum the whole way to $560 per month for 75GB, the plans will also require per device charges of $40 per smartphone, $30 for a "basic" phone, $20 for a modem or hotspot, and $10 for a tablet. These all give unlimited calls and messages. In addition, they are offering data-only plans for modems and tablets starting at a much more reasonable $10 for 1GB of data. There was no mention of forcing existing customers to switch to the new plans.

The full press release is after the break, and you can always visit US Cellular's site for all the dirty details.


Consumers can share data on up to 10 devices; businesses can share on up to 25 devices

CHICAGO (Oct. 14, 2013) – U.S. Cellular (NYSE: USM) is making it easy for customers to manage their data, voice and messaging services with its new Shared Data plans for consumers and small businesses. With these new plans, customers can build the plan that best meets the wireless needs of their families or employees without having to keep track of multiple plans or accounts. These plans are available now, and existing customers are not required to change to a Shared Data plan.

U.S. Cellular's Shared Data plans include unlimited minutes and messaging and provide customers flexibility in choosing a data plan to match how they use their wireless devices. Customers can share a single bucket of data among their smartphones, basic phones, tablets, hotspots and wireless modems. U.S. Cellular offers the most Shared Data options of any carrier and its plans are the only ones in the marketplace that come with a valuable rewards program that recognizes customer loyalty.

"At U.S. Cellular, providing an exceptional wireless experience is our number one goal, and we strive to provide it through our high-quality network along with devices and plans that meet our customers' needs," said Joe Settimi, vice president of products, pricing and innovation for U.S. Cellular. "Our Shared Data plans are designed to simplify the way our customers manage their wireless usage and provide choice and flexibility when deciding what is right for them."

Customers can start by selecting the devices, up to 10, that they want on their Shared Data plan. They can then choose the amount of data that matches up with their usage on those devices from plans that start at 300 MB for $40 and go up to 75 GB for $560 per month. Business customers can select up to 25 devices to share up to 100 GB of data for $750 per month. Tethering is included on all plans. Smartphones have a monthly device connection charge of $40, basic phones are $30, hotspots and wireless modems are $20 and tablets can be added for $10 per month.

The following chart shows a sampling of some of the Shared Data plans that customers can choose from.


Data only plans are available for tablets, hotspots and modems that start at $10 per month for 1 GB of data. The same monthly device connection charges as above apply. For customers with basic phones, U.S. Cellular is offering "Talk and Text Only Plans" that include 450 minutes and unlimited messaging for individuals for $50 and 1000 minutes and unlimited messaging for families at $100 for two lines and $20 for each additional line.

For a limited time, customers that add a tablet, hotspot or modem to their Shared Data plan get the monthly device connection charge waived until the end of 2013. For more information on U.S. Cellular's Shared Data plans, visit

Additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply. See for details.

About U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular rewards its customers with unmatched benefits and industry-leading innovations designed to elevate the customer experience. The Chicago-based carrier has a strong line-up of cutting-edge devices that are all backed by its high-speed network that has the highest call quality of any national carrier. Currently, 61 percent of customers have access to 4G LTE speeds and nearly 90 percent will have access by the end of 2013. U.S. Cellular was named a J.D. Power and Associates Customer Service Champion in 2012 for the second year in a row. To learn more about U.S. Cellular, visit one of its retail stores or To get the latest news, promos and videos, connect with U.S. Cellular on, and

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outlooker says:

Carriers keep getting worse, and worse, (and worse?)

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Yeah, and it's only a matter of time, before they purge their legacy plans, in favor of only offering the shared plans, similar to AT&T, much to our chagrin.

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tech_head says:

AT&T still has people on unlimited.
Just like Verizon, they aren't kicking you off, but they are trying to get you to move.


$40 for 300MB of data? That's worse than Verizon, I believe.

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Xader says:

Yup, VZW gives you 500MB for that.

All of the other tiers (at least through 10GB) are identical to Verizon

cokeblack says:

you forgot to add in the connection charge.

TriBeard92 says:

Yeah, pretty sure AT&T is the only other one that even offers the 300MB plan, and its 30 or 35 from them. The lowest you can go on verizon is 1GB, which is the same price.

drokssilva says:

Nope its 500mb

Posted inside a time machine 30 years in the future

ultravisitor says:

$80 for 300 MB of data and unlimited texts/calls? With their level of coverage? Excuse me?

Paul Simiyu says:

This man speaks the truth

Posted via Android Central App

Xader says:

Nationwide, that's true. But there are areas where they lead in coverage.

In my area, they're the only ones with coverage once you leave the main roads (and it's only them or VZW outside the interstate corridor)

Xader says:

Too late to edit.

