Free version updated with new interface styling for devices on ICS and newer

Following the release of a new tablet-optimized Tapatalk HD earlier this year and an updated Tapatalk 4 for phones in August, Tapatalk is making its base app free in Google Play. What is now just called "Tapatalk" is the latest version 4 update, with the new "holo" styling and features, which was previously a paid application that was $4.99 at launch.

The folks over at Tapatalk are actually doing an interesting dual APK offering from one Play Store listing, which will give the older-style Tapatalk 2 app to those on Android 2.3 and earlier (for compatibility reasons), and the Tapatalk 4 app to anyone on ICS and above. If you're a traditionalist and want the classic Tapatalk app, you can download it from its support pages.

Those who would like premium features will now have access to Tapatalk Pro for $2.99, formerly known as Tapatalk HD. This version offers full tablet optimization, and Tapatalk says it will continue to roll out more premium features at no additional cost in the future.


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Tapatalk now free, HD version renamed 'Pro' with additional features


I'm confused. For those of us that own the HD do we also own the Pro?

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Looks that way. I just did a search on play for tapatalk and it says I own, and have installed, Tapatalk Pro. I did buy HD, and it no longer shows up. So guess so.

I have no idea. I have Tapatalk 4, according to the app, however Google Play has it listed as Tapatalk Pro.

No update is available to me.

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I paid for the paid version twice so far, and now I'm supposed to pay for the pro version? Again?! I don't think so... and don't ask me why I had to pay multiple times... ask the scumbag thief of a developer

Terrible business practice if you ask me... I'm done with this app

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Not sure why people think that the name change of Tapatalk HD to Tapatalk Pro is requiring that they re-purchase the app. I've purchased Tapatalk HD previously and can simply install the new re-named "Pro" app without repaying for anything. It has just been renamed, it hasn't been re-listed in the Play Store so that people have to pay again.

Then please do explain to me why it wants me to purchase it AGAIN... along with many other people who are experiencing the same. Are you calling us liars? Maybe you're calling us stupid? Now it's become clear from your responses that it's one or the other, so please tell me... which one is it?

You should stop now...

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We can only report what we see. And what we see matches up with what the developers have said — we've paid for HD before, Pro isn't asking us to pay again.

Well then your experience clearly differs from mine, and many others whom have paid multiple times for not just different versions of this app, but for the same exact app, renamed. There's no lack of understanding as far as what's going on here on my end.

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Right, and there are plenty of people who have followed the same path as me and haven't had to repay for anything. So what is your point? Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Again, when we write the article we base it on our own experiences, not someone else's, whenever possible. The fact that someone, in response to this article, has an issue is not at all grounds for us to turn and edit the original article to make that point clear. I'm not trying to discount the fact that you may have had to pay for it twice, but I can't ever know for sure what happened there or why that's the case — all I can say is what we see and the way it is supposed to work.

Come off it... it's extremely clear what the developer is doing. He renames an app, claims it's an "upgrade", and charges people all over again. It's only been twice for me because I'm not THAT gullible... but I can't say the same for many many others.... we can go all night with this my man, or we can simply leave it and move on. Doesn't take away from the fact that all I'm saying, BY WHAT I AND MANY OTHERS HAVE ALREADY EXPERIENCED SEVERAL TIMES, is that this developer is a thief

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i bought Tapatalk 4 when it was on sale for 99 cents and its now listed as Tapatalk Pro. that's the only version of Tapatalk i ever bought on Google Play. before that i had an old version that was a free app promo on GetJar. you must not have bought Tapatalk HD/4/Pro because it doesn't matter how many times the dev renames it, once you bought it, you bought it.

I did buy Tapatalk 4 and Tapatalk HD, and it still shows I need to purchase Tapatalk Pro. This isn't the first time this has happened with this app, and I honestly doubt it will be the last. No more for me. I realize this may not be EVERYONES experience, but I'm not going crazy here, I already paid for this app, and this has happened before to me, and to many others.

