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Version 5.0 cleans up the interface, adds in-line media previews for some services

Those of you in Twitter's official beta testing group are seeing an update to version 5.0 of the app that is worthy of a full point release jump. Just two weeks after creating the group to help test new features, Twitter has pushed an update that completely revamps the entire interface with a cleaner and even more minimalist design, a new slide-in menu from the left bar to manage organization and a new settings view.

The app retains the same standard blue, white and gray color palette, but spruces things up a bit with use of a thinner font and more options for tabs — home, notifications, messages, activity, trending, find people and me — at the top of the app. In terms of features, it looks as though we're getting in-line image previews (no more tapping in to see media) for at least some services, along with the ability to customize the top tabs to your liking.

The widget has also changed as well, albeit more subtly than the app interface itself. Let's hope that this update makes its way out of beta and to the stable channel soon, as it seems to bring a fresh design and lots of great new features that users will want. If you just can't wait, you can find more information about how to join beta groups of all kinds, including Twitter's, at our app beta page.

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Twitter beta Twitter beta

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BoB16731 says:

I like it so far just need a dark theme

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myersjesse says:

I agree with you. I would use is a lot more if it had a dark theme.

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XavierMatt says:

Everything does not need to be freaking dark. This is why iOS7 is beautiful.

Many people appreciate having the option though.

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I can't ever see Twitter offering a dark theme option for its official app.

getaceres says:

If you've seen the latest Google applications all of them are in white following the 'contact card' design of Google Now so why make a dark theme when it's clear that at some point (maybe even with Kit Kat) the whole Android interface will adopt this clear design too?

javiercapa says:

excuse me, how I get the beta version? I searched at google play woth out results

Cheetah23 says:

Falcon Pro-ish?

Very Falcon like, hope they sent him a check

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mattbrich says:


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Erckul says:


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Salem Sayed says:

Tablet optimized?

Choorp says:

I get the same layout on both my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

Haris Shahid says:

I'm a part of the group. But I dont have the update. How to update??

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AnthonyRyan says:

Is there a way you can send me an invite to the group ?

jmehrabi says:

Ya, can I get an invite to the group as well?

Hello good sir! Not sure if you have the ability to invite myself as well, but if you do, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time!


jdot104 says:

If that terrible blue line is mandatory, that's a deal breaker. I hate it.

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NoNexus says:

People get pissy over the du mbest stuff

Sent from my wifes phone. Typos are because I hate her keyboard choices. Her bad

Choorp says:

I kinda hated it at first, but I'm getting used to it.

Hate to be "that guy," but you're never going to have the option to turn this off, so you're gonna have to deal with it.

The twitter brand is blue. With something as ubiquitous as this, it's literally no different than complaining about the yellow color of a pineapple.

Choorp says:

Oh, it's pretty nice! They need to get rid or those always visible reply/retweet/favorite buttons on every tweet though. Definitely moving in the right direction! Glad to be a part of the beta.

AeonZeroX says:

Only one gripe I have is it has the hamburger menu, but no left swipe! But i think that's just an error on there part otherwise it feels almost sacrilegious to say this but its better then Falcon and definitely faster than Carbon.

Baleeted says:

I noticed that too. I hope it is just because it is beta that the left swipe doesn't work.

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Hoping so. There are definitely still bugs left in this release, so we can hope that gets fixed.

dyonisii says:

interesting because a few weeks ago, for a few seconds, i saw my twitter app display image previews.

kicko says:

I think this is pretty good. The inline previews are a very welcome feature. A dark theme, mute(yeah right) and sync is all that's really missing.

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ajua says:

Are notifications working well in this latest beta? I use The official client for push and Plume for everything else.

kicko says:


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They work the same as they always have.

irtechneo says:

Can you provide more details on the widget? Is it able to scroll now ala falcon pro widget or still only showing one tweet at a time?

Choorp says:

It still only displays one tweet at a time.

Functionality is unchanged. There are just extremely subtle design changes, that's all.

jhotmann says:

I hope the top navigation panel is just a remnant of the old app...having 2 navigation modes is weird.

