Tether, formerly known as TetherBerry, has spent lots of time behind the scenes porting their extremely successful BlackBerry application to Android. Tonight is a great night for many that have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this beta. Tether has sent out emails to those that have signed up for their long awaited beta so that public testing can begin.

This announcement comes shortly after they announced their 1st Birthday Celebration, which includes some amazing prizes, including 3 Android devices. If you are not signed up for this beta and want to sign up, point your mouse here, fill out the few pieces of required information and sit back and wait. At this time there is no word as to when more testers will be given the application, but keep an eye out for more information to come!

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It works for me! I'm typing this message with it right now! Too bad it's USB only. It has a Bluetooth button, but it doesn't work for Android. In fact it the program looks and feels like they're using the same app for Android and for Blackberry, but some of the options (like Bluetooth) are Blackberry only.

ahotcarl269 says:

I will say this much if it works as well as the blackberry version I can't wait

Jared DiPane says:

I have heard they have reached speeds nearly triple what they have on the BlackBerry version :)

What's so different about Tether from the tethering applications we already have? And if I am not mistaken, Tether is around $50 for the subscription. I use PDAnet which is half the price and does the same job.

jellis24 says:

Ignore, i put this reply in the wrong place...

Techgeek says:

Tethering is the action or use of allowing your smartphone to share its internet connection with your laptop or in some cases, other wifi enabled devices.

hotkoko says:

What the hell is tethering????

jansenma says:

Can anyone share what benefit this provides over using PdaNet? WiFi tethering would be awesome if it could pull that off.

hotkoko says:

What is the purpose of tethering? Why would I want my cell phone to act as a modem?

yisus says:

Is tether linux compatible?

jvm says:

I'm so confused... this is different from wireless tether... in that it only works on PCs and has to go through USB? Aka it is just the not as good version of wireless tether which has been out for almost a year?

Why are you even reporting this?

93mx5 says:

my thought is why would it matter if tether worked on linux? I hear with correct code all you need is usb connection.