Swype -- the top keyboard in the 2011 Android Central Readers Choice Awards -- on Twitter today announced that we should see a beta release for Ice Cream Sandwich at the end of January. Here's the full tweet:

Good news! Official ICS support is near. Final tweaks and testing should be done in time for an anticipated end-of-month beta update.

Yeah, there's been a hacked version of Swype working on ICS, but we prefer the real thing, ya know. Counting the days.

Source: @Swype

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dhawk1202 says:

Awesome!!! Can't wait. Ive been going through withdrawals !!

Does SWYPE Purposefully leave the BETA TAG?... the hell is their strategy?... Why has it never been put in the market?

ScottJ says:

Their strategy is to sell their keyboard to be installed by carriers on phones as the default keyboard and offering the latest version as a beta to everyone else. It must be lucrative because they keep at it.

ZeDestructor says:

Works fine on my Nexus S on stock Google ICS. I fail to see anything new here... Granted, it was a Titanium Backup restore, but still working great.

metacuate says:

I believe their strategy is to sell it to carriers to preload on devices.

I figured that until I stopped seeing Swype being advertised by phone manufacturers .... Can't remember the last time I've seen it come preloaded on a device to be honest

yehoni says:

I'm pretty sure it's on basically every Samsung TouchWiz phone released in the last year.

ScottJ says:

It came preinstalled on my T-Mobile SGS 2. Ironically, I've gone to another stock-based ROM but that dev decided to remove Swype. I've since reinstalled the beta.

Mtn_Scott says:

The current version of Swype works just fine on ICS on my Fassy. Other than getting ICS on the Fassy, it required no hacking, just DL and Install.

Swype is only intended to be OEM, they never plan a market release.

nctrnl says:

Where is the hacked version? I'm in the beta program, but it obviously won't let me install on my Galaxy Nexus. :(

aergern says:

Do a search for Da Swype's and Gnex .. you should fine it easy enough. Since Swype isn't free to distribute .. I do not want to post a direct link as to not get folks in hot water since I've benefited from having their WORKING and themed version of Swype on my Gnex since a week after the GNex was released.

The current version of Swype works on the Nexus S because the resolution isn't anywhere NEAR what it is on the GNex. It's not an ICS thing but a resolution issue. :)

Davest says:

For the two weeks between when I got my GNex and when I found the hacked version of Swype, I tried out two or three other gesture-based keyboards, none of which could come close to comparing to Swype for smoothness and accuracy. This is a thing of beauty, and is the whole reason that I switched from hardware-keyboard phones. I don't like using hacked software, but my phone is nowhere near as usable without it.

BrandT90 says:

I've had zero problems with the current version of Swype on my DInc with inc-desk alpha 8. I love Swype <3

garfnodie says:

Am I the only one who has a hard time with the ICS abbreviation? I always think "Internet Connection Sharing" first, before I realize that it's "Ice Cream Sandwich."

d_pang says:

what? I have been using swype on my nexus s running official ics for the past month!

jakeh0 says:

swype has the most ass-backwards business model

ScottJ says:

They probably make money selling to carriers. Who are you to say it's ass-backwards?

trlovejoy says:

Go try SlideIT keyboard. It works great on ICS GN unrooted.