T-Mobile G2X

We broke the news yesterday, and today T-Mobile confirms: the LG G2X will be available online starting April 15 for $199 on contract and after $50 rebate or if you prefer, $499 with no contract. You'll be able to pick one up in stores starting April 20. Who's ready for some 4-inch dual-core goodness? [@TMobile]

Update: Off-contract pricing is $499.

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pearljam5000 says:

whats the price off contract?

beargold23 says:

Wish vzw had this phone..need a 4 inch option

They are getting the INcredible 2. Which is a 4inch screen

beargold23 says:

Not dual core and not stock :(

Errola0 says:

This phone is both dual core and stock.... o.O

dkotoric says:

I read that this phone has 3g Radios for ATT. Does that mean if we unlock it we can use it on ATT fully.

VCL says:

I would buy this device if it does have radios for AT&T, at least this phone will not become another paper weight. If you choose not to go to AT&T, you could at least sell it. I will have four paper weights when or if T-Mobile get swallowed up, I sure as hell won't buy another, I would be a real fool. As I said I will buy it if it has other radios for a different carrier. I sure hope it does.

PS Just checked the specs on T-Mobile page, It does come with AT&T radios in it. If I'm not blind I swear it says just that. Yes sir, sign me up, I'm a real nut when it comes to anything Android and T-Mobile. Now what would really make me happy is if T-Mobile puts out a news clip saying deal is off, we are not selling.