Old Twitter for AndroidTwitter for Android (new)
(Twitter pre-update, left, and post-update, right)

The official Android Twitter app -- cleverly named Twitter for Android -- just got another updated. There's no changelog just yet (it'll be here, and apparently we skipped the 1.3 update), but the cool little trending topics cloud is gone, the icons have gotten less attractive, and we kinda miss the bird looking at us. We have to hope there's something more than that in this update, and we're not alone in our disappointment. If you spot something, sing out in the comments. Thanks @macprv and Pepito141.


Reader comments

Twitter for Android updated, loses some of its UI coolness


I actually like the twitter app, it's simple and very quick.. the new changes aren't to drastic so I don't care either way;

But the leaked new twidroyd v4 doc looks insane with it's dual pane navigation. If it works as good as it seems I may be ready to use a paid twitter app!

yeah we really needed an EXTRA! search button on the same screen. and the trends link was ultra important too. Yaay guys way to take what made you stand out and wipe your crack with it.

Does anyone really use the official twitter app? All I ask for is support for multiple accounts, and retweet with comment, and it fails all around.

OK, I am a Twitter for Android fan. Apparently I am one of the few but I like it...until this update. I have one major problem that is maybe a problem or maybe something I am just overlooking. When I select someone's name I am unable to see their past tweets. I just see their profile. Am I overlooking something or is this an error on Twitter's part?

For me it looks less distracting, however the official Twitter app is bland altogether, stuff like HTC's Peep and LauncherPro's twitter blows it out of the water. But since I don't socialize with Twitter and use it only to read company/developer updates, this app works just fine.