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T-Mobile rolled out 10 new markets with 1900MHz HSPA+ service just two weeks ago, and now the nation's fourth-largest carrier is adding another three markets. Users with unlocked handsets that operate on the 1900MHz frequency for HSPA+ (like AT&T handsets) will start seeing much higher data speeds in Seattle, WA; Minneapolis, MN and Atlanta, GA. These new markets bring the nationwide total to 18, with some of the largest markets in the country being represented.

This comes at an interesting time, as we're just hearing of T-Mobile's official plans to sell Apple devices (read: iPhone) on its network. The iPhone has traditionally only worked on 1900MHz and not T-Mobile's usual 1700/2100MHz (AWS) frequencies, so it will be interesting to see if this announcement pushes the rollout even faster.

T-Mobile's rollout of 1900MHz is much bigger than just supporting the iPhone of course, as it frees up spectrum for the carrier's move to LTEĀ and support for a whole host of unlocked devices sold worldwide.

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T-Mobile finalizes rollout of 1900MHz HSPA+ in 3 new markets


#1 this article is citing another article that's from an unofficial blog about t-mobile.

#2 i have been testing H+ availability in Atlanta on an unlocked ATT phone, and I can tell you the coverage is horrible.

Stationary testing, I've seen speeds ranging from 3Mbps-9Mbps.
Driving straight through Atlanta metro, from north to South, my phone fought to maintain a 3G connection, only once displayed the H+ symbol for a moment, but 90% of the time was on EDGE.

If T-Mo considers the Atlanta market "finished", then I'm "finished" with T-Mo and going back to ATT mvno Straight Talk.

I have been a Tmobile customer since it was called "Voicestream." Wow! that was like 1998 or 1999 , still never switched to another carrier.

So far I am using a Galaxy S3 and ran some speed test using speedtest.net

Highest download speed so far is 12.56 Mbps and upload speed is 2.51Mbps. Location is SE Wisconsin near Mitchell International Airport.

Dropped call in my area using a Tmobile carrier is 0%.

I am due for another phone upgrade and I heard from Tmobile rep that TMobile LTE will start as early as Feb 2013.

FYI, I have a Roadrunner internet cable and the download speed is at 14 Mbps the highest so far. Just trying to show that the Tmobile speed of 10-12 Mbps are enough! LTE speed seems to be an overkill for a cellphone, but Tmobile Unlimited no cap 4G data plan is cheaper than the rest....If the cost stays the same with the Tmobile LTE data plan, I would gladly welcome it ! =)