Me too.. I only bought it once though - I smelled a rat when they made us rebuy for a minor update. It's poor practice and there's no way I'm paying again. Give it a couple of months and there will be another version with a slightly different name.

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Thank you!! These other people don't seem to get it, but they will once they too start having to pay for the same app over and over again. The dev IS a total rat, so thank you for backing me up. Some people just don't seem to care about many others getting screwed over, simply because they themselves aren't at this particular time. But I do. Sorry for caring that this dev has been a crook for quite some time.

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Same experience for me. The playstore says that I need to purchase the Pro version when I have already purchased previous versions.

Instead of grumbling away, why don't you just send an email to the developers and ask Them to fix your account. Clearly, if some users have not needed to make a second purchase, you shouldn't have to either. The developers will most probably email you back, apologise and update your account info on Google Play. Be constructive and solve the problem logically, rather than just posting a storm here.

Ughhhhh I REALLY hate being redundant. Read the comments, I've tried that. The dev is a crook. Whether you've experienced the same as myself and many others is your deal. I don't know how many times I can repeat myself. Thanks for playing.

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HahahahaHahahaha thinking you know me based on my posts here on a forum. Hilarious

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If you purchased Tapatalk 4 or HD and used a tapatalk account your account should have VIP status (allowing you to use the pro features such as unlimited uploads).

And frankly, android central, you should be ashamed for pushing an app from a leech of a developer like this. IMHO

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We're not "pushing" anything, and we're not in the position to make judgment calls on an app developer based on what some people's experiences are.

The Tapatalk 4 app has gone free in the Play Store and they renamed Tapatalk HD to Tapatalk Pro. That's exactly what this article was about, and we're not doing anything to "push" anyone to buy or download anything. This is quite clearly an informational post.

You're writing about an app, for one reason or another, therefore you're advertising for said app... advertising for a product is in fact "pushing" said product, whether you want to admit that or not. Otherwise, the people who use this app already, would have figured all this out on their own, without the need for you to write about it. In my eyes, this was a pointless article about an app from a developer that's been screwing people over for a while now. Good work. Maybe try reading some of the other comments on this matter...

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Nah, I'll keep voicing my opinion as much as I want, thanks. If you have a problem with that, you can skip over my comments.

Your opinion was voiced early on. You're just being argumentative now.

Try contacting the developer if you're having license issues. They have an active forum and helped me many times.

Developer has been contacted several times by myself and it was pointless. He's a proven thief in my book, so i'll just stop using his app. Look, I'm not trying to argue, but when I voice my experiences and people try and make it seem like I'm in the wrong, well... I respond back. It's really that simple.

I'm done with this "argument" ... have a nice night everyone, and no hard feelings. This shit isn't really THAT serious anyway

For what it's worth, the app doesn't actually say PRO in the app drawer. It still says 4. Check the version number to verify.

Seriously man, I wouldn't be here saying all this shit without visiting every possible option first. That would make me look like an even bigger dick than I'm sure I look like right now. Gotta give me more credit than that. I'm really just tired of this developer pulling this crap, and people just take it.

BTW, we're talking about Tapatalk HD being "renamed" to Tapatalk Pro... shouldn't need to pay for what I already paid for again, but apparently, for some odd reason, I do. Hence the beef I have with this developer, because this has happened before.

I know I come off a little strong with my opinion on certain things, but I'm not mad at any of you guys here on this forum. I'm mad at this developer for charging me again for something I already paid for. TWICE. I'm mad this isn't the first time the dev has done this. And I'm tired of people just turning a blind eye to this sort of thing. Hell, he's not even charging for what could be considered a superior version in comparison to the free version! In fact, you could argue that the free version is much more pleasurable to use... It's just ridiculous to me.

I'd be mad too if I had to pay twice. I didn't though which makes me think it's some kind of glitch on your end.

