Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Sprint this morning announced that its Samsung Galaxy  Note 2 will be available Oct. 25 for $299 on contract. It'll be available in Marble White or Titanium Gray.

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The Galaxy Note 2, as you'll recall, sports a massive 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display and is running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, with a ton of customizations and features from Samsung thrown in. It's all powered by a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and has a rather ridiculous 3100 mAh battery.

Source: Sprint
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Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 drops Oct. 25 for $299


Like you guys are this shocked! It is a phablet and look at the stats that is not bad at all if it was over 300 Ya but this price tag is to be expected.all the rest of their phones at least the 16 gb won't and haven't went over 199.99$

$199 would have been great, $250 is reasonable. And $299 is if you really want it. Now if outright price is the same as gs3 then get the K.Y. I do wonder if insurance goes up like it did on gs3 but the outright price stays the same as other phones.

$299!? these phones just keep going up and up. the choice of going pre paid looks better and better every day.

The og note launched at 300 and stayed there for almost 6 months. On verizon the droid charge and thunderbolt and razr maxx all launched at 300 too. So prices arent continuously going up. Atleast in the short term. Over longer periods of time i would expect them to go up as inflation goes up.

As already mentioned, we already had phones at the $300 price tag, so it's not exactly going up & up with this phone... I think the pricing is too high myself considering 2 year contract inclusion), but this is a very high end phone.

There are an army of smart-phones between the "Free" - $100.00 pricing point. Do those phones consist of top of the line hardware? No.. but it should be expected that the best phone on the market may not include everyone's price point. Can everyone afford the best TV on the market? The best computer on the market? no... some of those go well in to $7k - $10k price range (even higher). Not everyone can afford the highest tech.. it sucks, but lets be real.. kind of a fact of life. -- And just to be clear, I'm not a rich dick... I can't afford those TV's/Computers either.

I'm kind of indifferent on the price tag myself. It's one thing to get hit with $300 price tag... but to know your likely going to want to replace it with another phone in a year?? maybe not then.. My only stipulation is that this phone may actually make the two year mark (or even longer) due to it's unique hardware (screen size, particularly). But even still, for a phone, $300 seems a bit steep. But then again, I do about 90% of my internet usage on my phone.. I use it for everything.. I have a 23" touchscreen computer that pretty much collects dust (other than some video viewing). So maybe it is worth it.. Either way, I need two of the next phone I buy (one for me and the other for the wife). So $600 seems way out of my price range... T-mobile does payment plans though... so we'll see..

The OG Epic was $249.99, I'm not saying I am willing to spend $299 on a contract device but we all shouldn't be too surprised to see this. Especially with the S3 going for $199 for the 16 gig and $249 for the 32 gig.

My GNex was 289.99 - 10$ off at the Costcos when it was released last December. What regrets I have over that one. I'll be getting one the 35th. :-)

LTE is not an excuse for them to charge $299 for phones. Thunderbolt, Droid Charge, Bionic, nothing special with those phones. Verizon just made up a reason to fool people.

The Galaxy Note is so much more than mere smartphone, and the price is justified.

If all you want is a smartphone then get the GSIII, or some other device. The Note 2 does all those phones can do plus a whole lot more.

Also, why you guys give Sprint a break? If they had the capital of say Verizon or At&t and their network was bad then you'd be comparing apple to apples. But Sprint trades on the market below $5. Compare that to Verizon & At&t who are trading at nearly $40.

lol, even though Sprint is cash-poor (sans Japanese company), and even though your example is correct (Sprint does have a smaller cap than Verizon and AT&T, by a factor of 10!), the stock price has nothing to do with comparing companies without including the overall number of shares outstanding. Just saying that a company trading at $40 is better than one trading at $5 isn't a correct analysis.

I can start a company with 1 share of stock and price it at $10k. Does that make my company better than Apple or FedEx?

Actually, I never said or implied that one company was "better" than another because of stock price, I was referring to capital and how having more cash on hand gives one company options the other does not.

Sprint does not have the capital on hand to compete with At&t and Verizon so i'm saying people should give them a break when complaining about their network, in comparison to the other two.

