Sprint Galaxy S4

Google and Sprint team up again to allow three of the most popular devices to have Wallet access

Not everything makes it into the Google I/O keynote, but that doesn't mean it's not still important. As a tweet from the official Google Wallet account, it announced that the Sprint Galaxy S4, HTC One and Galaxy Note 2 (also on U.S. Cellular) will all be given access to the Google Wallet app directly from Google Play. This is pretty big news, as those are likely three of the most high-profile and best selling devices available on Sprint today. The carrier was originally one of the few partners that has stuck with Google through the ups and downs of Wallet, so it's good to see that the two companies are still working together.

Users on any of the three aforementioned devices should be able to grab a direct download of the app from the Play Store, which can be found at the link above. Now all you have to do is find somewhere to actually use those NFC payment abilities.

Source: Google Wallet (Twitter)


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Sprint Galaxy S4, HTC One and Galaxy Note 2 now have Google Wallet support


That's funny because it wasn't mentioned. Oh wait, that device is old news hence why people would already be aware of that device having compatibility with Google Wallet.

A mighty fine highly rated extraordinarily capable device at that. The Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE.

Rooted devices with custom ROMs will always be unsupported because Google can't guarantee the experience on those. Also just a bad idea from a security standpoint. It will still work though, of course.

when did google wallet started in your htc one x....? i m not able to access it on my phone...plz reply how and when..

If you're saying it just says "Unsupported device. Learn more." at the top of the app since you're rooted that's perfectly fine. Been using gWallet since it's launch on Nexi that are unlocked/rooted/rom'd etc out of the box. If the play store says unsupported something is wrong. Security issues because you're rooted? Come on?! First of all, you'd have to hack the phone, THEN hack the gW pin. Then, it's linked to your debit and/or credit cards which offer their own security against unauthorized purchases. For those whom have never used it and now can, enjoy blowing minds on both sides of the register. Actually saved me once 50 miles from home, no gas, and no wallet. WAWA/paypass FTW.

Oh make sure you get the Mobile Paypass app to go along with gWallet to locate nearby terminals. Usually you don't have to, but if it prompts debit or credit always hit credit (even if you're linked to a debit card).

Come on Boost Mobile. The Samsung Galaxy Victory has functioning wallet on Virgin but I'm not paying extra $$$ just for wallet.

It checks but does not restrict you in any way from running the app. It ran fine on my rooted and custom ROM on an AT&T bought Nexus S (I had to trick the apk to think it was being installed onto an international Galaxy Nexus), a Galaxy Nexus (stock, but rooted) and a Nexus 4 (again, rooted, but stock).

You get a message at the top saying "Unsupported device." Practically speaking it hasn't had any impact on my experience with Google Wallet. I've used it plenty of times in Chicago at Walgreens, Office Depot and other places it is accepted.

If your rooted it still works. You just get that message on top that says "unsupported device, learn more". But it will let you go in and use it and do everything on it. Plus I just redid the google frameworks patch option and now I no longer have the unsupported message on my rooted phone anymore. A thing of beauty. Thanks google for finally making this work officially.

Just search for and sideload the latest .apk (1.6-r96-v16). Sideload = download and install apk not from play store.

There is no need to sideload anymore. The market has the newest and latest version which works fine on my rooted stock note 2.

Funny I just got an HTC one and didn't initially install it thinking it wouldn't work.... Going back through my apps today I looked and it let me download.... Beautiful surprise!!! Love my Google Wallet!!

Still nothing on the International Note 2 that mentioned GW in the instruction manual. I'm pretty much resigned to getting a Galaxy S4 Google Edition in June.

Find somewhere? I live in White Plains, NY. Pretty much every store I go into (CVS, Shop Rite, etc) has a scanner for NFC. Worked great until I moved to a Galaxy S3 on AT&T, which I'm not allowed to use Google Wallet on because AT&T wants me to use ISIS, but ISIS is only available in Austin, TX or something. I know there are hacks to get Wallet, and I've used it a couple of times, but I'm a flash-monkey, so re-hacking Wallet onto the phone every couple of days is a serious hassle (process requires editing build.prop and rebooting, flashing the hacked Wallet app, changing the build.prop back, rebooting). Rant over.

Mine is working beautifully. Even being rooted. It was working before since I was using frameworks patch but I have since disabled the patch and it still works. To those that it doesn't work make sure that if your rooted you undid everything you did when you tried getting it to work before it was supported. You have to remember that due to security issues it may not work at first. But as of now it is compatible and those with issues have issues of their own on their gnote 2.

Solution for me when Google Wallet wouldn't finish the set-up process and say "try again". Log into your online Google Wallet account and click on "Settings". There is a section labeled "Verification". Even though I had used Google Wallet many times and never had any problems, this section had not been verified.

I answered some of the questions and it was accepted online. I then went back to my mobile Google Wallet and tried it and now it works! I hope this helps. Have a great day!

I just installed the APK on my HTC One yesterday, this install from the Playstore updated the APK installed app.