It's happened to multiple people multiple times with different paid Tapatalk releases ... Iv'e done enough research on this, on many different forums, to come to the conclusion that it's not just a glitch on my end. I've cleared cache and data for the play store and all that good stuff. Really I've tried everything to help restore my faith in this dev, but to no avail ... It is what it is. I just won't use it anymore.

The fact that it hasn't happened to everyone tells me it's not an intentional fraud on the part of the developer. It seems to be there is some kind of error going on for some people, but not all.

I disagree, taking into consideration my experiences with trying to get this situation remedied. I've said what I said, and now I'm moving on... you should too.

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And I honestly don't get you guys... there are several others saying the exact same thing with many people agreeing with them, and I'M the one getting blasted for it?! I just don't get it.

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Crap in a handbasket it's almost 3am and I have work tomorrow morning... goodnight everyone (or should I say good morning) and sorry for the rage filled rant that carried on for far too long... I can be quite passionate over the silliest of things ;-)

Reality check, news articles and reviews aren't advertising. They are reporting about Tapatalk going free. There does seem to be a lot of people reviewing the "free" Tapatalk app negatively due to this change from what I see, but I'll be doing my own investigation

This may not be the intention for those putting out these news articles and reviews, but it's still making people aware of a product regardless, that might not otherwise be aware of said product. There's a saying "no publicity is bad publicity" ... so, whether it's an article praising a product or bashing it, and everything in between, they are still getting the word out about this product in one way or another: we call that ADVERTISING ... the only difference is they aren't getting paid from the creator of the product to do so, but from their direct source of hire.

But hey, thanks for the "reality check" ... pffff

Weren't you "moving on" 12 hours before this comment..? Enough already.. Clearly no one cares, cuz your attitude is horrendous.

Go to Settings>App>Play Store. Then clear cache and data. Restart the Play Store and then that may fix the issue. I had to do this process but after it showed up as Pro for HD

As I stated above, I did that and it didn't work... that isn't whats going on here. There's a clear pattern, whether you choose to recognize that is up to you.

Uhm. No. It's not like that.
Once there was an app called Tapatalk 2. It was a paid app.
I bought it.
Then came the new Tapatalk HD Beta. Then when it was finished they released it as Tapatalk 4 and it was a paid app.
I bought it on my tablet few weeks ago.
Now they made Tapatalk 2 a free app. And they RENAMED Tapatalk 4 to Tapatalk Pro.
So no, they're not trying to get you to pay once again.
If right now, this very second Tapatalk Pro in Play Store doesn't read as Purchased for you then YOU HAVE NOT BOUGHT IT. Simple as that.

In my Play Store Tapatalk Pro reads as "Purchased" and I can install just fine. That's because I've bought it (Tapatalk 4 before it was changed to Pro).

But what I do feel bad about is I've paid for two apps but now I only have one paid app.
They seriously need to a) refund people who have bought Tapatalk 2 when it was still a paid app or b) just give Tapatalk Pro to those who have bought Tapatalk 2 back in the day.

In spite of having PAID for the "Pro" version, all I ever uses is the basic version.

All the pro ever did was consume more bandwidth, take up more room, and make following forums that much harder and more time consuming.

Sometimes things don't need improving.

Amen to that!! I hate the new version. All I want is a notification of the topic I am following every 4 hours. Instead, I get a push notice for EVERY NEW COMMENT! I have tried so many damn setups, I gave up and went back to the old one and am refusing to update it! Just another way to keep taking our money, if you ask me. It was a great app at one point, but now not so much, I am afraid.

Garbage, paid for it and several themes, unlimited picture uploading and now it's free, with a pro pay version. Bad business, period.

I feel the same way. I bought Tapatalk 2 over HD because I wanted to use it on my phone, so I had no choice. Had buying HD been an option for me, I would have. And then the dev pulls this crap. They fooled me once. Never again.

