Android in the Loo

Android's No. 1, apparently, when it comes to No. 1 and No. 2. That's right, a survey of 1,000 Americans by marketing agency 11mark has found that Android users are more likely to pick up their phone while in the loo, to the tune of 87 percent. That's three percentage points higher than our BlackBerry brethren, and 10 percentage points higher than iPhone users.

But it's BlackBerry users who are more likely to do business while doing their business, with 75 percent of them taking a call while answering the call. Us Android folk do so 67 percent of the time, and iPhone users take calls 60 percent of the time.

You can check out the full report at the link below. Bonus points if you do so from your phone on the throne.

Download: IT in the Toilet

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gitit20 says:

lol that's funny... I check Facebook wile number 2in

Android: #1 in the #2 business.

DWR_31 says:

If she is over 18, I vote Phil Nickinson for President.

jfriend33 says:

Wtf. Cuz lord knows iphone users are too classy for that...

gitit20 says:

Kind of reminds me of 2 girls 1 cup but it's just 1 girl 1 android

therent says:

Time to drop a deuce and play some Live Holdem. Who wants trouser chili ?????

renzi555 says:

Really Phil? Was the picture necessary? I prefer to believe that girls don't go #2.

RETG says:

In case you don't know, girls sit for a number 1 too! :-)

Gekko says:

she's clearly doing a #1.

lmaooo . . .man you just woke me up this morning.

DWR_31 says:


pug_ster says:

Would you prefer a picture of some ugly old guy in the sitting on the toilet instead?

Gekko says:

yeah at least it wasn't Jerry.

Gekko says:

wow shocked to see that pic on this site.

mjrei says:

Wow is right! I'd expect this from low-life sites but not from Phil and co. I'm no prude but I'd prefer to keep potty-anything in the out of sight, out of mind category. Now to contradict myself... I'm typing this on my Captivate Glide in the john... damnit!

tluv00 says:

I prefer Angry Birds while dropping the Cosby kids off at the pool and is it just me or does that chick look like Dallas Bryce Howard? Either way this just became my new desktop & lock screen wallpaper.

ionatomic says:

You realize that "Cosby kids off at the pool" is REALLY racist don't you?

BoNg420 says:

What if the poster is black? Then it is ok. You never stopped to ask if he was black first.

scribe4food says:

I agree.

tluv00 says:

Yes I realize this and I am half black. I told a white joke in another forum to balance it out. I prefer being an equal opportunity racist.

Quis89 says:

Wow.... it just me of is the pic rather sexy?

Ok..maybe its just me...

Mepaphoros says:

Nasty little freak! ;)

gunderson says:

Mr. Nickinson,THAT picture? Whatever you gotta do: sex DOES sell, and im sure you'll have more hits on this post because of that. Haha.

I can dominate some sentinel3 whilst sitting on the throne.

Sentinel3 is perfect because if it looks like things are gonna take a while, I can switch it to "Endless" mode.

inuchan says:

I dont understand how people spend time on the bowl. I always thought of it as do your business and get out. Why hang out in there?

karl1coleman says:

I don't hang out in there at home. But I'll spend some extra time in their at work as break time.

dcreed says:

You obviously don't have kids. A few extra minutes in thre is about the only quiet, pester-free time I get.

edward0348 says:

Nice girl!!! Lol

OMG PHIL! lmaoo... Man that PIC Caught me so OFF GUARD . . . Pretty close for a NSFW sticker

karl1coleman says:

Is it wrong that I am turned on by that picture?

DrDoppio says:

If you mean that the girl is pretty, no. If you're turned on by what she's doing, yes. Texting is such a turn-off.

Viper says:

Nothing like arriving at work and going to AC and getting a NSFW picture popping right up. Thanks Phil! You've really hit a new low on this one!

Jonneh says:

Good point, but, also - why are you on AC at work in the first place?

