The Lenovo ThinkPad, the 10.1 inch Honeycomb tablet we first met back in July, is now on sale through, with an estimated ship date of Aug. 29. If you'll recall, the ThinkPad features a 1 GHz Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB RAM, front and rear cameras, HDMI-out, a 3-in-1 SD card reader, and Gorilla Glass, along with the business-friendly security enhancements that Lenovo has come to be known for. The ThinkPad starts at $499 for the 16 GB, WiFi-only model, while the 32 GB and 64 GB models, both with WiFi and 3G support, clock in at $569 and $669 respectively. Hit the source link for the ThinkPad's official product page.

Source: Lenovo


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ThinkPad on sale now through Lenovo, ships on Aug. 29


I read "Touchpad." Then saw $499 and thought "that's a horrible deal on a touchpad, who's going to buy that?! I'll just wait for the price drop."

I'm a damaged consumer now.

Haha I did the same thing. I was lucky enough to find 3 of the 32GB last night for $180 plus shipping. I think there are still a few out there if you know where to look.

This is NOT the "TOUCHPAD" by HP it IS the THINKPAD...2 totally different manufacturers and products.... Lenovo is part of IBM....

Lenovo is not part of IBM. Lenovo purchased IBM's personal computer line (including the laptop line of Thinkpads) in 2005.

This is NOT the "TOUCHPAD" by HP it IS the THINKPAD...2 totally different manufacturers and products.... Lenovo is part of IBM....IBM makes good stuff...

Lenovo is not part of IBM. Lenovo purchased IBM's personal computer line (including the laptop line of Thinkpads) in 2005.

You may want to check the specs again. I am pretty sure neither the 32 or the 64 have 3g as of yet.

This is a business model and has some pretty nice features if you have the need, and likely isn't overpriced for the business market. There are similar, non- business models that also come with a stylus but have more media/entertainment apps, at a lower price point. Not sure if those early models are 3G, but at least one of these models will offer 3G, although I've yet to see the carrier frequencies.

I'll probably buy one if it runs the right carrier. If you have to use a CISCO type VPN, must have remote wipe capability to be on your company's network, I think this is a nice solution and another $100 or so to give me that for work isn't a big deal. Home/school/entertainment only? Yeah, it won't do well at this pricepoint, but I'm not sure it needs to.


I'm coming at this from a different angle than most. I was very close to being willing to pay 499$ for the HTC Flyer which is smaller, running gingerbread, and costs almost 3 times as much for the pen. So this, with pen and folio case is slightly more than I was willing to pay for a smaller size running an older version of android. So long as the user reviews come back mostly positive I'll be getting one of these in the next month. Lenovo is giving you 10% off your next purchase if you sign up now with your email, which hopefully applies to the ThinkPad.

When are manufacturers going to realize that very few people are willing to pay more than $200 for a tablet? They don't do nearly everything a laptop can do. Tablets are nice, but I could easily get a netbook for around 200 bucks that is just as portable and has a physical keyboard.

the touchscreen, gorilla glass, and weight change the game. You can find a netbook for around 200 but it won't be a multi-touch touchscreen, won't be instant on like a tablet, and won't be as light as a tablet. A touchscreen netbook with the same specs is going to be around 1k easily. And it will be windows.

Another manufacturer chasing after the high-end tablet ($500+) niche market that has proven to be a failure for all but Samsung and Apple. This market is saturated. Only techno-weenies and those with considerable disposable income are interested in devices at those prices. Disappointing.

I believe Amazon is going to open the floodgates when they hit the market with their new Android tabs. When the do, watch these others scramble to find ways to become competitive.

This makes no sense you can get the Asus Transformer now for 350 pretty much same specs when will these companys get it. Acer just released there 7 in tablet for 328.00 only 8gbs though and a 16gb version for 349.99 look for these to drop to 280.00 and 300.00 once it gets rolling. a lot of choices out there the prices need to come down Android tabs arent ipads dont have all those cool games yet but maybe some day. Id like to see one of these manufactures pull a hp and just sell it at a loss to gain some market share like gaming consoles do when they come out.Samsung Galaxy tab 2 should sell for 299.99 and all the rest of 10 in tabs

I wasn't aware that asus made a digitizer to go with it's tablet as well as software and handwriting recognition. Why do people miss this very distinctive selling point?

I'm an artist and I'm THRILLED there's a tablet that can do this. No more dragging around pens and drawing pads everywhere.

If you don't want the digitzer pen, fine. That means this product isn't targeted at you. For those of us who are, though, this is a better deal than what anyone else has.

Tablets are so overpriced. Just Imagine what you can do with $600 if you buy a laptop... Probably a mini gaming rig, think about it. Get a 4.5 in screen smartphone and spend your money on a laptop

The Pricing continues to baffle me? What why price it at $400 for 16GB wifi or $300 for 3G. For $500 you have an iPad with more apps. Regardless of what people think of iOS, tablets are too limited in terms of app support for shell top dollar in my opinion

again, iPad has no digitizer or apps designed specifically for it, missing most of the ports and has no keyboard designed for it by the same manufacturer.

I did a check of my apps on my EVO 4G and almost all of them are available on tablet. There's an app, Spare Parts, that is supposed to adapt the rest to work on honeycomb, meaning it's not that limited.

When will android tablet makers realize that the ipad pricing is the TOP line. Apple can sell there because they have the brand name that makes them able to sell for more than the value of comparable devices.

They really need to start at no higher than $400. $300 would be more appropriate. People are dropping 100-150 for a device that is being discontinued by HP and has an extremely limited app situation. Surely they would pay $300-400 for a device that was fully supported, getting updates, and had the android market. I know i would. A lot of netbook users would (a lot use them just for browsing.. perfect tablet converts), at comparable prices.

"When will android tablet makers realize that the ipad pricing is the TOP line. " Go to the tablet forums and read all the folks happy with their Asus, their Galaxy, hell even their Acer and tell them their tablet is NOT top line. What you appear to be saying is you think Android is second rate, thus the manufacturers need to accept this and price accordingly. I don't think it's second rate. I don't think the manufacturers are out there going "Gee, let's make a really nice second rate tablet". Samsung, Asus, Motorola ---they're top line brands, why on earth should they price like they're Vizio or Coby or Westinghouse?