TuneIn Radio Live

"TuneIn Live", added in the latest update, aims to improve music discovery with a visually appealing interface.

Popular music and radio streaming service TuneIn Radio is adding a new way to browse for interesting content via the "live" tab at the top of the interface. The so-called TuneIn Live area presents large tiles of album artwork for stations that are currently playing interesting things. By default the live feed will show a wide selection of stations from country, hip hop, jazz, news, rock and sports, but you can also choose to customize which genres you see if you have a TuneIn account.

This is a great improvement for users looking to just browse through stations to find something new. One of the downfalls of TuneIn's extensive radio listings is that it becomes hard to choose just one. The update is now live (pardon the pun) for both free and Pro versions of the app, and you can find both via the Play Store link at the top of this post. If you haven't given TuneIn Radio a try before, it's certainly worth a look.

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still1 says:

updated and playing live

KamranMackey says:

Awesome! I love Tunein Radio a lot. Glad that they implemented this feature in the Android app.

Carly Drew says:

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