Temple Run for Android

Many folks waited a long time for Temple Run to come to Android only to find out their device either wasn't or supported or worse being that it couldn't run the game without constantly crashing. The latest update addresses all of those concerns by adding support for the Droid RAZR as well as the Droid Bionic and in addition to that also includes various bug fixes for the crashes some folks were experiencing. Download link is past the break for you all, give it a look if you had issues previously.


Reader comments

Temple Run update fixes crashes and includes support for the Droid RAZR and Bionic


You probably downloaded the scam one that installed twice with malware. I did that mistake and noticed a search icon show up on my homescreen.

Still not working on my evo 3d... Crashes as soon as it starts... Running latest infected rom (sense) with latest anthrax kernel oc @ 1.6...

Works fine on my Streak. Playing it all the time. The only crashes are me against some tree.

Great game, I only wish it had simpler controls. Swiping is too slow, after 1000m when the game gets faster I am not as precise, and even a minor change in the direction of the swipe causes a crash... Oh well, I just need to practice more...

There's still a slight delay with tilting my (unrooted) T-Mobile G2x (on 2.3.3) and the movement of the character.

Also, it freezes up my phone once in a while during gameplay (though maybe it's because i have too many background apps running.)

And don't get me started on the fact that the characters accelerate faster than the ones on the iDevices.

But it is Temple Run. And it is really a good time killer.