Temple Run

Imangi Studios announced today that the much anticipated Android version of its wildly-popular Temple Run will be available on Tuesday, March 27 in the Android Market. 

"We are excited to finally share the Android release date with our fans who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of Temple Run,” said Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi Studios. “By expanding to more mobile devices, we hope to provide the same addictive and fast-paced gameplay to an entirely new group of players."

For those unaware, Temple Run is a fast-paced game of reflexes in which your runner collects coins while avoiding danger and falling off of the path. Temple Run for iOS was released in August of 2011 and, according to the studio, has been downloaded by 6% of the total US population.

Source:  Imangi Studios 

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onixblack says:

Hopefully its a good smooth release

commonplace says:

Seven months later. Heh. Better late than never, I guess!


cj100570 says:


AndroidCash says:

Played this game on a friend's ipad. It was boring. Definitely just a fad.

Brb, going to play CartoonWars.

Lanhoj says:

Never really saw the appeal of Temple Run

*goes back to the 49cent Shadowgun & Dead Space*

xeroslash says:

Mobage not found. This makes me happy :)

Samson C says:

I hope the application will release for free to us