HTC T-Mobile G2 keyboard

Remember the trio of keys on the HTC T-Mobile G2 that don't really appear to have much function, what with their vague three dots and all? We're getting a better look at them now thanks to newcomer His and Her Android. The three dots are still there, and it's pretty apparent that these are going to be user-definable keys. But let's hope there's actually a function assigned to them by default. Because if there's anything new users love, it's having three buttons on their keyboard that don't actually do anything. One more pic after the break. [His and Her Android via TMo News]

HTC T-Mobile G2 keyboard


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Those three-dot buttons on the G2 keyboard? They're still three dots


Ok, let me throw out a theory here. One has the left, one has the middle and one has the right dot bigger.

Main Screen (home), move left on sense ui, move right on sense ui
Most likely they will be be user definable too...

Just a thought.

There appears to be a sequential size difference across the three keys with regard to their respective dots. Left-most key has larger dot to left, middle key-middle dot biggest...Could these be for cycling through home screens?

We posted the info on these Quick Keys (and the Quick Keys app that comes with the G2 and controls them)over on AndroidGuys last week.

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Homescreen navigation. That has to be the best looking keyboard on any handheld device. Great job HTC & GOOGLE. The specs on this device are not as good as on my Nexus One but I will have to have one because I don't know why.

We don't really know that the specs are worse yet. It's a different processor, so 800 Mhz may actually provide a better experience with less battery drain. Who knows. This could be the phone that replaces my N1. I just want to find out more about unlocking and supported bands.