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Sure, the LG Nexus 4 (or Optimus Nexus, or whatever) doesn't actually exist yet. Except, it does. And you guys are talking up a storm. Here's a quick look at some of the best threads we've spotted in our Rumored Devices forum:

And it's still early yet.


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Not for me, will not settle on anything less than top notch. I have purchased every Nexus phone, I will not settle for a phone that is not as good as the one I have now. My SGS3 is far and away the better device. Google will continue selling cheap ass hardware as long as we continue to buy it. My Nexus One's hardware is better than this new Nexus. Granted the new software is going to be over the top but I have root and I will wait and flash a new rom with the latest software. Why can't Google and whoever else put together a great device with all the bells and whistles? They can but just refuse to give the Android fan what he or she wants. This really pisses me off because I see the fantastic hardware that Apple puts together, the new HTC phones and let's not forget the new Nokia hardware for the new Windows phones. This new Nexus device is just FUGGLY, no creativity went into that. Android Central constantly gives the Nexus phone a pass by saying it's all in the software, that is bullshit, you are paying for the entire package, wait a freaken year for a new device that is suppose to be the face of Android and throw this crap at us. Wouldn't it be just fantastic if we got a new Nexus phone that looked like the new Nokia 920 with the new Nexus software. 32 - 64 gb of int storage, plenty of battery, great camera and throw in the greatest quad core processor available. That phone is not asking for too much, we all want it, why throw this shit at us? A new Nexus with killer hardware would sell millions. Sorry for the rant but I was expecting much more from Google then just another generic looking phone with lousy specs.

Wow...seriously? You think your nexus one can beat a phone that is going to have an awesome "glass" finish with a quad core top of the line processor, top of the line screen that rivals the one x, cool "wireless" charging, 2gb of ram?

Come on lets be real here.

The only things that are questionable and that really depends on who you are is:

1:8 gb, 16gb storage (I think they need to add more options or just higher options)
2: Battery is questionable at this point. It can be really good like what motorola is pushing out or it can be crap.
3: Final Design, we saw the prototype lets see how the final design looks.

I didn't mean the interior specs, I'm referring to the overall design and looks of the phone. They need to step up and put some work into making the phone look like the spent some time in the designing room not just at the local A1 glass shop. I meant the Nexus One still today has a great overall look to it and I think it is obvious the recent Nexus phones have not concentrated on the overall design but just the software.