Sprint Upgrade Now program

Sprint today confirmed to Android Central that its Upgrade Now program, which would let you pay a little extra to get upgrade pricing a little early, is "currently now unavailable." The internal memo adds "until further notice," which seems a bit ominous until you read the line that notes it's "temporarily discontinued." Sprint's e-mail to us also says to "check back later to see if the program has been reinstated," giving us another reason to believe this is just temporary.

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Sprint shuts down 'Upgrade Now' program ... for now


I think its probably them dropping price on GN2 and now allowing upgrading users to upgrade at say,$199.99 or $149.99 at Amazon, Best Buy

When I was with Sprint, it depended on how long was left in your contract. I think they had a chart (you have to do some Googling to find it) with the price points.

It varied from $50 and up depending on contract time left. Not all accounts were eligible for it.

My upgrade was in April and i would have to pay $70 and give sprint an old phone so i can upgrade early. They gave me $40 for the phone that i turn in which brung the early upgrade price to $30. Im glad i did it before they shut down the program.

I did it too to get my EVO 4G LTE. I had about 8 months before I was upgrade eligible normally and they gave me the upgrade for 125, but gave me 75 for my EVO 3D, so it was only 250 for the phone to get it early. Not a bad little program, hope to see it come back.

So is this a change in the user agreement? I would love to opt out of my contract. Does anyone know if this was part of the user agreement to allow this?

Not part of the agreement. This was a program for targeted accounts, not everyone was eligible for it, 1 in 7 it seemed like.

I didn't realize it was called "Upgrade Now", I just thought it was a way to get out of your contact early. You know, an ever-shrinking ETF the deeper you get into your current contract. I almost paid $55 so I could get the EVO LTE on August 1, but I decided to wait until October 1 (when I was officially eligible).

But then again, I also thought what I am talking about was available to everyone - not just a select few.

I always thought this was a pretty innovative program. A win/win for both the customer and provider.I had hoped other companies would copy it.

I didn't even know they had this program. I hope it comes back because I would like to see if I'm eligible to participate in it.

I used it several times. You pay $20 * the # of months left in your contract with a minimum of $125. You basically bought out the rest of your contract and was then elgible to upgrade to a new phone. You still had to sign a new 2 yr agreement and pay the $36 activation fee. My sister tried to get this deal at the beginning of December and they told her that she was not eligible she could get a new line and then disconnect her old line and pay the $280 ETF - which would cost her the same amount of money either way-- by disconnecting the line or by buying out her contract. Makes no sense to me.