If you've patiently been waiting for a better way to remotely admin Windows, Linux or Mac computers from your Android device, then this week brings some great news for you all. Team Viewer has finally released their Android Beta to the general public.

It's been a long time coming as Team Viewer wanted their Android app to be up to par with their other offerings and having tested it out for the past little while, I can say the time was worth the wait for sure. Now when you get those emails, sms, calls from friends asking how to fix whatever it is they broke, you can do so with ease over Team Viewer. Hit the break for the download or head on over to the Team Viewer mobile site today. [Team Viewer]


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Team Viewer BETA now available for Android devices


Just tried it out, pretty much flawless. When I try opening Crysis it doesn't work though, so I think we can come to the conclusion that Team Viewer can't run Crysis :P

It's about time!
And i had just uninstalled it from my computers because it was USELESS to me.
Works great, but i do wish it would allow the screen to stay in a locked state when I connect so i could connect to work from home and not have everyone see what i'm up to ;)

You can do that. At least, it allows you to blank the screen on the remote end, for precisely that reason. It isn't locked, but they can't see what you are doing, either.

Found a problem when trying to login with your TeamViewer online credentials. It only gives a number dial pad to use for the username and wont let you type letters.

I think they built it that way. When I tried to change the ID from my PC it wouldn't let me.

I gotta say this is pretty sweet! I never knew this application even existed until now. I did notice the keyboard on my Epic didn't function for typing, though the arrow keys did move a website around. I will play with this more and double check the settings.

I have absolutely no professional use for this app but I downloaded and tried it anyway. It works great! I see tech support use a similar application for desktop support all the time. I might be able to use this to fix minor computer problems now without spending hours over someone's house.