Team Hydro Bootmanager

Ever do something you shouldn't have whilst hacking away at your phone, and end up stuck in a bootloop?  Of course you have, because we all have.  That will soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the Team Hydro Bootmanager.  Usually getting to your Android device's bootloader menu or recovery menu involves mashing and holding buttons, pulling batteries, or in the case of some phone (looking at you LG Optimus Black) a bit of luck because there are no button combinations that work.  This jewel resides in the boot image on your phone, pauses the boot-up, and lets you choose how you want to proceed.  According to lead developer Drew Walton, it works great, it's stable, will run on just about any phone, and will be ready for public consumption very soon.

*Spoiler alert* Drew is also pretty sure he will be able to expand this, using custom recovery builds (like ClockWorkMod recovery) and create a bootmanager with more options.  This would of course be more device specific and less portable, but offer a new way to manage your device.  You normal, well adjusted users out there may not be as excited as we hacker types are, but all you crack flashers know just how cool this one will be.  I can't wait!

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Team Hydro Bootmanager coming soon, puts an end to bootloops forever [hacking]


Some devices cannot access custom recovery via button combo (as mentioned in the article). This means if those using such devices have an incident like a bad download, borked kernel, etc, etc, which leads to bootloops, they can access recovery rather than returning the device for warranty.

If this doesn't make sense, there's a good chance it doesn't apply to you.

lol, i got you now. Has to be accessed through software. Like say a D2? Im so used to my dinc being unbrickable it didnt make sense.

without unlocked bootloader you don't have custom recovery.img, without custom recovery.img this mod doesn't make sense.

This will be awesome since i do have a rooted phone:) Good luck Team Hydro and keep up the good work!

Any idea what phone that's on? It honestly looks like a screen on a palm pixi... Just curious.

Just an edit to say i don't actually THINK it's a palm pixi, just that's what it LOOKS like.

Interesting! How about that! I'm even quite familiar with those, woulda never guessed.

So the developer is using Optimus S eh? Hope you can get some donations and upgrade! The Optimus is a great little phone though!

I love the Optimus S! What I do not love (actually what I absolutely hate) is LG's crappy software. And some of their kernel source comments crack me up!

I can't wait for this one. My husband's old Samsung Intercept is waiting for this. It's been stuck for a week. I've tried EVERYTHING. No luck getting into CM01 to reflash stock rom. My Optimus V used to run your version of Gingerbreak ( now on IHO CM7.1)so I know your work is solid! Keep up the great work Drew!