If you open a business and try to compete with the Wal-Mart's or Targets of the world you may do well, but their cash flow and cash on hand gives them options to able to do things you could never do. It doesn't mean their better, but in comparing your business to theirs it would not be fair for a consumer to complain that you're not doing what they do.

That's the only point I was making.

Great point. Next year, maybe. I found the EVO 4G LTE for $99 bucks a couple of weeks ago and got it. Seemed like a fair trade. 3G around where I live isn't bad. LTE is at about 30-40% rollout. Wi-Fi at home. I imagine that the 4G and 3G for Sprint will only get better as the months go by.

Thats the point there. Its not that its a high price its that sprint thinks they can charge that much for a phone that won't have a decent data connection. I guess I will just wait till amazon or best buy lower the price. Hey, maybe it will be on sale on black friday like the gs3.

$249.99 is a more acceptable price. This is overpriced, especially for Sprint's painfully slow speeds and non-existent LTE network.

Why injure your GS3 sales by pricing it the same? They won't lose money on the GS3s now since 100$ is a large enough price gap. Screen is better and larger - that alone is reason for cost.

I paid $249 for my thunderbolt almost two years ago. This is alot more phone. I hope the price doesn't step $100 for every increase of internal storage though. Sprint just got 4G where I live so debating on switching to them or staying with verizon and losing my unlimited data.

That was a leaked data sheet, looked legit, but why would sprint announce before T-Mobile and then release it after them? Ahhhh

Oh I don't know, I guess competitive carriers are supposed to be best buddies synchronizing their announcements and release dates nowadays.

Me too. I could have great wireless and drive a Mercedes diesel without paying more than my yearly income for it!!

Certainly wouldn't mind living in Germany. At least then I could listen to the new Max Herre cd on my "free" Note 2...Not sure it'll ever have a stateside release (the cd, that is).

I don't understand how some of you think this is overpriced, unless you have never owned the original Note.

The Note is like no other device on the market. People who are in the market for the Note can see themselves buying this one device for $300, and ditching the need for a dedicated tablet because the Note is a true all in one device.

A legitimate smartphone would cost no less then $199, and a respectable Android Tablet would run you another $199. So for $100 less a person could have an all-in-one device that serves the needs of smartphone, the media consumption of tablet, with the added bonus of a wacom digitized electronic notepad. If all you see is the phone portion then you missed the point.

As an owner of the original Note 5.3, and the Note 10.1, I can tell you there is no other device like it.

I will have mine on Oct. 25.

Sprint may not have the network of Verizon and At&t, but that does not take away from the value of the device.

Well there goes my hopes in using my upgrade.
Sorry, when every flagship device you have drops for ~$199 then you do this.
You pretty much lost me.
I think should really honor the long term loyal customers and give them a better price. Hell I've been out of contract for almost a year now and was waiting for this.

I've been out of contract too, since April. Nothing has thrilled me enough to make me want a new phone. Until this phone. Nice-sized screen. Jelly Bean is a worthy upgrade. Google Now is amazing, multitask two screens at the same time, free 50GB dropbox. Not to mention a cpu that makes this phone downright snappy. A battery that European user are reporting lasts 2 days with heavy use. 267 ppi. Can I convince you to come along and get the phone that you had your hopes on?

Just $10 more a month for 10 months will pay for this phone.


I bet you'll be able to pick it up for $249 in about 6 months. The original price of $299 was expected. The Note 1 sold for $299 and they sold over 6 million of them.

You should be able to get it on Wirefly for $249...never buy a new phone from Sprint if you can help it. I'm sure Radio Shack and others will have a lower price then Sprint.

I'm hoping Best Buy and/or Amazon Wireless have an amazing Black Friday sale.
We already know that Best buy will do the S3 for $50.
Last year Amazon one upped them by offering most phones for $0.01

GS3 is 250.00 on sprint for the 32GB model. Sprint want's to push and make sales off both phones hence the 50.00 difference between the two. Plus the note 2 is basically a bigger GS3 with beefed up internals.