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Same here, I ended up buying the hd version which is free now and I actually prefer the old xparent tapatalk over version 4 on my phone. I just googled it on my computer and it looks like xparent tapatalk has been removed from the play store?! Why would they totally remove the apps that people paid for? I'll have to double check from my phone to see if it's really been removed from the play store. This just reminds me I have to keep my apps backed up.

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i just use the Chrome browser. i'm a minimalist. never install more software than is necessary.

Hard to tell if that's an issue with Tapatalk's "dual APK" situation or a little leftover from the Google Play issues from a few days ago. My Note 3 has been having "package file invalid" issues on other apps today too.

The update to Tapatalk 2 made it so slow and clunky and as previously mentioned tons of notifications.

If you go to their support page there's a thread there to download the classic version. I did today and it has ran flawlessly.

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Thank goodness for Titanium backup. Had to restore version 2 because the update ruined the app by making it slow and everything too large.

Please, if you are going to write an article about an app, can you include a brief explanation of what the app does. I know almost EVERYONE who reads this site might know about tapatalk, but not EVERYONE does. Thank you.

At some point we have to make some kind of assumption about how many people already know what the topic of the post is about. I know, "when you assume...", but we can't honestly spend an extra 100 words on every single post explaining what the topic material is, we have to make a judgment call based on what we think the level of understanding of what the app is and go from there. Not to mention that a full description of the app, from the developer itself, is just 1 tap away on the Google Play button at the top of every app post. "Hmm, what is Tapatalk? *taps button* Oh, it's a forums app!"

So duly noted that some people don't know what Tapatalk is, but it should also be considered that you can never write a post that is going to explain everything perfectly to every person reading it.

Doesn't take 100 words to say "its a Forum Reading App for hundreds of popular forums, including Android Central Forums".

See, 14 words, and even includes a self Plug !!

You're far from the worst offender Andrew, seems all the editors do it once in a while. Ask Phil to feed you some sign-up statistics. Not everybody has been here forever. Help the noobs.

Right, 100 words is a bit of an overstatement of how much it takes to explain what this app is. But my point still stands nonetheless. At some point you draw a line based on what you think the level of understanding of a particular app or subject is in an article, and you choose to stick with that. Someone is always going to be under that line and not know what you're talking about without a little more research — in this case 1 tap on the Play Store link.

I agree Andrew, but then why are there 50 million how-to articles every time a Samsung device is released, telling people how do do the most blatantly obvious things that anyone with half a brain could figure out in 30 seconds? Why assume a level of competence here but not there?

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In much the same thought process as my above response(s), we make a call on each article decision on how deep to dive into certain things. Speaking to your question direclty, time has shown that no matter how "simple" a feature on a new phone may seem, a vast number of people want to know about it.

And sometimes the same is true for an app. That doesn't mean that we cover every single new feature on a new device (frankly no site has the staff to cover every feature) and it doesn't mean that we explicitly name what every single app we post about does. Again, in every case you draw a line somewhere.

Ah. This probably explains why my Tapatalk 4 app has been giving me the grammatically tragic 'app has been out-of-dated' error this week.

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Updated the app via the Play link in this post. It put Tapatalk II on my Nexus 7. (The 'old' Nexus 7, but, still.). According to this story it should have installed Tapatalk 4, shouldn't it've?

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You got off easy. I considered making "should not it have?" into one giant, glorious übercontraction, but I couldn't've lived with myself.

Like many others, I'm quite a bit miffed that not only has the Paid version gone free, but we're being forced off to a less functional version that doesn't include all of the Paid benefits. And then expected spend even more money on a Pro version.

This is a case of a developer who simply can't handle the thought that they might have to develop *gasp* a new app *gasp* to keep the money coming in.

Really? How? I purchased Tapatalk 2, was a beta tester for Tapatalk HD, now I have to purchase PRO but still keep the 2 looks. These people are greedy developers. I paid already.... and was a beta tester who put his info in and helped them work out some kinks and now they want me to pay again. F them.

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Agreed. I feel bad for the future suckers that don't realize they too will eventually be ripped off when they upgrade the talkatap pro app to the talkatap platinum app for a low low price of $4.99... again.

