Ever wonder how your beloved tablet would hold up against a flamethrower? Yeah, me either, but it sure it pretty darn neat to watch what would happen if you did accidentally put your tablet in front of one. Check the video above to see how the LG G-Slate holds up against the flamethrower as Tech Assassin brings us quite a show.

Source: YouTube

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dan4patriots says:

that tab in the video screenshot is a DELL Streak not an LG

Yep. Complain to the dude in the video. But that's a G-Slate that gets melted.

15israellai says:

I noticed that too as soon as it showed up.


"Spending that google money" LMFAO LOL

It said right on the back of it, LG... Either way who cares.. Its a kick ass video.. anyone that sets things on fire with a flame thrower is good in my book..