It appears the days of free tethering on T-Mobile are numbered, as the carrier plans to start charging for it on Nov. 3. 

Starting next Wednesday, tethering through USB and Wi-Fi will cost $14.99/month. Customers will need to already have a 3G or HSPA+ capable device along with an unlimited data plan. Please see the full announcement after the break. 

It was fun while it lasted, but the free T-Mobile tethering had to come to an end at some point. At least the fee is less than what the other carriers are charging. Look for your phone bill to grow by $14.99 starting next week. [BGR]


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T-Mobile to start charging for official tethering on Nov. 3


Was it ever "officially" free?

It was my understanding that T-Mobile did not allow tethering on any plan but did little in the way of enforcing it.

Many carriers charge for "official" tethering options, but it seems like only the CDMA providers do anything in the way of blocking of those who do not pay for tethering.


That's news to me, I tether for free just fine on Sprint... I thought none of the carriers were really doing anything to police this, or are any of them doing something like blocking PDA Net or tethering methods on unrooted/stock phones?

I tether occasionally but I don't want to pay another 30 a month when I hardley ever need to use it. I'm talking Verizon not T-Mobile. 15 sounds better but that's still on top of 30 for data.

And this is probably the #1 main reason that carriers are trying to lock people out of rooting capabilities.

It shouldn't, usually when they charge for tethering it's thru a built-in app (or a carrier app downloaded from the market I imagine, for exiting T-Mo phones)... But if instead you use your own app to tether, then they have very little control over it, or at 'least very little incentive so far to police it.

i really hope this doesnt apply to Nexus One users! however they never say anything about Hotspot! so i doubt it does apply to N1 users......idk!?!?

$15/month for unlimited data is much better than Verizon and AT&T's $30/month 5GB plans.

My limited experience with T-Mobile has been great. The employees are friendlier and more laid back than the above mentioned. Too bad the service where I live makes it unusable.