Oh, and also LTE on Band 26 and 41 to support the new Spark network

LG G2 owners on Sprint are set to receive a software OTA today that enables Sprint's "Spark" LTE on the handset. That means you can now utilize Band 26 and 41 for LTE, giving you theoretically higher data speeds, provided you're in one of the few Sprint Spark markets.

Unfortunately that also means you'll have a new data indicator in your status bar (see picture on right). Gone are 3G and 4G, you'll now see a constantly spinning star next to the signal bars. Interestingly, that's the case whether you're actually in a Sprint Spark market or not, which rides the line between ridiculous and annoying.

Also included in this update is a fix for Hangouts related to voicemail and MMS messages, which is always good. If you have a Sprint LG G2, be on the lookout for the OTA starting today.

Source: Sprint Support


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Sprint LG G2 OTA enables Spark status bar icon


Its about time...a guy at work was driving me crazy about this update for a month now…now he can shut up about it haha

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That icon alone would be reason enough for me to root that phone, lol. Seems like it would get really annoying really fast having what is basically an animated gif spinning at you forever.

I agree the fact the icon will be moving constantly is super annoying. Makes me glad I returned my G2 for a Nexus 5. But if enough people complain I bet they will update it to no longer be animated.

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all "spark" phone have that god awful signal.
Hoping the dev who support the ROM I'm on has some cool alternatives.
Or maybe an exposed module

It always spinning? I would think it would only spin while exchanging packets of data.

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Is there an app to surgically kill individual pixels? I don't think I can take it for 2 more years.

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Yep using xposed can get rid of any annoying icons in the status plus clean up the G2's notification shade.

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Wait, what? I was kidding but if it works then my hat's off to you.

Is this app called Xposed Additions?

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Xposed framework. :-) the best is that you can change your icons in the status bar to the exact style and color of the nexus 5 also you can change your nav bar to back, home, recent just like the Nexus plus immersive mode so while your in an app your nav and status bar change to the colour of the app.

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Yaaaay for Sprint G2 users!

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

So apparently Sprint can focus on fixing a hangouts and voice mail related issue with the G2, meanwhile most (if not all) Nexus 5 Sprint users get no voicemail notifications. That is what they really need to focus on now.

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Yes, The voicemail notification issue is pretty annoying. In all fairness, it is probably something Google is working on, not Sprint... hopefully the fix will be included in the spark enabler update.

In the meantime, you may want to try Google Voice Lite... it is a pretty simple intermediate solution.

Just enable it yourself! That's what I did. Do you have an unlocked Nexus 5, or a Sprint Nexus 5?

Nexus 5...enough said

they're both the same.... but yes I agree enable it yourself.
Had a CM11 ROM once that had it enabled by default

I hope other carriers don't follow with the annoying icons. Its bad enough yo see the animated send recv but this one is horrible.

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Shhh, we don't want AT&T to get wind of it. They'll have a spinning death star and AT&T text just to remind you who you sold your soul to.

Wait until they put in a small eInk screen where the logo goes so that the carriers can send you messages directly...

You chose that limit. No data limit on Tmo, on average I get a decent 20-30mbps LTE speed.

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Do you guys know if the update will help with regular data connection too? My phone has a terrible connection, even with wifi when my other devices don't. I don't know if this is a normal thing with the Sprint G2 or if I have a faulty device.

Excellent and extremely informative link - zhecht. Thank you.

This s4gru article answers many questions about Network Vision and Sprint's LTE build out about which Sprint tech reps and many of our immature self indulgent forum bloggers are and will remain clueless. It's complicated and as such requires reasonable cognitive capabilities to comprehend.

I'm going to bookmark this article for future reference.

Perhaps Android Central will do a feature article about this Sprint network / device issue.

Good thing it won't be there then huh? If I remember right, it only shows when your on a Spark Network.

Not areas, 100 million pops, by the end of 2014, that's half of what Tmo covered with LTE in only 8mo's,...just saying...

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I foresee a strip of duct tape across the status bar on G2. Sure I won't see any notifications, what time it is, what my battery level is, etc., but at least I won't have to see the "twirling snowflake of data"....

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Crap, when it goes live in my area (which is supposed to be soon) I will not be able to take advantage of it.

For some reason the Note 3 does not support it.

I wonder if this make the case for my wife for a Note 4?

Yah! This means in the coming months my GS3 will have better speeds because of less congestion. People with Spark phones will be on another band.
Again Yay.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mah battery)

It really is... but I'm sure a lot of people still have the regular LTE devices on the most deployed band.

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Yeah now but all of the flagship devices this year should have spark enabled out of the box so it is just a matter of time...

Why is the pic of the status bar on what appears to be the HTC One, instead of the phone talked about in the story? Can I pick up spark on my Sprint HTC One somewhere?

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No it doesn't.
T-Mobile(US)/ AT&T/ Canada/ Latin America: 700 MHz and AWS band
Sprint: 1900 MHz
VZW: LTE 700MHz (Band 13)

He makes no sense if that was the case why upgrade to the HTC One Maxx for Spark when you can get it on your HTC ONE

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So it's a Sprint issue that I can't send MMS via Hangouts 99% of the time? Had to switch to Textra... Begrudgingly, I might add...

Is this update only rolling out to just spark markets or everyone? I still don't see it. I checked both firmware and LG updates as well as rebooting my phone.

Is there any way to force the update?

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It can take up to a week (if not more) for any OTA update to be fully rolled out to the masses.
No rhyme or reason to it.
Patience, my young Jedi.
I have not got mine either. :)


2.43 down/.23 up here in San Antonio...pretty disappointing.

Edit: And according to Sprint's map I should be in a "turbo" zone.

I got this update this morning. I do think that's very strange that the same symbol appears whether you're actually in a Sprint Spark market or not. That annoys me because I want to know when I'm actually using Sprint Spark. They should have kept 3G and 4G indicators and just added the new Sprint Spark indicator.

UGH! This is the world's WORST phone icon. Whoever at Sprint approved this SPINNING ICON should be fired. That includes their idiotic CEO Dan Hesse. I will be LEAVING Sprint because of this nonsense. They have lost the first of MANY customers over this idiotic SPINNING ICON. Morons. Total and complete morons to have designed and then released such a piece of crap software. AT & T and Verizon will become even bigger due to Sprint totally screwing this up. Good work Sprint, ANNOYING YOUR CUSTOMERS AND DRIVING THEM TO DUMP YOUR AWFUL SERVICE!!!!!!

I just updated my S4 mini and hate this icon as well. It is so distracting and make my eyes strain. The spinning 3G icon is even worse. Do any of you see that one? How can we get Sprint to change this. I am stuck now for 2 years!

I think Spark is going to change the tide for wireless. I don't mind the spinning data indicator. It's better than the same numbers I've seen for years now. I live and work in Jacksonville Florida, and recently Spark was launched here. My data speeds are much more consistent and reliable than ever. I've had devices from each carrier and I've done speed tests with every device. My data is much zippier with Sprint Spark. My G2 is really impressive now, especially when streaming or downloading. I'm pretty sure Sprint is setting a new bar for network connectivity.

The spinning icon is cool with me.. I can stream awesome HD content on Spark, which is picked up at my home!!!
I use the UFC Fight Pass App and the quality of video is nuts. I have it maxed out. I can't believe everyone whining about a stupid icon--switching phones because of it. Jeez.

Personally, i dont mind the spinning sun icon.

Whats got me currious though, is the 'new' icon next to it (to the left), the one with the little 'N' type symbol in it. Is that part of the new 'spark' status icon as well? or something else? As it wasnt there prior to the new update either.