A simpler design with less clutter and access to options with fewer taps and swipes

Those of you in the Twitter beta testing group will notice an update tonight that brings yet another drastic interface change to the app. In the second such change in the last few weeks, Twitter is changing the basic interface paradigm of the app. Gone is the left edge slide-in drawer and the pile of scrolling tabs at the top of the page, replaced by a simple three tab design — Home, Discover and Activity.

Notifications and messages have moved up to distinct buttons in the top action bar, with number badges indicating unread counts, that take you to a familiar full page display of the content when tapping them. Composing tweets now moves down to the bottom of the app, with buttons to add a picture, launch straight into the camera or go right to typing. The overflow menu button has an option to jump directly into your account with one tap, or go into a settings menu that is largely unchanged.

We have to say that overall we like this design quite a bit more than the previous one, which was already a big improvement over the one before it. There's no indication if this will end up being a more or less "final" design to iterate on for a while, but for now if you're in the Twitter beta program you can learn your way around the new UI.

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Old (left) and new (right)

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return_0 says:

*Sighs* this would be wonderful if it were possible to join the beta test group.

You can be! Just follow the last hyperlink in the article for instructions on how to join.

frettfreak says:

I dont think they are allowing signups any more. I have tried quite a few times and everytime i click on the link to join the google group it just says "you must be a member of this group to view and participate in it" Doesnt let you actually sign up.

a3uge says:

Why are there two compose icons?

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return_0 says:

I only see one...?

aberoyce says:

Just downloaded it 5 minutes ago and it's much better looking. Surprised you didn't say you can go directly to camera from icon on the bottom of the app.

Allow myself to quote... myself:

"Composing tweets now moves down to the bottom of the app, with buttons to add a picture, launch straight into the camera or go right to typing."


aberoyce says:

And allow me to retort...."Awwwwwww shit". My bad. :D


Where's the +1 button on this here site?

Can you share the APK or send me a invite to the group at

So glad they fixed the clunkiness of the last version... So much swiping and too much for for what used to be a simple app. Upgrading to this one right now!

Red Ed says:

Does anyone know how to become a beta tester for twitter, the hyperlink just goes to the first article where nobody had any luck signing up

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mooshe says:

Its closes to new members, now invite only.

KBV1 says:

How can I get an invite?

jaytuduri says:

What's the deal with that leaked Official Twitter app? Why isn't that on the Play Store?

What leaked twitter app?

Choorp says:

I really, really love being a part of this beta group!

jalt179 says:

Still no update to the widget. Will they ever make a Scrollable one?

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Still would like to see a dark theme option and to add a shortcut for those with multiple accounts to switch between accounts from the Twitter logo in the top left.

Those with single accounts show the logo, those with multiple accounts see which account they are in at the time.

I also liked being able to access your account directly by swiping to the far left in the past few beta releases, and feel it takes longer than it needs to to get to the account page now.

Otherwise, it looks like they are on the right path.

suavemezie says:

Already got it

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tonymhoffman says:

So basically they are just trying to replicate falcon as much as they can

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Darth Spock says:

Mine doesn't look like either of these photos... it has a black bar with icon buttons instead of words, an extra blue row icon for "who to follow" that looks like a person and none of the three lines in the top left corner (looks like a swipe out menu?)

So you're not in the beta program, likely.

Darth Spock says:

Hmm I have different apps between my X and Nexus 7... very strange.

mooshe says:

Damn, wish I would've joined the beta program in time. What version is this? I know the update that included the hamburger styled navigation was v5.0

asd216 says:

Stupid beta group. Y U NO INVITE ME?!

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*cough* Dark Theme! *cough*

hendo27 says:

Falcon pro is the only way to go!

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jd4wson says:

I agree. It's so nice to sctually be able to view the links (even from 'competing' services) alongside the tweet. It is so obviously the better UX, sad that they can't bring themselves to do it!

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I must say I much preferred the older style, maybe it's cause I got used to it but I like the left slide out menu

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BB_Bmore says:

Upset I didn't get into the beta quick enough. Looking good!

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havesomejoe says:

Nice! That whole redundancy issue was straight frigged.

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KBV1 says:

What version number is this?

Red_Berry_21 says:

Well thats good ive just tryed to join says invataion only!! Pfft

Can someone please provide the APK for this, really want to try it out, or can someone in the beta group send me a invite to join at Thanks

Furiouso says:

Would someone on thr inside like to send a fun loving guy in the outside and invite?

Furiouso says:

Man would I looooove to be able to edit those typos :(

jlongrc says:

So they're just trying to turn it into Plume.

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Why can't they move the lower row of icons into the menu? They just _love_ to waste screen space. The _FOCUS_ should be on _TWEETS_. Why don't they get that!?

They need to move the lower row of icons into the menu. Keep _only_ the menu bar at top and have a slider from the left for selecting "Home" "Discover" and "Activity".

This would free up more space for tweets.

DevSteven says:

The latest Twitter for Android Beta sacrifices usability of basic functions of twitter for discovering more content and users. Weird.

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joe_fresh says:

After downloading it this afternoon I was not impressed. But now having time to look and play around. I like this version and layout much better.

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richardsoper says:

I cant bring myself to use the default twitter app. After they supremely fucked the developers Ive deleted it and solely used Falcon pro. Gotta show love to the developers out there!