Sprint this morning — just days after quietly killing off its "One Up" handset financing program — announced "Easy Pay," which lets customers upgrade now and spread out the cost of the phone over two years, after taxes and an as-yet-announced down payment.

There doesn't appear to be any more of a catch than that. No plans to buy into — though Sprint's still heavily pushing the horribly named "Framily" plans — and we imagine any unpaid cost of the phone would be expected should you decide to leave Sprint.

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Sprint's new 'Easy Pay' lets you upgrade now, pay over 24 months


The US is finally catching up with the rest of the world & dropping phone subsidies.

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Only problem is that other than T-Mobile, they aren't lowering the prices of the plans when they remove the subsidy. The only benefit is that you aren't locked into a contract.

That isn't tied into subsidies though. It's tied to how many people you have hooked up together as a "Framily".

Right! Usually the people who stick with Sprint is for their low priced unlimited plan so this will raise your bill closer to what people with Verizon pays. I'd rather get the phone for contract prices instead of paying the full price over 2 years cuz either way you're stuck with them until the phone is payed off or your contract is up.

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I just switched to Sprint (snagged a Nexus 5 for $35 on Amazon) and the rep at my local store told me the "My Way" and "Unlimited for life" plans are going away on Jan 23rd. Then all they will offer is the Framily plan - which sounds cheaper until you figure in the extra $20 or so per month for your phone. I was happy to snag a good price on the Nexus and still get a My Way plan.

i knew they were going to start doing that sooner or later. Those on the Unlimited for life plans are good but I dont know about those on the My way plan. I hope they don't start forcing people off. If they do then tmobile and att will get more people. Right now with att you can get on their share plan cheaper than sprint and share 8gb between 2 lines which is very doable and you get fastter speeds and more coverage. Sprint better step up their network vision. I already took 2 lines over to tmobile and have 4 more lines from family members that are deciding what they are going to do.

Wow. Unlimited Guaranteed for Life. That is the My Ways biggest selling factor. Sprint does NOT just pull plans from under people. If you have a plan that you are on and Sprint expires that price plan you are grandfathered into it until the day you decide to change then you are fully warned that once you leave the price plan you can not go back due to expiration. The Framily plan is an amazing plan and if you don't want it then sign a two year service agreement and go with their postpaid service.

One small piece of advice that will serve you well when dealing with phone store reps: Don't believe anything they say unless you get it in writing. Even then, double check. This may be 100% true, but since a phone store rep told you, it makes me instantly doubt it.

^Sprint is the worse at having reps tell you one thing then finding out the hard way they were "misinformed"

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You'll "pay over 24 months" alright... when you use the service, you'll pay. Hard to figure why Sprint is still in business.

Am I the only one who missed why it's called the "Framily" plan? That name is horrific, even if does have some kind of meaning.

Sprint is seriously going to be irrelevant soon. I just took the bait and went to T-Mobile and I know that everybody's experience will vary, but let me tell you that I have no idea how Sprint thinks they're even in the game still.

I work in LA. I live in a suburb over an hour away. My commute is substantial. I thought Sprint's coverage was at least acceptable, but T-Mobile's coverage completely blasts Sprint out to another galaxy. My LTE is 95% constant on T-Mobile, and my data speeds are (literally) over triple what they were on Sprint. Even for the rare minute where all I get is HSPA+, my speeds are better than Sprint's LTE.

Please, people, I beg you: leave Sprint. Take the bait and try something else. It's unbelievable how bad Sprint really is once you know.

i was with Sprint from 2008 until Nov 2013 (Nexus 5 launch). switched to AT&T GoPhone with the new Nexus 5 and was shocked at just how fast and ubiquitous AT&T 4G LTE is and how poor Sprint's is. but i didn't know any better until i switched. sometimes you just don't know what you're missing until you have it.

Sprint has an inferior product. I pay more for less and I have no one to blame but myself. I dont know how they are going to survive.

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I live in Columbus, OH and left Sprint in April of last year for AT&T. I went from overloaded, crummy 3G service (average speed: .3 Mb/s) with patchy WiMax (usually didn't work), and went to LTE almost all over town (speed is usually at least 15 Mb/s), which would be 50x faster. I was all too happy to leave Sprint. Didn't matter if I had unlimited data when I couldn't really use it.

I have not left Sprint yet but you nailed the issue down. Our city (Columbus) is blocked up with 3G traffic and i'm guessing mostly prepaid. open up 4G LTE across the city and make repairs as you go along maybe they might compete in this city instead of losing customers left and right

I hope everyone starts leaving sprint..... So I can have some speed. :-)

I was going crazy the last year but it seems to have gotten a lot better lately.