BB_Bmore says:

When I try and join the group I get a invite only message :-[

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Glenn Correa says:

Looks sexy, but it's a mess.
Too much tabs.
But I have to admit, It's smooth as hell.

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joe_fresh says:

I like it. old layout was tired.


geekspeakguru's GS4

BB_Bmore says:

Is the group not open anymore? I've tried everything to join and can't. Dead ends everywhere. Never had this issue joining any other beta : /

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

We can't just join its by invite only.

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Rob Powell1 says:

Can't seem to join beta testing group :'(

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Howard Sylve says:

Can't wait to get this update to the official app.

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NastyNeil says:

When I go in to Groups to search for it I can't even find Twitter as a group. How do you get invited?

cormaster628 says:

Can't join here either

BB_Bmore says:

I guess they closed it. Apparently it was open at one point. Idk, am glad to hear it's not just me though.

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edditnyc says:

What the phuck does Twitter have against their Lists? Why can't they feature it???? FML

FortTech101 says:

This is cool! I was tired of clicking to see media in a tweet.

StealthDroid - Working in the Nexus Lab

Baleeted says:

I like it so far, very bright and easy to use. I have an issue with the pullout menu though. They seem to have gone for some weird metallic thing which doesn't quite go with the rest of the app. Placeholder maybe?

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rey4Christ says:

Looks great!

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I'm having trouble joining the beta group as well, says o have to be invited. Never had a problem joining other betas, oh well

goody612 says:

I say twitter beta is better than original twitter

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Really enjoying this update.
Like others have mentioned, it really needs a dark theme as an option.

Other than that, they are moving in the right direction.

Maybe this IPO can get them the necessary funding? Lol.

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afazel says:

Seriously, why can't they make their widget scrollable? It's been supported on phones since 4.0.

codemonkey85 says:

Is it obvious to anyone else this is an effort to iOS 7-ify their UI?

By building it with Android design standards? Okay.

Fadakar says:

Not built with Android design standards. They built it with iOS design standards, and then proceeded to slap the Android navigation window button in the top left. You can't swipe it out like it's meant to, and the drawer pushes the content aside instead of overlaying it like every other app.

Definitely followed iOS guidelines and hoped we'd just be stoked about those three little familiar lines.

jmaddox31 says:

Stupid beta group is invite only?! No matter what I try (desktop or mobile) it won't allow me to join it. Pretty damn annoying.

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itmccb says:

It must be closed now. Registration started a couple weeks ago.

TonyHoyle says:

It was closed even a couple of weeks ago.. Certainly wasn't letting anyone join by the time it was announced on here.

Possibly it's always been invite only.

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jimrebello says:

Does it keep that annoying "tweet your recent photo" notification every single time you use your camera?

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Interesting, never had that before.

casastorta says:

ZOMG, they will stick to that unusable top blue bar :-))))

How exactly is the blue bar useless? It holds options to search, tweet and the menu key, as well as the hamburger button on the left. its a completely standard use of an action bar.

Snapphane says:

Didn't you guys read the TOS - shame on you! =P

"We may show you confidential, yet to be released products or features and you must be willing to keep those secret."

The open beta program is VERY secret according to Twitter ;-)

Soooo much bright blue & white..... Ahhhhh my eyes da goggles do nothing! Seriously though ok maybe a dark theme isn't in the cards but at least make the title names in black or something for some form of contrast. Also I'd like to see an option to use the system font. Not a fan of their anorexic font. Or at least some kind of bolding option for my poor eyes. Also really how hard is it for them(and really this applies to all the official major social media apps - Facebook, G+, etc.) to do a scrollable freaking widget? Having said that it definitely a vast improvement but still not ready to abandon Falcon just yet.

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jcochran1977 says:

I would really love to join the beta for Twitter but it says i have to be a member.. any help would be greatly appreciated.

ICiceu says:

When Twitter and Facebook optimized for tablets?

ps343 says:

But will it actually teach people what hash tags are for?! That's the real question!

Working good for me, but only thing I want is to hide tabs (like find friends) from the top tabs, but still have then show up in the hamburger menu.

Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

MysteryOil says:

And still no easy access to lists. Why can't they get that simple thing done?