Sprint Kyocera Echo

If you're waiting to get your hot little hands on the Kyocera Echo, Sprint's recommending you reserve yours now before the April 17 launch. And there's an online sign-up page that lets you do just that. The Echo will still cost you $199 on contract, which breaks down to $100 per 3.5-inch touchscreen. See our hands-on and initial impressions for exactly what we're talking about, then get your reservation on. [Sprint via Android Central Forums] Thanks, Big D5!


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Sprint urges early reservations for the Kyocera Echo


WaIt until the evo3d comes out. If you don't prefer that somehow(which is unlikely), this phone will be heavily discounted by then. Evo3d should be out June July.

I wish they would offer to let us pre-order the Evo 3D already. I feel the excitement of last year when the original Evo was introduced.

The Echo is for someone, just not for me. Maybe of that line seperating the screens was not seen at all.


I can update Friday (April 1st) I wish they would say how much the Nexus S will cost after the $175 discount?

Don't understand what you all have against this phone there's nothing wrong with it. Matter of fact its pretty cool that they went a different direction instead of the cookie cutter black slabs all the other companies make. Expand your horizons, imagination is the father to invention without companies doing things like this there would be no evolution. Grow up, quit whining like teenage girls.

i would buy this as just a wifi device if it costs $100 off contract. but other wise, it's sort of a fail. if this were a bit thinner, and maybe a dual-core phone, it would be much more attractive.

dacp283: It is a gimmicky pos. Who wants a line between two screens and flimsy hinges? It is slow as crap, and will never see an update. How many devs will make apps for it? I'd love to see pics to prove you have it, once it comes out. You talk that bs, but no way you will buy it. So, stfu.

How do you know this? Have you used one before? Has anyone reviewed the production version? Nintendo DS does great with a line between screens. You are just a hater.

Sprint announced the Echo, EVO 3D, and Nexus 4G all to be available at about the same time. We are expecting the Atrix to be announced for Sprint next month.

Why would anyone pay $200 for the Echo when there are such good phones at the same price?

I cannot think who would buy a Kyocera Echo.

They CANNOT be serious... Are they?!?

Why waste any amount of energy on this hideous underpowered, no 4G brandishing, battery molesting contraption?

I love how Sprint is getting rid of the old premier upgrades on April 1 right before all of the new hot phones come out. Way to go sprint.

Well, I don't get all the hate. If its not for you, don't buy it.

I'm personally disappointed that AndroidCentral seems to have completely missed the opportunity to do a hands on with it at CTIA.

Kyocera at CTIA said that an upgrade path is already in the works, doesn't mean Sprint will deliver it of course (but who else would they be coding it for?). Listen at 12:14:


I have zero desire for the Evo 3D, and have preordered the Echo (yes, I'm the 1 preorder who'll actually get it). I'll use the browser in tablet mode all the time, work email's will sync to it, that's my primary motivation.

I think its great they're trying something new & different.

humm let me help you understand:
1.HTC View 3d
2.EVO 3d
3.Sammy 10.1 8.9
4.LG ALL devices
5.even Nintendo 3DS

As you can see they have a lot of neat and powerful toys to play with instead of this joke ( Echo).

I don't understand what everyone is so offended about. If this isn't the phone for you, don't get it. If you're planning on getting something else why not get that something else, be happy about what you get, and leave this phone for those who want it. This phone may not sell a lot, it may be an epic fail, but unless you have some money vested in the success of this phone why do you care so much. These are the same people who bashed the Eris because it wasn't their Droid, who bashed the X because it wasn't their Evo. If it isn't what you want and you don't plan on getting it, shut up and wait for the device you will be getting... and no doubt, you WILL complain about one thing or another about the device you do get, guaranteed. I know that because the people who complain about the things that have nothing to do with them just need something to complain about and will continue to look until they've successfully found their gripe... and you will do that with whatever device you get, then go to the forums and start a new thread to complain about how offended you are about how HTC has the photo gallery set in three rows when everyone knows four rows are better.

Why do you care so much? If you don't like it, don't get it.

Don't be mad man just get you one.

Man people are soo passionate about this phone Because they made a big press deal about a phone that is a joke. Nobody but Sprint would have did this.

Actually, I have no desire to get one... I think it's a piece of crap. But that's not the point, my point was, "if you don't like it, don't get it and stop whining like a 12 year little girl who's pretend boyfriend just dumped her".

And yes, the big press release was a complete and utter joke.

Note: I think you mean "No one but Sprint would have done this."

I really like the concept, the 4 modes of running the screens is really great, but I don't like the execution. The phone looks too thick, maybe because they had to have a hing. Also why get rid of the search button? That is one of the features I use a lot on my smartphone.

They need to make the break close to a hair line, at 5mm that is still too distracting.


I am one of those haters. This phone is the devil. It's not an evo, therefore it is a pos. Only evos are good, and no one buys phones except evos. Like all the other haters, I've never used it, or even tried it, or even seen a review - but somehow I know it will be the worst thing ever on earth. I hate this phone more than my mother in law. This phone is going to ruin everyone's life. It has already destroyed mine. We must protect the sanctity of Evo. If anyone buys the kyocera phone, I will have to destroy my evo.

I think you meant to say "it's not an I Phone 4". I want an iphone 4, I don't care I want ann iphone 4....

I agree that im not into this phone but it will sale for the simply fact that its different, it's pointless to say it's gonna fail just because your not buying one. Thing like this Steve Jobs claim that people don't want a 4.3" phone yet the EVO is still going strong, this phone will do okay numbers for sprint.

Dude this is not gonna sell much at all. I love Sprint but this is a joke for them to think this will be a hot phone.

