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Swype has announced another update to its beta app, bringing some pretty neat features and adding some additional languages support. This update brings Dragon Dictation to the keyboard, adds more than 50 languages for input, and they are continuing to expand the list through 2012. The update is rolling out, and it could take up to 72 hours to appear on your device, but you can manually check for the update as well. Swype advises they may bounce some downloads so if you are seeing errors, please just try again at a later time.

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Swype beta adds Dragon Dictation, more languages, also likes mosh pits


Yes, the app is called FlexT9. It's by Nuance who created Dragon. It also has swipe and draw features. So everyone who wants Swype beta, it's already been done and in the market.

yeah, i don't get it... in the video, it just looks like they are using Google Voice Search. that has been in there for a long time...

I've found the built in voice dictation software doesn't work very well with sentences (i.e capitalizing the first letter, adding a period at the end of a sentence, etc...) but from testing with Dragon it does seem to add all those things, making text2voice look a lot nicer and requires less 'fixing' of punctuation.

These aren't the same people that made Siri.

While Swype and Dragon are both owned by Nuance, and while Nuance recently bought Vlingo (which made a voice command iPhone app), SIRI itself was made by an unrelated company called "Siri" (big surprise) that was purchased by Apple in 2010.

It's got commercials on television and has been around for like 15 years ... GTMF on your Android or your computer. Talk about asking something YOU can find out with a click. *rolls eyes*

Dragon Dictation is one of the oldest and most respected voice recognition systems around. I know it mostly from the medical industry where it's used a lot for dictation. Apparently both Swype and Dragon are now part of the same company, Nuance Software (who also just bought Vlingo).

Oops. We Swyped too soon.

a) We forgot to buy vowels

b) Our beta build server crashed

c) Upper management kept accelerating the beta schedule

d) All of above !#@$!&

Or just go to the Market and download FlexT9. It's the same thing as the beta by the same company. Check it out

No its not. Nuance created FlexT9 which claims to combine the old Palm gesture typing (which stank), Swiftkey, Swype & Dragon Dictation all in one.

Now that Nuance invested real money into Swype, I'm guessing FlexT9 will eventually go away. It serves no purpose.

In the end, its a juggler of many, and a master of none. I only use it when I need to do alot of dictating because Dragon blows stock android voice recognition away. Swype is much better at 'swyping' than FlexT9.

IMHO, a perfect world would be an option to use Dragon with Swiftkey as I prefer swiftkey over Swyping. However, Swype seems to be getting better with each release, and this combination of Swype and Dragon might just make Swype my default keyboard.

Not gonna lie, when I first read "Dragon Dictation", I was looking forward to being able to say FUS RO DAH to my phone, and it closing all applications or something. But this is cool too. Anyone have an opinion about "Swype with DD" vs "SwiftKeyX" (paid)?
P.S. The opinions shouldn't be, "But Swype is free!"