Viper says:

I'm a "software developer"

virtualhuman says:

Did she make you develop hardware instead?

Good one!

GQ50 says:

Too funny..

litesout says:

How apt, i'm on the throne right now. How many others read this sitting on the John?

SoreAintya says:

County me.
I do the majority of my Internet browsing from the John. Quietest place in the house.

MACKSnare519 says:

I wonder what category I fall in since I just came to Android from BlackBerry. My phone is always with me, regardless of the OS.

jamie says:

This story is full of crap! Lol

hannsoft says:

Welp, I've been known to whip out my Thunderbolt in that position too ...

Oskiee says:

Hey uhhh, NSFW pic there. Surprising to see a pic like that here...

shhon75 says:

So true! I'm dropping a deuce now. LOL... I know TMI.

asd216 says:

I'm in the bathroom as I type lmao

loooney2ns says:

Now that I have earned my bonus points, what can I do with them?

fabs109#AC says:

Litterally read this while dropping the morning duece. And awesome picture so glad u decided to do that instead of a pic of u sittin on the queen of golden showers

hannsoft says:

Heh, I can't help but wonder now what this young lady thought she was doing for her modeling career too ... ;-)

i rofl'd out loud in the office just now. well done on the image...

lakreda says:

i just finished using tapatalk while deucin.

srkmagnus says:

Did this post receive this amount of attention because of the subject...or the subject in the picture? LOL I don't think there has been a post on the front page with these many replies other than a Nexus announcement.

On that note, I too use the phone while in the Library...

quest7 says:

Thank you Phil. I laughed my ass off. I wasn't ready for that pic, this early.

jmosier says:

How ironic is it that I am reading this article while sitting on the porcelain throne. Also, that girl is way too hot to be going #2. . . Phil, your articles are impeccably written and your pictures are amazingly appropriate. Well done sir.

jarobusa says:

Not the best picture to bring up at work... Thankfully I am the only one here at this time.

Ricky Babalu says:

And this is why the phone is one of the dirtiest, germ and bacteria carrying objects that one owns.

Gekko says:

and this is why i'll never buy a used one if possible!

jmartinbsu says:

There is a reason I don't go near the bathroom when my wife is using it. It is the same reason I never want to know if she farts or if she picks her nose.

Bad Phil. BAD PHIL!

McPlot says:

I do tech support. You will not believe how many people think its OK to take a dump or pee while trying to get their computer fixed. They don't even try to hide it.

MthII says:

Who does Number 2 work for!?!

lol Nice! where in the world did you get a pic of a girl on the toilet with a phone in her hands?

Old news - I created a dedicated site to this several months ago! hehe

CeluGeek says:

I already knew touchscreens were disgusting, but this survey takes nastiness to the next level!

CeluGeek says:

All these comments about not wanting to accept that a girl uses the toilet too, remind me of an old rage comic.

aaronaaron says:

Borat would approve of this photo.

krc_droid says:

LOL, wonder if she is is performing a location check-in on twitter or gplus!

ScottJ says:

I wonder if she plays Battleshits.

Davetheriot says:

No sh!+ I read this in "my study." Now to complete some papework. Haha.

tluv00 says:

I bet she's pushing one out after having it pushed in....dirty little minx.

Mothy32 says:

LMAO! Thanks for the laughs (article and comments)! Learn something new everday (ex. dropping a deuce? I know I'm sheltered)... ;)

As to topic at hand (no pun intended, wait... what?), I often use my Thunderbolt in the loo as it's a great time to catch up on news (Android Central in particular!), sports, and weather! As to germs; simple, wash my hands before, when done, put the phone down, wash them again; then pick up phone... LOL :)

Epiksol says:

Lol I'm taking a shit right now and randomly pulled up this article... so true.

ARSkyrocket says:

How so true, I am in the public stall down from you. I heard your post "ding" as I was reading this article too!

I wonder if her legs have fallen asleep yet? (guilty :)