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I've paid for their stupid app 4 times now... twice on iOS, and twice on Android. Never again.

I don't know "how" as I've always had it. I've never bumped into a situation where it even tried to charge me again.

It takes you to the Play Store to update and won't let you even open the old app. That's a bad practice and no other app does that. Now, since I've updated, it takes me to the App Store every single time! It actually installs another version and doesn't update the old. What a mess.

The existing "4" app works for me on my N4, but only if I get into it via clicking clicking a notification. Starting the app any other way gives me that "out of dated" crapola.

So, is there a competitor? Or if I want to be able to access my usual forums through a non-web interface am I stuck with Talk?

Searching for the name of the forum using Google search and then clicking the link and selecting to open with TTalk 4 (instead of chrome) also seems to bypass their 'out of dated' barrycades.

Other have said similar but i wanted to share my experience too...

I too bought Tapatalk 2 and was beta testing 4... Now when I open 4 it takes me directly to the Play Store to buy pro or whatever... So I search for the devs other apps and find what appears to be Tapatalk 4/HD/Pro/whatever in the icon logo AND the screenshots are all from TT4 and its also free so I hit install and when i hit open i'm greeted with that horrible Gingerbread UI of Tapatalk 2... I refuse to pay twice for an app that i'm rarely using anyways since some forums just aren't worth checking on anymore... I'll stick to Chrome browser or if i get some time and better java skills, i'll just make my own version that works in a similar way...

Cliff notes: Tapatalk devs are greedy and should NOT be supported when they create apps that people pay for then release an updated version that you have to pay for and they drop the previously paid app to FREE!!

I have no problem with them putting the new app on sale; or even making the old app free (although I already paid for that long ago); but screwing everyone that already paid $4.99 for the new app is unconscionable.

How about a $2.00 refund? (Yeah, keep dreaming...)

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones here in regards with Tapatalk. I was a beta tester for TT4 for a while and decided to purchase it for $.99 - a very good deal if you ask me. I agree that their old pricing structure is quite confusing and what can we say about it, that's what happen in monopoly market.

I'm confused as hell from reading all the comments and what I have going on my phone. The article says Pro is for tablets, I have Tapatalk 4 on my phone every time I try to get out of it I get the update window, click on that and it takes me to the Playstore to buy Pro. But why do I need Pro if I'm not using a tablet?

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Extremely dilettante-like behavior by devs.
Already payed for the app twice, and now the old version gets free?!
Not cool.
I'll be very cautious with the next apps made by them.

Buyer beware...

I would caution anyone reading this, paid or not to refrain from upgrading for the time being. There have been several of us who have been extremely active over the past several months in Tapatalk's support forums and now over at github pointing out bug after bug after bug. The most serious issue is the near total lack of communication from the developers. I have been using all iterations of TT since 1.x on the Android platform and with the beginning of HD, support and quality has tanked. Now having said that, this app has serious potential to be great again but the conditions in dealing with the development team are subpar at best. If you want an app that simply works with minor issues, whether you have a phone, tablet or both and regardless of your Android version, my opinion is stay with TT2 for the time being. If you have any doubt, I'd say read their forums, but sadly all the negative threads simply get hidden or deleted (not locked) so newcomers don't see the issues. If you have a high tolerance for pain and you don't mind a very buggy app and lack of communication from the development team then by all means dive in head first.

When (IF) the app improves I have no problem retracting some of my negative comments and letting users know things are better and worth trying but right now in good conscience just cannot do that.

Buyer beware...

I'm new to Android and didn't know what this app was about. I'm not going to complain but I would appreciate the arthor of the article give a snippet of what the app is about. I don't feel the need to search play everytime an article pops out about an app so it would be nice to know what kind of app it is before I research.

Anywhos, newbies deserve Somme love as well.