If they has had this in August, it would be in my pocket right now, but I got the GS3. Now if I could talk my daughter into taking my GS3 I could use her renewal to get this. But she already thinks the GS3 is too big. Of course it is bad parenting, she thinks she wants an iPhone...sigh.

Dcmasta then go to some one else u won't find it cheaper ur just like every other person that had Nextel one upon a time and have stayed with think you are gonna get special treatment for paying your bill like everyone else? Get a life and a job and pay for what u get. Guess what they will give you the motto xprt for free congrats there is your loyalty perk

Wow, get a life and a job? Seriously?
What kind of response is this?
All i'm saying is that companies should reward people that are loyal to them.
There is no reason to tell someone to get a life and a job.
Not that you need to know, I work as a Voice Engineer for a Large Cable company.
So take your unnecessary comment that had nothing to do with my personal life elsewhere.

$299 is cheaper than I paid for the original Note (international), and almost $700 cheaper than I paid for my GNex (GSM). So if AT&T can get this out before something else catches my eye, I'll have this one too!
Small price to pay to be a nerd, besides what else would you spend it on??

LOL, very small price to be a nerd. I like what I want, and want what I like. The Note II is the best smartphone on the planet hands down! Come on AT&T!!!

Even better news, I didn't realize it comes in Titanium color also, woot! And for everyone complaining about the price, just keep an eye on Amazon Wireless, they almost always have it cheaper, even for upgrades.

I would not pre-order because other retailers such as Wirefly, Radio Shack, will come out with a cheaper price usually $50 to $80 cheaper. I got my Evo LTE for $ 119 when Sprint was charging $199 and aren't they still asking that for it when you can get it elsewhere cheaper? I learned my lesson to never buy a new phone from Sprint, if you want to save money.

I will be selling my Galaxy S III for this phone on AT&T, and will be paying full price. I would gladly pay $300 for this phone :P

Any word on an off-contract price? That'd be the only way I could get it but I don't really want to pay $800 for it... that's a high-end TV

Most high end TV's tend to run in the multiple thousands. Though I agree $800 for a smartphone is steep.

depends how big you're looking for. You can get a damn nice 42-50" LED tv for under $1,000. If you want a 60"+ tv that's worth the price tag, yeah you're looking at a minimum of $1,500, more like $2,000-$3,000

I have no need for a phone this large, or powerful. However after running away from my touch pro two years ago to buy a stupid evo shift, I owe it to myself to buy this.

Why are so many people bitching about the $299 price (I'm assuming it's on-plan)? Is it a lot? Yes. But is it more than a growing number of devices with fewer features? No. Look, this is not a phone for the everyman/ design. If this device was available when I got my S3, I would be rocking it right now. The tech in this device, when compared with everything else, is industry-altering. So, if you really want it and don't want to part with the $ when it's released, put a little aside and wait a month or so and get it then. (It even be available for a few buck less)

One thing about the LTE thing. If it's scheduled to arrive in your area, it's worth waiting for. I've been known to rant about not getting it here in Chicago. But, now that I have it, Vision Network is DA BOMB! So don't let that deter you if you don't have it yet.

LTE is in Chicago now? Looking forward to the Bears game this coming Monday to experience it myself! No more force-roaming to Verizon's towers just to be able to send a text.

I'll wait for it to be $400 on Craigslist by Christmas. I don't do two-year prison terms anymore, especially with Sprint.

What?! A Cub fan who's not used to long term suffering?! Come on! Two years in cell phone contract prison is NOTHING!

Bingo!!!! That's why I'm on T-Mobile. My wife and I both have smartphones and our combined monthly fee is under $80 thanks to the value plan and my corporate discount.

I'm going to wait for them to do another promotion like they just did where they have no downpayment and only the $20/month charge for 20 months ($400 total). I'm betting they'll do it again (likely black friday) before christmas). Then I'll get the note and try to get $250 for my Galaxy Nexus.

The Test Drive is Over.

Time To Step Into The Office.. And CRUNCH The REAL NUMBERS if you want to take it home...

It's NOT $299.00

It's $299.00 + (Retail Price) Tax + a Case + a Screen Protector + a Car Charger and most likely your 2nd Battery...

