Twitter for Android

Android's official Twitter client -- Twitter for Android -- just got itself a nice big update to version 1.0.5. We've got a slew of bugfixes and improvements. Here's what's on tap:

  • Promoted tweets in search. Searching for a topic will return promoted tweets if there are any.
  • Speed improvement for Timeline/lists. Scrolling Tweets is lot smoother now.
  • About, Privacy & Terms added to Settings. Go to Home -> Settings -> About to see what version of Twitter for Android you are running.
  • Quote/Retweet confirmation dialog. The user has the option to either Retweet, Quote, or cancel when tapping on the retweet icon.
  • Cleaner timeline
  • Tweet details. Tap a tweet to view its details.
  • Tweet actions in search results (retweet, favorite, share, reply)
  • Pull-to-refresh. From the top of a list, pull down and release to refresh the list.
  • Swipe to reveal. From your timeline, fling a Tweet left or right to reveal actions underneath.
  • Inline maps. Open a tweet with a geolocation to view a map inline with its content.
  • Search results now contain top tweets
  • Page break. If you haven't refreshed in a while, you may see a page break in your timeline. Tap the page break to load tweets.

Like we said, a bunch of stuff. It's still not our favorite Twitter client out there, but it's taking a big step in the right direction. Update now in the Android Market, or hit the links after the break. [Twitter] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

There are 14 comments

mkoby#AC says:

This is awesome, it brings it more inline with the Twitter for iPhone app (the pull to refresh and the swipe for actions are staples of Twitter for iPhone back from when it was Tweetie).

Very nice looking update.

skladek says:

Still waiting for them to implement autocompleting usernames after I begin an @ reply.

Wicked1 says:

Still doesn't do enough to make me stop using Twidroyd. Its way smaller than twidroyd, which is great, but needs to get multi-account support, autocomplete usernames and hashtags

Starku says:

I find it funny that seconds after I update the app, the app gets a verison update... I like the Twitter app personally, but I haven't done much "tweeting" as of yet...

VDub2174 says:

Seems like they're going in the right direction. Touiteur is still #1 in my book and maybe when there's a way to visually tell the difference between my tweets, @replies to me, and tweets from everyone else I'll consider a re-download.

Small_law says:

Click on a tweet and look at the new buttons for reply, share, retweet, and favorite. Could this be a Gingerbread UI tweak?

Gee says:

I don't know if it is (though I doubt it) but they sure look ugly IMO.

cporier91 says:

i was thinking the same thing as Small_law, because the new widget also looks like some gingerbread. but whose to say.

add119 says:

phil post this story on the t-mobile g2 has mobile hotspot & tethering beside the wifi calling on the update.

jopher says:

why does the UI for this look exactly like the UI of facebook but 10x uglier

EvanGMan says:

Still no autocomplete for usernames and no multi account support. I really want to like this app, but its missing basic essentials. Needs a tweet preview too. Sticking with Twidroyd.

Small_law says:

I have to take it back. Those buttons are pretty much the same as those in the native Twitter app for iOS.

y2whisper says:

its an improvement but I hate how it starts at the most recent tweets in the timeline, rather than where it left off. back to tweetdeck.

li2327 says:

When are they going to fix the landsape display issue? Facebook needs to fix that as well.