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Rut ro! Twitter apparently is making popular Twitter client Touiter change names, seeing as how it's sort of a misspelling of Twitter. (Yeah. OK.) The good news is that you can help developer LevelUp Studio choose the new name! Right now "Plume" and "CuiCui" are in the lead, but we bet you guys can do even better than that. Just head on over to the voting page and let 'em know what you'd like to see.

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Android_Lee says:

I like "TheAppFormerlyKnownAsTouiteur", from Rob Rowald.

deanfx#AC says:

hahaha i like that name too

atomicdog21 says:

To make sure that they keep momentum going through the name change they need to come up with something that will help people identify it immediately as the twitter client to have, hands down.

How about "Tweetdeck"?

nutbunnies says:

Battery Sucker

wmtoandroid says:

It's too bad you can't sue a company for being an ass.

anthonyzul says:

Stupid.. This app is far and away better then the official Twitter App... they're just jealous...

Exactly, the widget also smokes that lame excuse of an official Twitter widget......cycles thru random tweets...really Twitter? Make a better app instead of wasting time worrying about the name of other apps. If your app didn't suck so bad there would be no need for third party apps!!!!

zakth says:

I do not understand how the name they have been using is so similar to Twitter. I most certainly would not see that as a misspelling. I think that they should just hold their ground and refuse to change the name.

MowDownJoe says:

Well, they do say on their web page that it's pronounced the same way someone with a French accent would pronounce "Twitter". I guess Twitter doesn't like that...

ruhi says:

I suggested Taint! VOTE IT UP!

kicko says:

I would challenge that, it's not the same that's like facebook wanting to register face©. So who is confused by the name french guys?

Tifoso says:

Justin Bieber Fan Page.

XXXdc5 says:

wow those top two choices are the highest level of SUCK

Beautiful Tweets just makes the most sense to me. Go over and vote it up! I might have to stop using it if it's called Cui Cui or Plume.

XXXdc5 says:

my thoughts exactly. both of those names are retarded

Qazme says:

I've already swapped back to TweetDeck because one of those two names will win. And I'm sorry it just sounds like something a girl would use. I know I shouldn't pick it on name alone but that's pure garbage. I bought it too.......

XXXdc5 says:

I like Pigeon. It's just funny to me. haha. Plus, creating a B.A. pigeon mascot could be fun hahaa

agentlotek says:

I just submitted Chirpeur

rpscott02 says:

i'd call it Twitter but say its pronounced "Social Networking Client for Android, Not To Be Confused with the Popular Official Twitter Application"

Cthugha says:

How about "Quack"? Like the duck :)