I should have emphasized that US Cellular is often dominant in rural coverage.

outlooker says:

T-Mobile still seems to be the most economical carrier.

TheMimic12 says:

And they have more expansive curate than us cellular

Posted via Android Central App

NoNexus says:

Sprint if your in a good area is just as good

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

return_0 says:

Not pricewise.

Posted from my pure Google Nexus 4 using the AC app.

npco543 says:

Wow, if there's ever been a time when the consumer needs to wake up and realize the power they possess in the form of choosing *NOT* to purchase a product or service, it's now.

These prices are so far beyond abusive it's not even remotely funny.

The move away from long duration contracts gives people so much greater ability to boycott a given company over pricing like this - for $30, anyone can buy a month's worth of prepaid service at a moments notice. If a few million people did this in a loosely organized manner, you can guarantee the carriers would react with less abusive prices.

Carriers abuse us for no other reason than the fact that we stand for it.

Well said! I have said essentially the same thing in other articles. Carriers will continue to abuse us until we do something enmasse. For them, who cares if a few hundred or even 10,000 users leave when they still have millions upon millions left? Until we take our business else ware carriers will continue their business practices.

mrbboi78 says:

My sentiments actually!!!

cluckkillerb says:

Wow, I was considering us cellular until this...fuck that garbage. I hope all of the big carriers diaf.

BB_Bmore says:


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mwara244 says:

The FCC needs to start regulating the carriers more, this is spectrum owned by US citizens and leased on our behalf by the FCC. The FCC is letting them make up their own rules in anyway to screw over customers and bleed everyone dry. No unlimited plans, and over charging every single byte is just going to hinder innovation and what we can do with our smartphones.

mwara244 says:

The FCC needs to start regulating the carriers more, this is spectrum owned by US citizens and leased on our behalf by the FCC. The FCC is letting them make up their own rules in anyway to screw over customers and bleed everyone dry. No unlimited plans, and over charging every single byte is just going to hinder innovation and what we can do with our smartphones.

BB_Bmore says:

Mb plans should be illegal. At least start with a 1 GB plan.

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Wow, that seem like shooting themselves in the foot to me. For a small carrier like US Cellular especially, that takes balls to charge those rates. That's the kind of crap I'd expect from one of the Big 3, not a little guy....

carraser891 says:

so expensive if not more expensive than Verizon and they don't even have half the network...

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Joker6134 says:

If I remember correctly, they actually piggyback on Verizon's network for coverage.

mike340t says:

LOL @ charging more than Verizon prices for little to no coverage

dacp283 says:

Suicide by cost.

Posted via Android Central App

USCellular is officially in free fall mode. Between selling off the St Louis to Chicago areas to Sprint, changing pretty much everything about that Rewards program they had and now this.

It's a shame that the trade off for them getting access to more devices has been to essentially ruin everything that made them great in the first place.

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NoNexus says:

Yeah I am thinking they are trying to beef up the bottom line over the next few quarters for a buyout ASAP

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The SPCS Guy says:

Who remembers Skytel and PageNet and PageMart from bck in the day? Rememebr when everybody had beepers? LMAO

Alex Zapata says:

What a shame, I used to love the value pricing from US Cellular...

Eion says:

Who was smoking the crack pipe at US Cellular when they came up with this pricing scheme?

Revrant says:

Wow, I'm staying with Virgin, thanks.

hmmm says:

Seems like carriers are looking for the point when people start changing their habits or switching. I would imagine prices will keep going up as long as people keep paying it.

Jay Holm says:

Consumers will pay anything!!! That's why they make these prices, cause they know people are stupid enough to pay it.

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wshwe says:

US Cellular is trying to best AT&T and Verizon in how much they can gouge customers. Hopefully at some point people will wake up.

darkoman4 says:

These data share plans from anyone are disgusting. And to make it worse, we were all waiting for them for years.

frkm says:

And I'm thinking my 3Gb interwebs and unlimited texts an minutes for $40 was kinda bad. Guess one have to live in the country of freedom and democracy to experience the definition of bad.

andreo says:

Yay! Same price as Verizon with a fraction of the coverage and customer service.

The wife and I switched to them briefly over the summer from Verizon. The phone selection was good. The coverage, not so much.

They quickly fell out of the wife favor when all the promised rebates and discounts dissolved. And she demanded to switch back after they couldn't get my phone number ported. That cost us a one hour visit to the store, followed by an hour on the phone with customer service (mostly waiting for someone to answer), and third hour in the store the following day.

After all that was done I still had no coverage at my job which pretty much left me with a phone that I could only use at times when I least needed it.

Ikeman90 says:

Solution: find 24 strangers and take advantage of the buisness plan