Sprint updates for HTC Hero, Samsung Moment

Eh, this is one of those times we almost wish nothing was said. Sprint took to Twitter this afternoon to say that the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment would be getting upgrades to Android 2.0 ... sometime in the first half of 2010. That could be in three weeks, or it could be in six months. But, giving even a vague time frame is better than nothing. We guess.

Thanks, Jonathan, for the tip!

Update: @htc says "early next year." Take that however you want.


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Sprint: Android 2.0 coming in first half of 2010 for Hero, Moment


Meh... not exactly a newsflash there, Sparky. That's the best time frame they can give us? After we've been so patiently waiting for so long?

Why is Hero always last in line?!

Well how about this prediction? I'll run out of patience sometimes within the next 6 months as well.

Of course, by then, I wouldn't be surprised if my old Commodore 64 will also have gotten the latest Android 2.5 OTA update as well. Jeeze.

Taking a page from history on the Blackberry front. The Pearl and Curve were waiting for OS 4.5 goodness for a longtime after Sprint announced their intent to make it available. There had been stable leaks for roughly 8 months. Sprint then even posted a thread in their BAW about how it was coming "soon-ish" and that was supposedly from the people whom were responsible for flipping the switch on availability.

In actuality, Sprint users waited upwards of 3 months after they said it was impending release. Meanwhile, Verizon gave out sparse information and got the update out 6 months ahead of Sprint for their Pearls and Curves.

I'm thinking Android will be a repeat. Sprint's really bad about their validation teams. Forget molasses in winter, think heavy grease in the arctic. "1H 2010" means end of June....if that.

Oy. Perhaps they should look up the definition of the word "Sprint." Otherwise, maybe change their name to "Slow Ass."

ROFL... I love it! You clearly have made my day with that comment...

On another note: Fellow Hero owner; I must say... if I have to wait too long, me and my corp discount will be heading to Verizon. I've only been with Sprint since October and I'm already getting bored. I was tempted to get the Eris and it looks like I should've stuck with that initial urge... Otherwise I will be selling my Hero to compensate for that ETF, pay my bill, and give Sprint the two fingers.

After everyone else on the planet, but yeah, better than nothing I suppose.

Kind of like getting last week's newspaper delivered to your door next May...

To hell with Sprint. I did not buy a Hero to wait on their idiotic tech team to release software. By law they (Sprint/HTC) must release the CDMA Hero kernel and module source upon demand. They refuse, stringing everyone along with promises of bullshit 6 months from now. Want 2.1 on your Hero? Raise some hell, email them daily, tweet them, etc. etc. Next step is legal. Imagine every CDMA Hero on the shelves and not being able to sell them. More info here http://gpl-violations.org/

I have already informed Sprint that I will NOT be paying the portion of my bill for phones that do not have the required software code released, and happily informed them of my lawyers contact info if they wish to challenge this. I certainly hope they try to cut my service :)

I'm no legal expert but it doesn't sound legit to me to be able to sue someone because they aren't finished developing some software. It's not like it's complete and they're just hoarding it for themselves and posting pictures of it on their walls, when it's done you'll get it I would think. Here's a tweet from HTC earlier anyway, you'll be getting it before June of next year.


Did you know your Sprint Hero will be getting Eclair early next year? Well...now you do! Happy Friday ladies and gents :)

I'm talking about the source to the current software. They are legally required to provide it with the binary upon release. The release was 10/09/09. There is no lawsuit needed. An attorney simply needs to petition for a cease and desist letter just as was done to Tom-Tom for the exact same reason. A GPL violation has been reported and is in process.

And I've no intent to sue. I just want it on record that I was disconnected because I refused to honor a contract while I did not receive the goods. I'll pay the bill the next day and let my account rep give me some answers.

Please tell me how to compile that GSM kernel and driver source on my CDMA phone. Two different phones, two different kernels. It's not even close to the same. I'm not here to have an intertube fight, but please investigate a bit before making claims.

Hate to say it, but it's the same kernel. The kernel runs on a processing platform, not a radio platform. The harware difference is managed by drivers, which may or may not be covered by GPL.

The GPL provodes for access to source and license to modify it. You can legally modify it and compile it -- just don't expect any technical support from HTC.

Dude, what is wrong with your thinking? These phones -just- came out, if it was a year from now I could definitely see your point, but its not. And what does an update for new features have to do with quality of your phone service? I find Sprint coverage to be outstanding. Also, you had 30 days to see if you wanted to keep your phone or swap it out for another one.

Its people like you who really frustrate me and ruin the experience for the rest of us.

If you wanna cancel your contract with youll have an opportunity to cancel next month when they change the terms and conditions. If they affect you like they do to me then youll have the chance. It affects those with spending limits

I've been with sprint for 9 years and I travel alot. I have no problems with coverage or service or phones. I have four lines.One with touch pro with custom 6.5.2 rom, mynew hero and two highnotes. It sounds like the people that complane do not have jobs.They just sit around and found things to complane about to make their life look better.

What is with you dude? First of all it is complain and not complane second it is not about. Having a job or not and the number of phones you got is not relevant here...what we are talking. About is a real problem..sprint is about to lose a lot of customers just because of these issues that they should tackle instead of hiding their head in the sand. You will not be happy if Ferrari sold youu a car with a ford focus engine in it. With the moment that is exactely what is going on . Customers that purchased it should get some kind of credit on their bills just for that. We are not talking about a local telephone company, we are talking about sprint and if you know why we are frustrated add a Moment or a Hero to your phone collection already so rich. We paid that price for the phone for the bells and whistles and should we just get an obsolete system. If I was about to start telling you all my complaints about sprint you will go to verizon in a heartbeat. And last we are in the USA we got that right so keep your phones and leave us alone. By the way I am doing this on my way to work.

Well I read most of the bs people said I was with tmobile for the last year and a half I had the g1 when it came out and have had every android phone they offer I just made the move to sprint and the fact that some of you think that its a out of date os is stupid its android jack ass and the two phones that sprint have have some since ui stuff on top of android if you knew anything about the system of android then you might know that that being said it makes it harder to put up dates of android on the phones so relax and stop bitching about it if you wanted updates faster then you should have gone with tmobile because they where first in the android flood so shut up and deal with it or go to another cell phone provider sprint is doing what it can to put the updates out fast as they can going from 1.5 to 2.1 is a big jump and there is a lot of stuff in it that's diferant but 1.5 is good. I have the nexus one also because I test phones for google and its just about the same so stop being stupid