Swiftkey 3 beta

Just a quick heads up, boys and girls, that Swiftkey (our 2011 editor's choice for Android Keyboard of the year, btw) has updated the versions of the Swiftkey 3 beta in the company's VIP forums. Here's what's new:

  • Improved prediction algorithms
  • Better, more consistent punctuation key behavior
  • Smarter Smart Space functionality (which will make it easier to enter email addresses etc)
  • A refined experience in Google Chrome Beta
  • Fixed missing predictions on the longpress of @ and .com
  • Improved gestures
  • Eliminated lag on letter pop-ups
  • Various other minor bug fixes and usability improvements

Any improvement is a good improvement, of course, but do remember that this is beta software. Bugs happen. (And let's all try to remember that part of being a beta tester is providing good feedback.)

The update applies to the keyboard version as well as the tablet version. You can snag them at the links below.

Download: Swiftkey 3 beta (phones, tablets)
More: Swiftkey blog


Reader comments

Swiftkey 3 beta keyboard updated with a slew of fixes, improvements


My biggest complaint with using the beta is that it eventually just fails to suggest things and gives pop ups suggesting that I buy the app. Which I already have on both my wifes google account as well as my own. If things have changed recently in that regard then i may try the beta out more, but I recently had to uninstall / reinstall the app on both of our phones after getting annoyed with it. I know it isnt a permanent app and it is beta. Thus why I will be treating it as such and just waiting for it to come out.

I tried the beta & liked it a lot, but ended up uninstalling it because of the annoying popups telling me to buy Swiftkey even though I already own it.

I wonder if when this clears beta they will sell this as a new keyboard or it will be an update Swiftkey X.

Still having the jumpy cursor issue ( inside of the Chrome Beta browser, when editing what I have typed on any site within the Chrome Beta browser. :(

I am still having the cursor jump issue as well. Installed right on top of the old SwiftKey, closed Chrome, rebooted the phone, still the same problem... I was hoping it was going to be fixed when I read that in the changelog.

I was hooked on Swype, been using this beta since it was recommended as an app of the week last week. Have to say that I really like this keyboard. I thought I was never going to type again after using swype. For one handed typing nothing beats swype though.

You may want to check out Flex T9 keyboard. I got it a while back when it was the free app on Amazon. It is basically a hybrid of Swiftkey & Swype. The word prediction isn't even close to as good as Swiftkey, but it's not bad & it does allow you to switch between tapping & swyping styles on the fly.

One of my all time favorite Android keyboards. One thing I did always miss was that the letters u press a actually fairly small compared to a lot of different keyboards. I hope they gonna improved on that one day. Other then that it is a great keyboard.

Nothing beats prediction on SwiftKey, but it's nowhere near as accurate (ergo, the need for good prediction, otherwise you'd end up writing gibberish). For tap accuracy I prefer Smart Keyboard... if those two could only marry and have an accurate, psychic, open-themed child... one can only dream...

I have to say the tablet layout is better now that it reaches the sides more. Seems like they have listened to some of the feedback. Now if they could only bring the split keyboard layout to portrait mode...

I love Swiftkey X, but it looks so out of place on ICS.
I hate Swifkey 3, I understand its in beta, but it CONSTATLY interchanges that/that's, the/their/there, and I/it/it's for seemingly no reason whatsoever. I've tried fiddling with all sorts of settings, but it still loves terrorizing my otherwise good grammar. I'll stick with the default keyboard.