Twitter, which in the past has been accused to treating third-party developers as second-class citizens by basically borrowing their functionality before telling them they're not longer needed, has just announced that there are more than 1 million registered Twitter applications from 750,000 developers.

Also Monday, Twitter, which reportedly is under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for the way it treats third-party developers, announced a new version of the Twitter Developer Site, which includes discussions, a developer blog, better documentation, improved apps management and an enhanced search engine.

Surely these things are unrelated.

Sources: Twitter Developers, Business Insider

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KwietStorm says:

Had no idea there were that many twitter applications

Seems like a stretch... I'd say in the thousands, but a million? Are they counting the updates to each app as a separate app?

zandog says:

I Google+ 1'd this.

Twitter is so fucking lame. Such a complete waste of time. I tried to jump on board but I felt like such a douchebag that I bailed never to return. I can't wait til it is gone forever. I am confident that the day will come though it will be a while.

heraldo says:

Idk, it gives people a platform. And we all kind to shout from the rooftops