For me it's not coverage or usually not signal strength but no speed on their network.

Its worse here in the central valley. Its like a dead space where you have no lte and near non existent 3g speeds. After my contracts up with sprint, I'm making the switch to tmo.

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This was posted days ago on another website. Seems weird if Sprint just announced this today... Maybe I read a very accurate rumor.

Everyone is trying desperately to keep up with T-Mobile before they steal away all of their customers. Love how they are forcing the other 3 to change the way they do business.

T-Mobile isn't forcing any of the other carriers to change. They're all changing because it's better for them. They're businesses. Businesses exist for one purpose, to make $. Getting rid of subsidies & getting customers to pay retail for phones is a huge win for them. Meaning more profits. But plan prices will drop in cost since the carriers aren't trying to recoup the $400+ subsidy they used to give with a 2yr contract anymore on each phone. Also by setting the phones up on installment payment plans they're achieving the same thing they used to with a 2yr contract, without calling it contract, and without providing a subsidy. Short term a lot of consumers won't like paying retail for their phone but long term it will result in more competition in equipment, & plan, prices between retailers & carriers.

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at least tmob decouples the phone from the service...I switched to unlimited on them last week and my bill will be $67.77 (with taxes after discount)a month forward. Oh yeah, and there's no contract.

Wow that's expensive. I have 2000 minutes and unlimited text and data for 40 bucks a month. With AT&T

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When all these people who supposedly switch to T-Mobile realize their coverage drops significantly they are going to have issues. Just look at their coverage maps. It isn't even an opinion. Their coverage isn't great.

I haven't had any issues. I realize that their coverage isn't the greatest; but, where I do get coverage, the service works great.

Funny how you say this. I left att because I couldn't afford it. Went to T-Mobile and haven't looked back... BTW I had more issues with att dropped calls and data lag than with T-Mobile.

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Most people use their phones where they live and work, if you have great coverage there the rest isn't that bad at all. Only time I didn't like tmobile was my 11 hour road trip to Vegas, but I was always able to make calls, just not stream. I have music on my phone though so no real deal killer there.

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that is very true. On sprint I had great coverage and never had a dropped call. but my data was slow over 75% of the time. In buildings it was unusable. So before I decided to switch my wifes line and my line I moved over my wifes line. She used it for 2 months and the service was just as good as sprint but with amazing data speeds. on the 3rd month I moved over my other line. Now I can actually use my phone indoors and can actually use the apps the use data. Yes, there are areas where tmobile is only edge or sometimes I loose signal completely for about 3-5 minutes it is worth it. At work I get LTE and over 95% of the area I travel I get LTE or HSPA+, never going below 10mbps on most days. So yes, Sprint has better coverage but if you have good coverage with tmobile, then magenta is a no brainer as a choice.

I don't really care about coverage in 99% of the country. I care about my little 1% where I live, work and play. Which has awesome tmobile coverage.

I like their "highly acclaimed" buyback program. I'd love to spend an hour with people who thought highly of it and I'd ask them if they spent their $14 they received in one place or spread it out a bit.

Do you have to trade in your phone to do this? If not, then the cost of the upgrade could really be minimal if you upgrade and then sell what you have.

No trade is necessary. Your better off selling a phone on swappa. Overall the framily plan is great for those that have more than 2 lines and can afford a monthly phone financing or can just buy a used phone.

Even on the Framily plan you would spend less a month with one line on it rather on the My Way plan. 50.00 unlimited talk and text and 30 for unl data on My Way. 55 for unl talk and text and 20 for unl data on the Framily. Get a phone you want on the internet and bring it to Sprint. No one wants to look at it positively. Always wanting something for free.

Great, I'll have to look for more info on this program. Especially since my brother recently lost his smartphone. He has insurance, which requires a $200 deductible. I'm wondering if the Easy Pay down payment would be less, and allow him to get a newer device.

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What phone did he lose? Depending on the phone it may or may not be worth it to pay deductible. Ive found out that most insurance plans really are only worth it the first year of the plan. After that your better off buying a phone off a site like swappa since you have to consider the $200 deductible plus the months youve been paying the $14.

Sigh....I'm thinking of ditching Sprint...so tired of waiting for them to have LTE in Honolulu....Why buy a LTE capable phone when there's no LTE service....After reading these comments I may just switch over to Tmobile....my contract expired with Sprint last month....

