Sprint customers rocking an LG G Flex will be happy to hear that an Android 4.4 KitKat update is rolling out presently. Just remember that there are some significant changes about how SD cards work in this update, though there are plenty of other features.

How many of you on Sprint have got the KitKat update? Any LG G Flex owners still waiting on it?

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Sprint now rolling out Android 4.4 KitKat for LG G Flex


Glad to hear you guys are getting your upgrade. I still can't figure out the use case for this device...it's as big as my car door and I still can't figure out how the curve helps in any way - at the very least, it's a little more durable.

I like it for the simply fact that allows me to do some work on the go better than having to drag around a tablet in addition to a phone. Little work things, like on the Note 3, it has the Dual window mode, so copying and pasting is easier, watching videos is a bit more fun. Basically for me, since making phone calls is probably the last thing i do with my phone these days, it makes a good little tablet, video player, game handheld system. Like the HTC One Max

They rationalized the softkeys for easier one handed operation, the center back buttons are nice, it has a status LED on both faces, VERY easy to use outdoors. The slight curve seems to prevent it trying to escape my shirt pocket or back pocket which is a huge plus. Easy to hold and zero inclination to put it in a case right now.

That's a lot of good things right there. Also the antenna seems nice, and the preloaded flashlight widget does not crash all the time. It will do 4K video or 1080p 60fps which may be nice for parents with a kid in sports? I mean it's not a phone for bird watchers. I *really* like custom notification LED color settings for contacts, but for all I know this is a common feature nowadays.

I hope Flex owners have better experience with KK.
As LG G2 owner, I am not happy with the update
This stopped working after the update and I have to reboot the phone few times in one day

A Sprint in store tech rep advised not upgrading to a LG G2 because he regularly experiences people coming in with issues, primarily, as he described to me, software hardware compatability issues.

He nor I know whether the LG G2 software hardware compatibility issues are specific to the Sprint version. I doubt it.

My G2 on the Rogers network runs perfectly on KitKat but I read that some other carriers G2 had issues but after a factory reset everything would run smoothly.
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I had some initial glitchiness after the update, but a factory reset seems to have resolved most of it. The only "problem" remaining is a "apps.google.somethingorother has stopped" whenever I powercycle the phone.

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Yes you can add an external MicroSD card to the G Flex!!

The G Flex accepts all external SD mini card adapters. They plug directly into the MiniUSB port. They are about 1/2" square and accept MicroSD cards. Once you plug the adapter in it works exactly like having an external SD card built into the phone. The G Flex immediately recognizes it as an external SD and adds all options into its files menu. i'm sure this is why the poster has concerns with the kitkat 4.4.2 SD security update. You can add an external SD to G Flex very easily. It does not matter if it came with an external SD card slot or not. Bottom line,,,, Kitkat 4.4.2 is no good and full of bugs. It will ruin a perfectly good phone.

I am using this on with a 64GB MicroSD card and it works great on JB 4.2.2. I also use File Manager in the App Store as it has more options to move things around;