So they let you pre oelrser this online but not the nexus? They even asked me if I was sure I didn't want that echo when I pre ordered the nexus in store.

They will probably offer the Nexus once they actually have a ship date in hand. Same with the EVO 3D. I really wish they'd just gone with EVO 2.

Its not so much that I'm offend by this phone as I was very disappointed when it was first announced. They had a big announcement party for this thing that in my mind just didn't stack up to the competition. Now that newer phones have been a announced, I'm less disappointed, but I still think its a piece of crap.

How the heck are you not interested about the evo? What else do you want?! Its got dual core, with the gimmicky 3d if you want it and the new sense is downright beautiful. Everything is upgraded. Even the look is different. Which is good. Unlike the droid 1 and 2, where they are eerily similar. Haha

I feel sorry for anyone who buys this phone... it sucks and its already outdated hardware. Get a duel core phone you will be muuuuch happier.

They want pre orders so they know exactly how many of these phones, total, to make.....ever.

Sprint, its a good thing you announced some awesome phones caue this echo is a fail.

I think everyone is missing the point, including Sprint.

This is a first generation gaming device on a phone and I would suggest we do not know what we do not know at this time. Could be next big thing or big flop. Since there is not history we can not predict.

Regardless, Sprint should recognize they have a gaming device and start marketing it as such. They also need to get the mobile game developers engaged.

I for one am interested to see where this goes.

Glad to see not all of Android Central contributors are over emotional individuals who complain about anything that's not yours. To bad can't seperate readers comments by maturity level. That way I could read looking for info that's legitimate without having to go through all the meaningless banter.
Tim242 are you ever going to stop trolling? Been at it awhile. I never said I was going to buy it just said I appreciated the concept and interested to see where it would go. Keeping an open mind as opposed to your narrow minded, ignorant thought process. Seems like your train of thought has one track and its run out.

I REALLY like the concept. The screen split doesn't even bother me, because I wouldn't use it open for GPS. I'd close it and use one screen like I do with my Epic, since that's what fits in my windshield mount.

4G isn't even rolled out enough to matter to me, so that's not a problem either.

The ONLY things I worry about with this phone are thickness, battery life, and speed/smoothness. You'd have to hold it and use it for a little while to get the feel for those.

great concept... add better specs.. have a thinner bezel or maybe some sort of clear bezel in the middle so the screen can come closer together, blend and look more like one screen.. and thinner phone overall... Maybe they should have opted for a different screen tech that would allow this.. I really like the idea but the execution is not so great.

I hate to say it but who will reserve this phone? If anyone does actually want one there definitely won't be a line. Sorry Kyocera...

This phone has me interested. Not so much because i want it because I love reading comments of people bitching and moaning about it. It's a phone...You don't want it, don't get it. But the fact people literally feel the need to bash it on sites like these or youtube or sprint facebook is seriously lame. Every phone that comes out is not going to be a powerhouse and for a 3g phone this is quite fine. The only issue is that price needs to be lowered. At 99 bucks this would make a fine low-end device. Will this sell as much as an Evo? of course not. Sprint is not banking on this phone the way they are the Evo. But i do think this phone will do decently. And I look forward to seeing more about it. Not because I want it but because i love the concept and hopefully Kyocera will get it right and bring the upgraded version to other carriers

They have got to be kidding! Do they really think people will be lining up to buy that thing? It ain't no Evo 3D, Sprint....

What is up with that little Arab dude with the yellow bandanna in the picture? What is he supposed to represent?

This phone seems like a really cool idea a DS Phone of Sorts.

However Kyocera only included the QSD8650 Chipset which is the same in the EVO or Incredible. This older 1st Gen Chip suffers from a weak Adreno 200 GPU.

( http://www.echobykyocera.com/developers/ )

All this translates to a most likely laggy on average experience over 2 screens and not very good game performance on a device that has a great form factor for gaming or multi-tasking. :(

As of now, "60" comments from people whining about a phone they don't care about. Sprint got some Superphones coming out this summer. You don't care about this one, move on. @ $199.99 they probably won't sell many of them in this Dual core, 4G market; but I'm sure Kyocera/Sprint don't have too hight expectation in sale figures. I think they're taking a chance for now and the price will drop shortly after launch. Ugly of not, this phone will be kind in multitasking.

Yeah it's more of a market feeler than anything at this point. Throw it at the wall with a little marketing and see if it sticks.

Personally I like the concept. I think the next version of this concept will be a hit. This will probably be the one all the bugs get worked out on. Adleast they give you a second battery.

I'm not interested in buying one but I do think they have some interesting ideas going on. If they can figure out how to set the glass without a bezel, they'd have a much better chance of swaying some naysayers. Looks matter!


Several days after the Fukushima earthquake, I read this document on the Kycocera global website, which is now conveniently missing from the website.

TITLE: Regarding the Effects of the Japan Earthquake on KYOCERA Group Operations
URL: http://global.kyocera.com/information/data/20110324.pdf
DATE: March 24, 2011

KYOCERA Corporation, Fukushima Tanagura Plant (Higashi-shirakawa, Fukushima Pref.)
Production items: PHS handsets and base stations
Damage: Partial damage to the building and equipment
Production status: Production resumed from March 15

I have called Sprint many times asking about the manufacture dates of this device, but Sprint employees just won't say a word. I called Kyocera in Japan, but I reached a similar impasse. Based on this document, can anyone HELP ME understand if the Kyocera Echo has radiation posioning because it is manufactured in Fukushima? I think Sprint (namely president Dan Hesse) should post a notice attesting to the device's radiation safety.