So.. SIGN THIS CONTRACT TO STAY COMMITTED TO US UNTIL THE YEAR 2015 (Give or Take) and we can wrap this deal up for you and get you on your way...:-)


Oh.. and that will be $400.00.. Cash or Credit?


It's so funny.. How so many hated the Note 1 saying "IT can't fit in my pocket!" "Who wants a phone that Big" "A stylus is going backward in technology"

And now.. because of *The Parlor Trick Apps* people CAN'T WAIT To Committ to the phone that's TOO BIG, TOO BULKY and TOO SILLY to be seen held up to one's ear..

As a Note *1* Owner Running Rooted & Rom'ed with 4.1.2 Cyanogen Mod 10 PA Hybrid JellyBean already on T-Mo for $30.00 bucks a Month, This is PRICELESS Entertainment..

you need to shop for accessories at this little place called the internet.

Also I have had the same phone for 2 years and only bought an extra battery, and you can get the anker batteries on amazon (2 of them and a charger for both) for 20 dollars.

I will pay 300 dollars to not have to run into a new contract in 2 years with this phone.

Do try hard not to get hurt patting yourself on the back over your great deal.

Your constant complaining about it not being a big enough upgrade for you is getting VERY old.

Thanks for Sprint spilling the beans. Guess this means that Tmobile will sell it's model on October 24 as seen on tmonews. I am ready for this big time it probably will be 350 for 16gb model 400 for 32gb model.

Well, with the GS3, it was pretty high priced, but the dropped it pretty quick. The retail price for the 16GB is now $549. For some reason though the 32GB is still at $679. Anyway, during their recent promotion you could even pick up one on value plan for only 20 payments of $20/month ($400 total). I'm betting there will be a similar deal before christmas for the Note II.

US Cellular had this Note 2 on pre-order weeks ago for $299. So this price was expected for Sprint or any other carriers. For me, this device will substitute both a new phone ($200) and the Google Nexus 7 ($250 for the 16gb) I was planning to get. But I decided that I don't want to carry 2 devices around. So with the Note 2, I will be saving $150. So it's a bargain! :)

Im Buying it, I Cant Wait for it to come out 299.99 Minus 224.00 from the buy back program for turning in my iphone 4s = A STEAL

Where I'm not clear is whether this will be LTE only, as with Sprint's other LTE phones, or Wi-Max *and* LTE. The press release isn't clear to me and neither is anything else I can find on the Net. Certainly the chassis is big enough to accommodate both radios, but my market isn't even on the LTE list yet and I'd hate to lose Wi-Max speeds.

My contract is up Nov. 1, and these specs look too good for me to ignore. If it's LTE only I could jump ship on Nov. 1 to T-Mo, albeit at a $25 per month increase for service.

Anybody know? And +1 to the questions above as to whether or not Sprint will offer a 32 GB version (the 64 GB version would be overkill).

No sprint will only offer one version and it will come in black or white. Wimax is to accommodate Epic touch. There will never be another wi-max phone.

Everyone seems to believe that Sprint's Note II pricing somehow relates to its network or even that each carrier controls the pricing on their phones. Be real guys. The new Note's pricing is because of the phone, NOT the network or carrier. AT&T also announced theirs will be $299 and every carrier that gets it soon will price it the same way.
On a side note, while I do agree with some of Sprint's network issues, I'm rooting for the little guy. Been with them for 10 years and I'm going to stick with them.

All I have to say, don't complain about sprint's price. You could be looking to get it on t-mobile: The Note 2 will cost $369.99 on a two-year contract, or if you prefer, the full retail will be $649.99.bucks.
The same phone sprint is selling for 299.99 cost 70.00 bucks more for essentially no reason.

Well with T-mobile you wouldn't do a classic plan to be fair. You would actually pay extra $20 to pay off this phone, the reason is start's a little higher. Now i would still stick with sprint only because of Google integration. If it wasn't for Google integration i would probably go with T-mobile so i can pay phone off and get anohter phone in a yr. I always hear people complaining about t-mobile networks...... So that's a BIG probably.