Trapster has been hard at work on a new version for Android users and has now taken the wraps off v3.1.0. This latest release packs in some new features for everyone to make use of including a new UI, NAVTEQ real-time traffic incidents and new notification alert sounds not present in any other version of Trapster.

  • NAVTEQ real-time traffic incidents - NAVTEQ real time traffic incidents are now fed into Trapster 3.1.0! When you see white icons with a red outline, you’ll be assured that this is from a trusted source.
  • New Notification Sounds - You now have the option to hear audio alerts when the posted speed limit changes. When the speed limit lowers you will hear this. And when the speed limit raises you will hear this. You will also hear a Thank You Chime after reporting or voting on a trap.

Trapster v3.1.0 is available now in the Android Market, if you're looking for the download link you can jump on past the break and grab it.

Source: Trapster


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Trapster for Android updated to v3.1.0 - Now featuring intelligent alerting, new sounds and a revamped UI


I always download trapster on major holidays or drinking holidays I.e. St. Patrick's day or cinco de mayo. Even though im not a drinker,I hate sobriety checks points!

If I haven't been drinking I LOVE going through sobriety checkpoints. I put on the biggest freakin grin on my face and act like I'm a 6 year old who just arrived at Disneyland and found Mickey Mouse waiting for them at the gate. It usually throws the officer off when I don't smell like I've been boozing it up yet act like an over-friendly drunk.

Be sure to ask for their autograph before you leave.

Oh and from the looks of it this app just got a ton better. I haven't been using it much due to the false positives from speed traps on neighboring roads.