My question to Sprint (or anyone who may know the truth) is: What about those of us who signed on the the Unlimited For Life programs, My Way and All In? And, in signing up for these plans, many of us also upgraded their phones via the One Up program. What happens to us? Will we still be able to utilize the One Up program (via "grandfathering")? Or will we have to upgrade in the future via Easy Pay? When you say "for life", I take that to mean until I die or switch to another carrier. Personally, I have the All In plan...and I like it. I don't like the new Frambly plan and I don't want to be forced to choose it over my current plan. And I definitely don't want to be forced to choose it if I'm forced to upgrade under this new Easy Pay program. So, how does all this new stuff affect Sprint customers like me? Sprint needs to release a statement to let us know exactly how we are affected. Forget all the BS and rumors. Tell us NOW!

If i am not mistaken, Sprint's "for life" motto means exactly that. If you plan to upgrade your phone after the two year commitment, then your plan shouldn't be affected. I used to work for Sprint as a Sales Associate and I never changed anyone's plans when they upgraded unless they were going from a non-smart phone to a smartphone. As long as you are a customer of Sprint's, you plan will be locked in. Now, if you decide to add someone else onto your account, they may not be eligible for the same plan that you have, but there is no way to know for sure at this time. Hope that helped clarify a little.

You'll still have unlimited for "life" but remember they never said your price wouldn't change. The new "Framily" plan is $75 for unlimited everything for a single line vs the "My Way" plan which was $80. As for "One Up", "Easy Pay" is the same thing just with a down payment on the phone.

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The price won't increase. It's not like a cable company where they change the amount you are paying after a certain amount of time. If that were the case, it would have to state that somewhere in the contract. Like I said before, if you have the unlimited for life plan and are only paying "X amount of dollars", then you will pay that same amount of money unless you switch plans yourself.

Most likely. But they never say that & if there's no contract there's no reason they can't raise the price. It wouldn't be a good move if they did but they could if they wanted to.

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I too almost fell victim to T-Mo's propaganda. I was a Sprint customer for three years, then I moved over to Verizon. Verizon's network and coverage is far superior to that of Sprint's, but due to Verizon's mistreatment of me after an issue I had with my S3, I had to move on to another carrier. I chose to go back to Sprint because I finally see that the improvements they are promising are actually coming to light. I have decent LTE coverage at my house and most places I travel to. Before I switched to Verizon, I barely had solid 3G in the same areas. I have tested T-Mobile's data speeds and coverage in my area and the results are excellent, but my concern is not now, but tomorrow. I understand that T-Mobile has good coverage, but will they continue to revamp their network once all these folks switch to their network? T-Mobile may fall victim just as Verizon and AT&T have when an influx of new traffic emerges. To make a long story shorter, I think that those of you who are on Sprint's network now probably should wait it out for a little while longer. Although their network isn't the strongest or fastest now, they are actively moving in the right direction. Just my 1.5 cents.

my problem with sprint is when i'm at an event as in college football or nba basketball, i have no access to even send a text message or surf for updates on other games on the web. kind of annoying that they advertise 4G LTE all over in my area but the towers can't handle the usage in large groups of people. that makes me want to run and try tmobile just on that fact.

By no means am I defending Sprint, let me just make that clear. Also, in regard to their Network Vision rollout, i'm sure they are not done in your area. It also depends on what phone you have. There are a lot of factors that comes into play when considering a new network, my best advise to you and everyone else is: Do your homework. Don't rely solely on what people are saying. check the information for yourself. There are ways to find out what companies are doing with their networks without asking the retards who work in the store or in customer service. Make the educated choice, not the popular choice.

definitely, i can understand that. i bought a sprint galaxy note 2 phone from their distribution so you would hope the specs would line up but they have issues in highly populated events that are frustrating.

It will be with all the new bandwidth they bought and when the get tmo

Mommy posted this because I am not allowed to internets

does anyone really believe that sprint will purchase tmobile. i'm thinking if at&t couldn't, no way lowly sprint can.

I think they can but... I'm not that smart with bandwidth and CDMA and GSM but aren't they incompatible.

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The difference between CDMA and GSM cellular signals is similar to the difference between FM and AM radio.

That said, assuming these rumors are remotely true, Sprint has some kind of plan in mind to deal with that. If not, they would be in for a world of hurt PR-wise.

So unlike the One Up...u don't have to trade in your old phone in good condition on this new plan? My daughter wants a 5s but her old phone is cracked so she can't One Up. Just asking for clarification.

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Everyone talks bad about Sprint where I am the new network is up and running and I have better data sleep than Verizon att and T-mobile T-mobile sucks here guys I work with on it have to go outside to call and text and slow 2G data

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