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Today is November 1, and that means two things. Firstly it means the start of the 30 days of Movember for the Mobile Nations team, and secondly, today is pre-order day for the Sprint LG Optimus G. We've known it was coming for a couple of weeks now, but true to their word the Optimus G can be reserved today for $199 on a new 2-year contract. 

The LG Optimus G is simply a Goliath in the smartphone world when it comes to hardware. With the latest and greatest Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB of RAM, a gorgeous 4.7-inch IPS+ display and a 13MP camera on board, we know there's a good number of you guys out there that will be thinking long and hard about this one. Pre-order links can be found below, but while you ponder, be sure to check out our full review

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Sprint LG Optimus G available for pre-order starting today


While I am not getting it, I hope LG does well with this and stays up to date on this device. They brought their A game, came up with a unique look which people who have seen it seem to appreciate. Hopefully they can tweak the camera to compete with the big dogs.

Samsung needs some Android competition, HTC might not be around long (I hope things turn around for them), Motorola is basically Verizon exclusive, Sony has a tiny market share in the USA & the other guys out there are even smaller probably.

Agreed. This phone is sweet but until they prove themselves with up to date updates I will not touch an lg phone. Right now nothing has changed my mind from getting the note 2 except the price which isn't that bad once I sell my phone.

Has anyone heard or believe Sprint will get the Nexus 4? I bought my GNex used and now I'm off-contract with Sprint. I'm ready for an upgrade and the Optimus G would definitely be an upgrade. But I like the looks of the Nexus 4 better. And I like to flash.

So...if Sprint isn't getting the Nexus 4, I guess it's time to go GSM. I'm not dying to get rid of my GNex so I can definitely wait a bit!

Google has pretty plainly put out there that they're not incredibly interested in hopping through carrier hoops anymore. They want to make a phone that is inexpensive and powerful which by adding LTE and different radios for Verizon and Sprint, will make the price go up. That said, it doesn't mean that a CDMA Nexus 4 will never come to pass, but as of right now it looks like it will be exclusively GSM.

To me there was a report Andy Rubin said the LTE experience went bad on the Gnex for both Verizon and Sprint. I think anyone who follows Android Central would say Verizon's went horrible while Sprints wasn't that bad in comparison. Ultimately it sounds like Google is fed up with the extremely long waits it requires the CDMA carriers to push updates and wants nothing to do with it anymore for now.

Some of what was said is not fair, where battery life affected by LTE was a problem. Well that's partly Google's fault going with the older technology on the GNex which to be fair may have been the only option at the time the phone was being developed. The LTE battery issues seem to be fixed now in the newer chipsets.

Biggest problem is that's a lot of customers between the 2 carriers and money always talks in business. If either Verizon or Sprint were to get it, my money would be on Sprint as they seem more welcome or open to the Nexus program. If only it were so simple as to get an Optimus G and load the Nexus 4 software onto it.

One year left on contract with Sprint and my ICS Evo 3D is hanging in there. Gonna wait until my contract is up and see if Sprint has anything worth committing another 2 years of my life.

On a better note, I'm really thinking hard about a GSM Nexus 4.

I really wanted to like and possibly upgrade my OG Evo to this phone but the locked bootloader thing kills the deal. From what I understand a couple of the other former LG flagship models have locked bootloaders and were never cracked. I like to flash/hack/mod a lot and this just won't cut it. If I hear on XDA the bootloader was cracked I would possibly stay with Sprint and get this otherwise beast of a device. Hope it turns out well for LG as we need another competitor in the game besides Samsung.