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British mobile operator Three has announced that from July 1 it'll be adding five new countries to its "Feel at Home" scheme, which allows customers to use their UK voice, text and data allowances abroad without additional roaming charges.

The new countries are France, Switzerland, Israel, Finland and Norway — bringing the total number of Feel at Home territories up to 16 from the start of next month. Right now Three customers are able to roam freely in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Macau, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Sweden and the U.S.

Subscribers will need to have been with Three for 30 days in order to roam on Feel at Home; the deal is also open to Pay As You Go customers who purchase one of Three's add-ons.

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Three UK brings free roaming to five new countries


Does this basically mean you can call and use data as normal with no stupid bills.. Must be a catch somewhere ? Why haven't o2 done this yet ?!

25GB cap, also 3000 minutes and 5000 texts.

For UK residents, not for extended periods abroad.

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Damn, I was hoping Poland would be included in this round :(
Looks like I'll be getting a local PAYG sim for Interitus Kraców...

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France! This is brilliant. All I need now is for them to add Spain.

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Great news! I'm French and very often move from UK to France and back, so far I had to juggle between two accounts, two sims, two phone numbers, not anymore! I'll move to 3 ASAP.

It's still going to be a problem for French people to call you when you're in France, but this is pretty awesome still.

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Also don't ditch your french phone number just yet. Once you join three, you need to wait three months or so before you can use your phone abroad.

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That's not correct. Roaming is immediately activated if you take a contract.

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Oh, I guess things were different because I had the monthly contract on a rolling basis.

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You use your normal UK call and data plan while in those countries. It works automatically as doon as switch on the mobile. Just came back from Denmark and used my phone as normal, phone calls, txts and unlimited data...

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It seemed like an odd new list, until you look at the existing list.
The other carriers need to catch up with this.