Super Mario live wallpaper

This quite possibly is the greatest thing we've ever seen before breakfast (at least since Zombies crossed our desk). That's right, it's Super Mario, scrolling his way on through your Android 2.1 (and up) live wallpaper. He plays through a couple of levels, and you can tweak the settings to show the paths that Mario is thinking about taking. It's all brought to you by pikipirs at XDA Developers, so drop a dime or two in the collection plate if you feel like it. Download at the source link, and check out some video after the break. [XDA Developers]

[YouTube link]

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Super Mario sidescrolls way through your Android live wallpaper


That is absolutely awesome and I'm definitely going to download it right now. But two words came to mind the moment I started watching the video...

...battery killer!

This is awesome. I'd really like to see the effect it has on the battery though - I would imagine that if it "pauses" the animation when the phone goes to sleep, it shouldn't eat up too much juice.

I posted this last night in the wallpaper section! Its a nice live wallpaper, doesn't hog the battery actually. Give it a try!

If it was less intrusive, I would probably use it.
Very cool though. Xda remind me of webos internals.

LOVE ANDROID!!!!!! The little things like this help the platform become likable my many, and hated on by others....

I'd like official 2.2 update now, please HTC+Sprint!

Would anyone here be willing to explain how to get a .apk file recognized on my moto droid to someone who doesn't have a deep seeded technical expertise of android phones?

The QR code isn't recognized on my phone so that's out of the question right no unfortunately :(

download the apk file from XDA and put that file on ur SD CARD. make sure u have a 3rd party app for file viewing (i.e. ASTRO FILE MANAGER). ur gonna use that app to browse on ur SD CARD and find the file. ur gonna click it, its gonna give u an option and ull just click INSTALL. thats it! oh, and make sure, in SETTINGS-->APPLICATIONS, UNKOWN SOURCES is ***CHECKED***

this is sick !! and it even has more than just the same level !! will this be my live wallpaper in daily life ? nope. but when i'm around new people this is the live wallpaper i'm throwing in their faces !! lol

I overlooked the part it being an actual AI playing randomly generated levels. This went from cool to spectacular!

The drawback is that sometimes Mario gets stuck behind something and the background starts chugging because the AI keeps trying to figure out a way past the obstacle (not smart enough to backup and get a running jump past the pipe). Crank the difficulty to 15 and sometimes Mario will get hit or will even die.

Who cares what this does to battery, just showing that you have a phone that can play Super Mario better than anyone you know in the background is frigging awesome!

Where can I get this? I searched the Market Place but I can't find it anywhere I need it!!! Please someone help!!!