Titanium Backup

Scheduled job power conditions, data exclusion for media storage, and bugfixes also added

When Android 4.3 was released, those who root their phones updated and quickly rooted with the only Superuser app that was working at the time. The next thing many of those same people probably did was try to restore their apps using Titanium Backup, only to be greeted with a blank list of backed up applications.

Thankfully, Titanium Backup's fame is only exceeded by it's update frequency. A new update has been pushed to the Play Store, adding initial support for Android 4.3. Further compatibility will likely come soon in subsequent updates.

Along with the added Android 4.3 support, a few new features were added, and a few bugs have been fixed. Read past the break for the change log, and follow the Play Store button above to update or download.

Full change log:

  • Can specify power conditions on scheduled jobs.
  • Added initial support for Android 4.3. Added data exclusion for Media Storage (ie: gallery cache) (enabled by default).
  • Fixed "convert to system app" issue on Android 4.2+ (some converted apps failed to work).
  • Fixed issue with XML call log restore: the names weren't getting restored on some platforms (eg: HTC One).
  • Fixed Android 1.5 support (was broken in TB
  • Updated translations.
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mobilewill says:

Nice! My number one app that gets installed right after a flash.

Joe Esch says:

My Nexus 7 is updated!

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JSKershaw says:

I can't believe they fixed a bug for Android 1.5... Why would they waste time on fixing bugs for a version that is most likely not being used for people that are using TB? Strange...

mcgowan398 says:


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I'm sure plenty of people play around on older versions of Android. Someone must be for the guys at TB to notice something got broken! :)

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jeffreii says:

Glad for the update but frustrated with TiBu right now! Why does it always overwrite APKs when just saving data?? It should keep some old APK versions too!


will9 says:

Does the free version backup to the SD card? I ran it and it didn't use the SD card.