Vine is a six-second success story with over 40 million users

Twitter's Vine app — available for Android, the Kindle, and iOS now has over 40 million users says the company's official Twitter account.

We've said this before and we'll say it again: this community - now more than 40 million of you - is amazing. Thank you for inspiring us.

That's a lot of six-second videographers, and we're pretty sure nobody is happier about it than Twitter. Part of the reason for Vine's success is that they keep improving their app. Since it's arrival for Android in June, we've seen additions like front-facing camera support, push notifications and better Facebook integration. Users love it when the things they like get even better.

If you haven't tried Vine yet, click the Google Play link above and join the over 40 million folks using it.

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There are now more than 40 million Vine users


Vine is cool. I guess Vine is still strong despite Instagram gaining the ability to make 15 second clips. I guess that is too long for some people.

If you're making 10 vids a minute, you should make one vid instead of being an idiot.
With Instagram, you don't HAVE to make your vid 15 seconds, it can be 1 second.
Instagram gies you more options. if I was going to use either of these (and I don't) I'd use the one with more flexibility, which is Instagram.
Plus, Twitter are a-holes for screwing over developers.

I think he was saying that with Vine you can watch 10 video a minute, where as with Instagram you might only get through 4. Vine makes it a lot easier and more convenient to consume a lot of content.

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I wish it worked on my phone. :( I've tried a few times to work through their support team (which was very quick to respond) on the issues I have, but there's no use.

I really didn't like the app on its initial release, but with the major updates to has gotten, it had become a lot better. But there is still much room for improvement.

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How many of those people are actually creating Vines and how many just want to be able to view them? Maybe it doesn't matter.

Mine doesn't. Signed up the day it cane on Android. Didn't like the look of it, uninstalled, haven't been there since.

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There's nothing to "try". Link your twitter and just waste time watching cool videos all day. Don't even post anything. Its amazing what folks can come up with in 6 seconds.

Its like saying "I have no desire to try YouTube".

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Thought Instagram would kill Vine but its persevered and I think its in large part because of the "revine" feature. I follow some boring ppl, but they follow interesting folks and when they revine I can join in on their vids too. I like this way of discovering funny/cool videos better. Those features alone saved it, plus I think folks realized IG videos aren't that great. The way IG records is pretty clunky.

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There's 40 Million Vine users. .. and im not one of em. Too many "look at me's" or as us brits might call em, Idiots.

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