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This developer is using a classic bait-and-switch scam to extort money from users by downgrading the Tapatalk 2 app from "Paid" to "Free", removing features (including previously bought in-app purchases), adding advertisements, and charging an additional $2.99 for the same "Pro" app all over again. This activity violates the Google Play Developer Program Policies:

"Developers must not mislead users about the applications they are selling nor about any in-app services, goods, content or functionality they are selling."

In addition, it is completely unethical. I will never buy from this horrible developer again. I've reported this activity to Google and you should too!

This website won't let me post links in comments. Do a Google search for "google play developer violation" and click the first link.

I'm reading a few replies that beta tested and now have to buy app. Beta testing isn't purchasing an app, and I'm assuming the beta has been shut down. I'm also assuming that version 4 was enough change to be considered a different app by the dev. I purchased 4 HD when it was on sale for 99 cents and now shows as Pro purchased in the play store. No update and current version installed. Using the same version on phone and N7.

Edit: I didn't realize the TT2 paid was being updated to TT4 free. That's what's happening right? I thought it was just available for free. I see the issue now. It's taking away the premium features that were paid for already. Yeah, not cool.

Everything you say is pretty much dead-on. I was one of the beta testers and imo, the beta was really an Alpha and the current state of the app(s) is closer to an early Beta. The Beta program should never have been shut down. Finally after months of active users complaining, myself one of them, they set up bug tracking at github. Sadly they just close issues without releasing a test build claiming it has been fixed (same practice as what they do in their forums). What's worse is they will delete or hide threads that have too much negative feedback directed at them so new users can't see it.

Their development is atrocious and their business practices are an abomination.

I posted a link to classic tapatalk 2 in the chatter thread a few days ago .One link was to from their forum(which was dropbox link) .One link was from Mediafire

I think think it's a damn scam when I paid for Tapatalk 4 only to have to pay again for the "Pro" upgrade! What the hell did I pay for? You pay and support the app and then they go and kick you in the teeth. They won't get anymore money from me. Hell no!

Twitter - @Ichi_Bear

If you purchased 4, you shouldn't be purchasing again for 4 Pro. Contact the dev (if that's of any use). I paid for 4 and now have Pro without another purchase.

I think think it's a damn scam when I paid for Tapatalk 4 only to have to pay again for the "Pro" upgrade! What the hell did I pay for? You pay and support the app and then they go and kick you in the teeth. They won't get anymore money from me. Hell no!

Twitter - @Ichi_Bear

I don't have to re-buy Pro, but I do think I have previously purchased both 4 (the upgrade) and HD (For my tablet).

Either way, sucks for those who have to buy it again, but I'm sure it will go on sale again for $.99 to make it less painful.

Is anyone able to install Pro on a Nexus 4? I bought HD a while ago and then started using the beta. Now I only see the normal 'Tapatalk' in the Play store on my phone, and it's greyed out when I look it up for that device on the browser version of the Play store.

Update: I still have 'Tapatalk 4' (the 4 beta I think) on my phone, though I can install the normal Tapatalk from the Play store (not the 'Pro').

(My phone has a T-Mo sim and lost 'root' on the recent update to 4.3)

I have the same issue with a 2011 Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, this with the old regular version on it asking for an update, and Pro is not in the tablet's Play store.

And here's a wierd thing. I use two android devices, the Nook and the Nexus 4. In Google Play Store I have three devices, two Nooks and one Nexus. I had to revert to an older version of CM 10.1 4.2.2 after having a bunch of issues with an RC build and signed into Google again and created the second Nook.

The other 'Nook' version, which also had 4.2.2 and has not been signed into in a month (when I did the CM downgrade) shows as already having Pro INSTALLED ON IT.

Uh, what the....?

I contacted Tapatalk to inquire, and I got a weird response about there not being two versions in the Play store, so I went and checked, and sure enough, there is now only one free version. I guess they heard the complaints and decided to do something about them.

I have no idea what features the one in the Play store has now, but I suspect they are the same as the Pro version from yesterday.