Swype for ICS

Swype finally has been updated for all you 1 percenters -- that'd be folks running Ice Cream Sandwich. It's been a long time coming -- Ice Cream Sandwich has been available on the Galaxy Nexus since November or so, but Swype for whatever reason wasn't ready. That's changed today.

What hasn't changed is that Swype's still not available in the Android Market. If you're downloading this new version from their website, you'll technically be on a beta track. Don't worry so much about that, but do note that this is for folks whose phones do NOT come preloaded with Swype. That's kind of a moot point since we're talking about Ice Cream Sandwich devices here, but  it still needs to be made.

If you're new to Android or to Swype, it's a third-party keyboard whose claim to fame is in its ability to let you trace your finger (or thumb, we suppose) across the keyboard instead of hunting and pecking. For some, it's a time-saver. For others with physical issues, it can be an indespensible means of getting a message across. It's an acquired taste, to be sure, but the keyboard itself also is excellent, even if you're not into the tracing thing.

In addition to the ICS fix, Swype also says it's added downloadable languages for tablets, add-ons with DragonGo (remember that Swype is a Nuance product now, so you'll start seeing the Dragon name more), and there have been improvements made to accuracy as well. Get your download on at the link below:

Download: Swype Beta

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Lanhoj says:

Have both but still much prefer SwiftKey X

coraphise says:

I don't know; I had both as well, but removed Swype since it was 15MB vs. SwiftKey X's 5MB. I find I was "typing" quicker with Swype even though I've used SwiftKey for the past month or more. Most likely because I'm constantly checking the 3 guess words to see if what I want is right.

Somewhat unrelated, Moto Droid with CyanogenMod 7 runs into space issues fast. :)

sdavid631 says:


ronin1 says:

I actually prefer SlideIT to Swype (and the fact that I don't have to jump through stupid beta signup hoops to get the .apk file...) Works on all Android versions, give it a shot.

jtbritto says:

"If you're new to Android or two Swype" - I believe you mean "... or to Swype..."

Also, not liking the Select Input Method notification that shows up every time I'm using Swype. I guess that's part of ICS, though.

lmao ... See what having to type swype over and over will do to ya?


Looks like it's been updated for gingerbread too. I use it on my nexus s 4g.

bigcatman says:

Doesn't work on GNEX with DPI set to 240 :< Boo.

GeekMcLeod says:

I have been using SwiftKeyX since I got my Gnex, but I think that is going to change. I love using swype! I find it so much quicker. After a bit more usage I'll know for sure if I'm going to stick with it.

mlief says:

More evidence for that impending ICS 4.04 update on NS4G? I'd say so.

Drootz says:

Sweet can't wait to use the official version, I have been using the modded version for Gnex and I can't use anything but swype with my big ol sausage fingers

r1fo says:

I used to use SwiftKey X, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Dame95 says:

I used Swype for 2 years on my DInc, but the lack of it on my GNex sent me into the arms of SwiftKey X... I just finally began getting used to SwiftKey's "guessing" my next word, and I don't know if I can go back to Swyping at this point.
I had been trying to install Swype weekly since I got the GNex,only to be told it didnt support the awesome screen size. I just got it now, and will see if I can get back into it - but - in the long run, both are excellent tools.

Dural says:

I can now return to the only keyboard that allows me to do something other than hen-peck letters. This will dramatically increase my productivity with the Nexus.

wraith404 says:

This development is probably key to certain Galaxy S2 variants that shipped with Swype getting their ICS updates as well.

dingwall1 says:

Is there any way for me to get the Sprint NS4G skin back? It looked so much better...

davidbo says:

Installed swype on gnex and then switched to swype. In Language and Input options the Android keyboard option is checked with a gray check. Swype is checked with a green one.

I can't get the phone to acutally use the new swype keyboard it just uses the Android keyboard even though Swype is checked.

Why is Android keyboard checked with a gray check and selecting is disabled?


Wookie Claws says:

When you go to enter text select the keyboard looking icon in the notification tray. Select swype and you are good to go. The previous screen you mentioned just enables swype as a choice.

davidbo says:

Figured it out.

You have to go into swype configuration options from the language and input config and at the top of the swype configuration is a select input method. Swype has to be checked there for it to work.

baykes says:

I'm on a preloaded install but getting a popup saying I can't use skype til I go to the beta site and get the update. What gives? Thought this was ICS only

eerongal says:

i'm getting the same thing. Swype is basically disabled for me, now, and it won't let me update it :(

dman977#AC says:

Was using Swype on my NS4G w/ICS without any issues until today it suddenly stopped working. I was using the skin that was available on the NS4G (really suits ICS), but now it is back to the ugly default without the option to change back.


NordicNinja says:

Hmmm... I can type way faster on the ICS keyboard. I also like the vibration feedback that the native keyboard gives you. Granted I haven't used swype before, but I can't imagine that I will be able to type faster with one finger versus two thumbs. Am I the only one that finds this? To me the ICS keyboard is really good, I can type faster than on my Bold 9700.

tdiggitydog says:

The little keyboard notification that appears in the bar is really obnoxious! Every time the keyboard pops up!

dimsdale says:

I think it's there to provide you with a quick and easy way to switch between keyboards. Is it really that annoying?

jpinsl says:

One purpose is to notify you that a non-Android keyboard is installed, so anything you type (passwords, bank account numbers, etc) can be captured by the keyboard. It's a security feature. A good one at that.

Wookie Claws says:

I was running the modded version of swype, and just loaded the updated version. It seems like the buttons are bigger now. Not complaining, just throwing that out there. I'm a big fan of Swype, so glad to have the new version and future versions (since Swype now tells you when an update is available).

15israellai says:

Woohoo, finally.I've been waiting!
Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Swype

Brooke says:

You know what's obnoxious? The EN/ES button next to the space bar, the one that lets you switch from English to Spanish. WTF is that there for??? I mean, why right there? I accidentally hit it all the time and it's a PITA. Do people really have to switch languages on the fly? ...

chronophilos says:

There are many users like myself out ther who absolutely need to switch languages easily. Swiftkey rules the land for multilingual users because you do not need to change anything, it just knows what language you're using. Swype is the next best thing, with a single tap. What I find obnoxious is the change in the stock Android keyboard. To change languages, you need to long press the spacebar and then choose from a list and tap. This is a step down from gingerbread, where you just needed to slide the spacebar to change languages.

Warmachine says:

Swype is by far one of the most innovative keyboards and continues with improvements. Using a standard keyboard is ancient, it does take some time to get use to it, but give it a solid week and be patient and you will be rewarded. I don't really like texting but many that I love and care about that is how they communicate so I too text. And swype makes it quick and easy. Plus FREE! Yeah you have to sign up but who cares you're not having to dig into your pockets for a superb keyboard, slidit is super cheesy and not as intuitive.