LG Optimus S Unboxing

Before the Internet and YouTube, nobody had any interest in watching someone else open boxes.  Now, it's practically a rite of passage. 

Our very own KSmithInNY scored the Sprint version of LG's Optimus line, the Optimus S, two days ahead of launch.  He was kind enough to post his initial thoughts and some unboxing photos on our forums.

But this is Android Central. Anyone can nab an early handset and snap some pictures; our readers root them the same day.  Kevin rooted his Optimus S and created an excellent guide for everyone looking to pick one of these up on Sunday.

If you're interested in reading about the newest member of Sprint's Android family, head on over to our Optimus S Forums and check out his impressions. (Thanks Kevin!)  [Android Central Forums]


Reader comments

Sprint LG Optimus S unboxed, rooted


So my friend is ready to move into the Smartphone world. He doesn't want high-end, would you recommend this one over the other recent low-mid level Android phones that Sprint just released?

My local sprint store had them yesterday Friday the 11-5-10. They said they have been out since the 30th but just got their shipment Thursday the 11-4-10. They seem to be a very good Android phone for $49.95 after rebate and one of the first Android phones to ship with stock Froyo 2.2 on them. They also have the Sprint ID stuff on them. They even have the wifi hotspot capability.
I would recommend this to anyone thats ready to move into the smartphone realm.

Hmm I still have no interest in watching anyone open a box. Maybe I'm getting old. Or just not as dumb enough to care.

I agree. What is the purpose of watching someone open a box? These so-called unboxing tutorials are a huge waste of time (my time) and resources.

Buy buy Sprint ID now people can use LG's UI or even the Stock UI , carrier consummation needs to stop the US should move to a UK model of selling phones buy SIM free / pay as you go and you get cheeper rates and no consummation or two year contract and carrier consummation and cheeper phone , how cool would that be.