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Here's a fun fact for a Tuesday morning, Three UK has shared their customers average monthly data usage. How much would you say -- 500MB? 750MB? Not even close. In just a year Three has seen average data usage more than double, and it now sits at 1.1GB of data per month. Further still, 95% of Three's smartphone customers use data on a daily basis.

12 months ago, the average was just 450MB. But, Three carries some of the best contract deals in the UK, offering truly unlimited data for the same as, or less than their competitors tiered data plans. The network has always been marketed as being "built for the internet," and it seems to be ringing true. 

An interesting point to think about though, is how this could translate across the rest of the UK carriers. Many current contract deals on other networks, see data capped at 1GB. Three customers with an unlimited deal will naturally be less concerned about using data -- myself, I use about 7GB a month -- but it goes to reinforce what we pretty well know already. Data usage is on the up, and voice calls and text message allowances are less important than they used to be. And, all this without LTE in the UK just yet. 

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Three UK sees average monthly data usage more than double in 12 months


This likely has something to do with 3 offering all you can eat data and pushing headline devices like the S3 to only be available on the One Plan at launch (all you can eat data and tethering). I use it a lot more now that I am not always having to think about artificially low trigger thresholds for punitive added costs.

I had to go with Three seen as im always travelling up and down the country so i need to be connected with emails and such, and to be honest i cant see myself with any other network in the near future. Thank god we (the uk) have a network that offers All-you-can-eat data for the same price as the rest.

just a shame 3 haven't released a single update for the Galaxy S3 yet. Data performance in general is excellent on the network and the one plan is truely the best tarrif around but I'm frustrated by the lack of updates having signed into a two year deal with them...


I have a Three Galaxy S3 and I got an update for my phone it's now running 4.0.4 just plug it into Kies and it will tell you to update. I updated a couple of weeks ago.


Really, I think Three's data performance is terrible. I get between 0.2 and 1.8 mbps on the app only and it is mostly at 1 mb or below and cannot watch a live tv show for instance, as it is so poor. I also get no data connection in many areas even with a decent signal for phone calls. Using it while traveling fast in a car or train is a complete waste of time, as it just doesn't work. I even get the message that I cannot use my phone, as I am outside of the country and do not have roaming activated.

I think I'll jump ship to Giffgaff soon on their p.a.y.g option. Another option is Virgin Mobile UK that has recently offered unlimited data on some contracts.

Im with 3 network & have all you can eat data & loving it :) shame about the phone the desire hd they lied to us owners saying they was giving us andriod 4.0 thats not 3's fault im just never going to buy anything HTC. 3 network is great value for money though.

I'm on three in australia and it's the best network, but vodafone bought it and have tried to ruin it in the last 2 years as they try to end the brand. You can't sign up to three anymore but I'm still with them, and will remain so till the bitter end in the fight against vodafone, they nag us to switch. Long live Three!

Just bringing you up to speed on overseas Threes