Sprint at CTIA

Out of the fat and into the fryer -- it's time for Sprint's press event at CTIA. New handsets are a given, so let's just jump right into it. Liveblog's after the break, and the whole thing gets started at 12:30 p.m. EST.

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burende says:

Finally.....EVO 3D

Lmao... Nice Save. I was just about to put that "Evo 3G" thing on blast

burende says:

Haha i saw that and was like O_o

aleis says:

umm...when does it start?


zhecht says:

"and the whole thing gets started at 12:30 p.m. EST."

Don't you mean 1:30 p.m. EST, or did your iPhone not update for Daylight Savings Time yet?

does anyone know if there are going to be any differences between the sprint nexus 4g besides the 4g?

Its Pure Google so no. Other than the Google Voice integration... which you can read about somewhere on this site

Orion78 says:

Finally the real main event is here.

Sweet! I can't wait for this... Echo 2 here we come!

thanks, im looking to upgrade soon and like cant make up my mind.

Sprint event is live on Ustream

csierra72 says:

Link please.

rsk2mc says:

With duel core HTC on Tmobile and Sprint verizon is bound to get a duel core HTC. So whats the point in keeping my Tbolt when i still have 2 weeks to return this

evo v.s. nexus... who will win???

csierra72 says:


nsxla#CB says:

Oh noooooooo what a fail! I don't have a bloody 3D tv nor did i want those huge 3D lens on the back of my phone - awwwwww man! To verizon i go! FUUUUUUUUUU SPRINT

ksuwald says:

From those pictures I do not see a kickstand. I would certainly hope that will be part of the design.

jpdaballa says:

so there is no kickstand? hopefully the dual core processor will keep my mind off it :P

jpena53 says:

What was the point of such of the 2.5 hours?

crabjoe says:

Just got an email from sprint telling me to go to their newsroom for specs on the EVO 3D, but it looks like the server is getting slammed!

zhecht says:

Great, so now there are two non-recessed camera lenses to get scratched in my pocket. This is almost a dealbreaker for me -- I like my phones naked, and don't want to have to worry about the camera (my Hero and Centro both managed to recess the camera lens).

We really need 3d Phones? I have a 55 inch sammy LED TV. I don't want a 3d TV or a 3d Phone for that matter. I'm fine with having 3d out there for those that demand 3d in everything, I just don't want the whole technology community and carrier services to force it on us. I don't even want a 3d laptop...let alone Tabs and phones. Like I said, offer it to those who can't get enough technology, but I really hope it doesn't change the basics.

All I ask for is a phone first and foremost that has clear calls, good signal, beautiful display, battery life, and a good processor to run aps that keep my entertained while I "hurry up and wait" as we say in the military.